Oracle VM Manager 2.1.2

Oracle VM Manager 2.1.2
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Learn quickly to install Oracle VM Manager and Oracle VM Servers
  • Learn to manage your Virtual Data Center using Oracle VM Manager
  • Import VMs from the Web, template, repositories, and other VM formats such as VMware
  • Learn powerful Xen Hypervisor utilities such as xm, xentop, and virsh
  • A practical hands-on book with step-by-step instructions

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 244 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : July 2009
ISBN : 1847197124
ISBN 13 : 9781847197122
Author(s) : Tarry Singh
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Enterprise Products and Platforms, Oracle Other, Enterprise, Oracle, Virtualisation


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Oracle VM
Chapter 2: Installing Oracle VM Manager
Chapter 3: Installing Oracle VM Server
Chapter 4: Oracle VM Management
Chapter 5: Managing Virtual Machines with Oracle VM Manager: Part 1
Chapter 6: Managing Virtual Machines with Oracle VM Manager: Part 2
Chapter 7: Managing Virtual Machines with Oracle VM Manager: Part 3
Chapter 8: Troubleshooting and Gotchas
Appendix: Command Line Tools
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Oracle VM
    • Virtualization: What is it?
      • Brief history of virtualization
    • What forms of virtualization do we have?
    • Why should we virtualize?
    • Oracle VM
      • Oracle VM Manager
      • Oracle VM Server
      • Oracle VM Agent
    • Oracle VM Manager configuration
    • What about roles in Oracle VM Manager?
    • Oracle VM Server
      • Xen hypervisor, Domains, and Virtual Machines
    • Summary
  • Chapter 2: Installing Oracle VM Manager
    • What's new in Oracle VM Manager 2.1.2
    • What are the hardware requirements?
    • Getting the software
    • Installing Oracle EL 5 Update 2
    • Final checks before installing Oracle VM Manager
      • Port test
      • Libaio check
      • Other checks: Passwords and ports
    • What comes packaged with the Oracle VM Manager ISO file?
    • Installing Oracle VM Manager
    • Upgrading Oracle VM Manager from 2.1 or 2.1.1 to 2.1.2
    • Uninstalling Oracle VM Manager
    • Logging into WebUI: Oracle VM Manager, Oracle Database, and OC4J homepages
    • Summary
  • Chapter 3: Installing Oracle VM Server
    • What is supported in Oracle VM Server
    • What are the hardware requirements?
    • Getting the software
    • On-premise Cloud installation: Installing Oracle VM Server 2.1.2 with a CD ROM
    • Off-premise Cloud installation: Installing Oracle VM Server from other sources
    • Installing from hard disk
    • Installing from a NFS image
    • Installing from an FTP server
    • Installing from HTTP
    • Upgrading Oracle VM Server
    • Summary
  • Chapter 4: Oracle VM Management
    • Getting started with Oracle VM Manager
      • How to register an account
      • Logging in to Oracle VM Manager
    • Oracle VM management: Managing Server Pool
      • Architectural decisions around designing Server Pools
      • Server pool creation
      • Editing Server Pool information
      • Searching and restoring Server Pools
        • Restoring a Server Pool
      • HA fundamentals and enabling HA
      • Deleting a Server Pool
    • Oracle VM Management: Managing VM Servers and repositories
      • How to add a Server
      • Editing Server information
      • Restart, shutdown, and delete Servers
      • About managing repositories
        • What are exactly Oracle VM repositories
        • Adding and removing a repository
    • User and Group management
      • Managing Users
        • Creating a User
        • Viewing or editing a User
        • Changing a User's role
        • Deleting User
      • Managing Groups
        • Creating a Group
        • Adding Users to a Group
        • Editing a Group
        • Deleting a Group
    • Backing up or restoring Oracle VM Manager
      • Backing up Oracle VM Manager
      • Restoring Oracle VM Manager
    • Enabling secure access to Oracle VM Manager
    • Summary
  • Chapter 5: Managing Virtual Machines with Oracle VM Manager: Part 1
    • Oracle VM management with Oracle VM Manager
      • General overview and lifecycle management of Virtual Machines
        • Types of Virtual Machines
        • Status of Virtual Machines
      • Lifecycle management of a Virtual Machine
        • Viewing VM errors
        • Error logs
    • General overview of VM management
      • Creating a Virtual Machine
        • Schematic view of VM creation
        • VM creation using installation media such as ISO files
        • Creating a network bootable (PXE boot) Virtual Machine
      • Powering on and powering off a VM
      • Pausing and unpausing a Virtual Machine
      • Suspending and resuming a Virtual Machine
    • Summary
  • Chapter 6: Managing Virtual Machines with Oracle VM Manager: Part 2
    • Connecting remotely to a VM Console
      • Installing the Console plugin
      • Viewing Virtual Machine details
    • Editing and reconfiguring the Virtual Machines
      • The General tab
      • The Network tab
        • Selecting Virtual Machine type
        • Adding a VIF (Virtual Network Interface)
      • The Storage tab
        • Using non-sharable Virtual Disks
        • Using Shared Virtual Disks
        • Boot Source or CDROM
      • The Preferred Server tab
      • The Profiles tab
        • Operating System and Keyboard Settings
    • Copying Virtual Machines
      • Deploying a Virtual Machine
      • Cloning Virtual Machines
      • Saving Virtual Machine as a template
      • Migrating a Virtual Machine
      • Deleting a Virtual Machine
    • Summary
  • Chapter 7: Managing Virtual Machines with Oracle VM Manager: Part 3
    • Managing intracloud resources and VM allocation
    • Importing templates from Virtual Machine
      • Importing a Virtual Machine template
      • Downloading VM Template from External Cloud
      • Converting a Linux host to Oracle VM
      • Reimporting a VM template
        • Approving the imported Virtual Machine template
        • Editing a VM template
        • Deleting a VM template
    • Importing Virtual Machine images
      • Importing a Virtual Machine image
      • Selecting a VM image from the Server Pool
      • Downloading from external cloud
      • Doing a P2V with Linux Host Conversion
    • Importing ISO files
      • How to import an ISO file
      • Selecting an ISO from the Server Pool or IntraCloud
      • Downloading from an external cloud
      • Managing shared virtual disks
    • Summary
  • Chapter 8: Troubleshooting and Gotchas
    • What will we cover in troubleshooting?
      • Oracle VM Manager login takes too much time
      • HVM guest creation fails
      • Not enough disk space available for ISOs and Templates
      • Cannot login to the VM remotely
    • Summary
  • Appendix: Command Line Tools
    • What command line tools will we cover?
      • The mighty xentop command
      • The mightier xm utility
      • The killer virsh utility
    • Summary

Tarry Singh

Tarry Singh, an Oracle OCP, has been a Sr. DBA and has worked with
Oracle technologies starting from Oracle database version 7.3 through 11g.
An industry veteran, whose career spans several industries such as Oil & Gas sector,
Maritime, and currently IT. He has worked for several Fortune 500 companies.
He is currently working for a large French multi-national SI vendor, Atos Origin,
as a Strategic Business Executive. Tarry spends his time talking to customers and
offering cost-effective solutions. He also monitors the emerging trends and is a
renowned industry veteran when it comes to Virtualization and Cloud Computing.

Tarry is also involved in several NGO projects across the world, the latest being
a €2 million technology project in Uganda which he leads as a Chief Technology
Consultant together with Hanze University in The Netherlands. Tarry has also
co-authored a research paper for IEEE called "Smart Metering the Clouds" where he
discusses the vision of developing a consolidated metering solution from a utility
perspective. This was published in June where he co-chaired the IEEE workshop and
is being read by millions across the world.

Tarry holds a Nautical Science graduate degree from India's LBS of Advanced
Research and Studies in Mumbai and holds many IT and non-IT related certifi cations
such as GMDSS, Firefi ghter, and so on. Having worked with more than 40
nationalities and having worked across the globe, Tarry has been able to develop
deep multi-cultural skills and has handled virtual teams with great passion and
tremendous control.

Tarry is a Dutch citizen based in the Netherlands. In his free time, Tarry conducts
market research and analysis with tremendous zest and is very well connected
with the investor community across the globe. Tarry has advised several fi rms in
executing their strategy and has helped them in M&A, product development, and
other areas. He also runs his popular Cloud Computing blog called "Sustainable
Global Clouds" at and writes passionately about
Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Strategies, Emerging Trends around Sustainable,
and Environmental-friendly technologies. Tarry has spoken at many large
international events and has been quoted by The Economist and several other
leading magazines.

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Sample chapters

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What you will learn from this book

  • Understand virtualization and learn to install Oracle VM Server
  • Install/Upgrade Oracle VM Manager
  • Manage VMs using Oracle VM Manager
  • Secure Oracle VM Manager
  • Learn Xen utilities such as xm, xentop, and virsh
  • Import VMs through HTTP/FTP, Repository, CD, and VMware VMs
  • Import Templates through HTTP/FTP, Repository servers, VMware templates and more

In Detail

Virtualization is taking the technology world by storm and dramatically helping organizations save money. Oracle VM is free and forked from the open source Xen hypervisor, which brings down your upfront costs for an agile data center. The robust capabilities and easy-to-use web interface of Oracle VM Manager helps administrators manage their Internal Data Center from anywhere in the world, helping us come closer to ubiquitous computing.

This practical book will give you hands-on experience on how to manage your Virtual Machines using Oracle VM Manager. Equipped with step-by-step installation and management information you will not only learn to manage your Virtual Data Center but also will include this guide among the books you consider most essential.

This book will take you into the various methods of importing Virtual Machines. You will learn to import VMs through HTTP/FTP, Repository servers, and even import other VM formats such as VMware VMs. You will also learn about the Xen utilities such as xm, xentop, and virsh. You will learn to manage your VMs through the simple and intuitive web interface of Oracle VM Manager. No matter how compact it may seem, this book covers all the essentials while keeping your learning experience to the point. The book has been deliberately written in a conversational manner so that you feel at home while learning Oracle VM Manager.

This practical, no-nonsense book will teach you to manage Windows and Linux Virtual Machines and Oracle VM Servers within your Virtual Data Center using Oracle VM Manager.


This is a practical, hands-on book with precise, step-by-step instructions. We go about installing Oracle VM Servers and Oracle VM Manager. The writing style is conversational and the book also gives you a graphical view of the steps that are carried out.

The book starts by looking at the important features of virtualization and then takes you directly to installation. The motive is to get you started right away and have you excited enough to use the complete book as an essential guide to not only learning but implementing your Oracle VM farm within your data center.

Who this book is for

This book is for anyone who wants to learn virtualization with Oracle VM Manager and has some understanding and experience with virtualization; it is not an introductory book on virtualization but goes into detail explaining Oracle VM Servers and managing those VM Servers with Oracle VM Manager.

The book is aimed at IT managers or administrators looking to learn a new set of skills to enhance their careers as well as those looking for more consolidated and comprehensive tools to manage virtual infrastructures. It will be helpful to VMware, Microsoft, and other virtualization administrators who are looking for robust and cheaper alternatives to otherwise expensive and proprietary virtualization software. Generally IT managers and non-core-IT staff may also benefit from chapters that teach how to manage the life-cycle of VMs and generally integrate the technology process into the people and processes of their organization.

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