Oracle Information Integration, Migration, and Consolidation

Oracle Information Integration, Migration, and Consolidation
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Learn about integration practices that many IT professionals are not familiar with
  • Evaluate and implement numerous tools like Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle GoldenGate
  • Get to grips with the past, present, and future of Oracle Integration practices
  • Ultimately meet your own business requirements with Oracle Information and application integration products

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 332 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : September 2011
ISBN : 1849682208
ISBN 13 : 9781849682206
Author(s) : Jason Williamson, Tom Laszewski, Prakash Nauduri
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Enterprise Products and Platforms, Oracle Database, Enterprise, Oracle

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Information Integration
Chapter 2: Oracle Tools and Products
Chapter 3: Application and Data Integration Case Study
Chapter 4: Oracle Database Migrations
Chapter 5: Database Migration Challenges and Solutions
Chapter 6: Data Consolidation and Management
Chapter 7: Database-centric Data Integration
Chapter 8: Application and Process Integration
Chapter 9: Information Lifecycle Management for Transactional Applications
  • Chapter 1: Getting Started with Information Integration
    • Why consider information integration?
    • Business challenges in data integration and migration
    • Technical challenges of information integration
    • General approaches to information integration and migration
      • Data integration
      • Data migration
        • Architectures: federated versus shared
        • Data sharing integration
        • Considerations when choosing an integration approach
    • Integration and SOA, bringing it together
      • Architected for the Internet
      • Scalability
      • Availability
      • Greater software options
      • On-demand reporting
      • Security
      • Overcoming barriers to change
      • Custom integration applications and utilities
      • Custom workflow
    • The real world: studies in integration
      • Banking case
      • Education case
      • High technology case
    • Summary
    • Chapter 2: Oracle Tools and Products
      • Database migration products and tools
        • SQL Loader
        • Oracle external tables
        • Oracle Warehouse Builder
        • SQL Developer Migration Workbench
        • Oracle Data Integrator
        • Oracle Enterprise Manager tuning and diagnostic packs
      • Physical federation products
        • Oracle Data Integrator
        • Oracle GoldenGate
        • Oracle CDC adapters
        • Oracle Master Data Management
        • Oracle Data Quality and Profiling
      • Virtual federation products
        • Oracle Gateways and Heterogeneous Services
        • Oracle Business Intelligence Suite
        • Oracle SOA adapters
        • Oracle Web Center and Portal
        • Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
      • Data services
        • Oracle Data Integration Suite
      • Data consolidation
        • Oracle Exadata
      • Data grid
        • Oracle Coherence
        • Oracle TimesTen
        • Oracle Exalogic
      • Information Lifecycle Management
        • Oracle Information Lifecycle Management
      • Oracle-to-Oracle
        • Oracle Streams
        • Oracle Data Pump
        • Oracle XStream
      • Application integration
        • Oracle SOA Suite
        • Oracle Advanced Queuing
        • Oracle Application Information Architecture
      • Products matrix summary
      • Products not covered
      • Summary
      • Chapter 3: Application and Data Integration Case Study
        • What is the POV?
          • Solving a business problem
          • Estimated level of effort
        • Software and hardware requirements
          • Software
          • Hardware and network
        • Original architecture—nightly batch process
          • Batch cycle diagram—technical architecture
        • Functional specifications
          • Functional design diagram
        • Technical specifications
          • Technical specifications diagram
      • Assumptions, out of scope, and success criteria
        • Assumptions
        • Out of scope
        • Success criteria
      • Technical implementation details
        • Reading from the Oracle Database
        • Writing to flat files
        • Executing the z/OS COBOL module
        • Reading from VSAM files
        • Writing to IBM MQSeries
        • BPEL process
        • Security
      • Actual level of effort and outcome
      • Challenges and lessons learned
      • Cultural change in technology organizations
      • Next steps
      • Summary
        • Chapter 4: Oracle Database Migrations
          • Database migration scenarios
            • Migrating an Oracle database from one platform to another
            • Migrating relational databases to Oracle
          • Using Oracle SQL Developer Version 3.0 for migrations to Oracle
            • Prerequisites for using SQL Developer
            • Creating a migration repository
              • JDBC Drivers setup
              • Creating a connection for a privileged database user in Oracle using SQL Developer
              • Creating a directory for a migration project
          • Migration process using SQL Developer
            • Migration steps in SQL Developer
          • Selection of the database connection for the repository
            • Project creation
            • Gathering source database metadata
              • Online capture
              • Offline mode
            • Convert the captured database model to an Oracle model
            • Target Oracle schema generation
            • Data migration
          • Enabling a factory approach to database migrations using SQL Developer
          • Data migration using Oracle SQL*Loader/External tables
            • Using Oracle SQL*Loader
              • Using Oracle External Table
            • Using Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) for data migration
            • Production rollout using Oracle GoldenGate
          • Impact of database migrations on applications
          • Summary
          • Chapter 5: Database Migration Challenges and Solutions
            • Database schema migration challenges
              • Database object naming/definition issues
                • Use of special characters in object names
                • Use of reserved words in object names and their definitions
                • Use of case-sensitive object names
                • Length of object names
              • Data type conversion issues
                • Numeric data
                • Identity columns
                • Date/timestamp data
              • User-defined data types
                • Database feature mapping
                • Clustered indexes
                • Database schema layout
                • Empty strings and NULL value handling
                • Data case-sensitivity
                • EBCDIC/ASCII conversions
                • Globalization
            • Database migration case studies
              • Case Study #1: DB2/400 migration to Oracle using Oracle DRDA Gateway for DB2
              • Case Study #2: Sybase migration to Oracle
              • Case Study #3: Mainframe data migration/archiving from various databases such as DB2, IDMS, and VSAM
            • Summary
            • Chapter 6: Data Consolidation and Management
              • What is enterprise data?
                • Transactional data
                • Analytical data
                • Master data
                • Enterprise data hub
              • Oracle Master Data Management
                • Oracle Customer Hub
                • Oracle Product Hub
                • Oracle Supplier Hub
                  • Oracle Supplier Hub capabilities
                • Oracle Site Hub
              • Oracle RAC
              • Data grids using Oracle caching
                • Database-centric—TimesTen
                • Application-centric—Coherence
              • Oracle as a service
                • Reasons to consider Consolidation
            • Information Lifecycle Management
              • Active data archiving
              • Passive data archiving
            • Oracle Exadata
            • Data management at IHOP, a case study
            • Summary
              • Oracle Database Gateways
                • Oracle heterogeneous connectivity solution architecture
                  • Heterogeneous Services
                  • Database Gateways (Heterogeneous Services agent)
                • Overview of Database Gateway installation and configuration
              • Oracle Data Integrator
                • ODI repositories
                • ODI Studio
                • ODI runtime agent
                • ODI console
              • Data management case study
                • Company overview
                • Company challenges
                •'s value proposition
                • Integration framework
              • Summary
                • Chapter 8: Application and Process Integration
                  • History of application integration
                    • Point-to-Point API-based integration
                    • EDI
                    • Message and integration brokers
                    • XML over HTTP or FTP
                  • History of Oracle integration products
                    • Oracle InterConnect
                    • Oracle ProcessConnect
                    • Oracle Enterprise Service Bus
                    • Oracle Workflow – process integration
                  • Oracle commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) application integration history
                  • Oracle application and process integration software stack
                    • Oracle Business Process Analysis
                  • Oracle Business Process Management
                    • SOA Adapters
                    • Oracle Business Rules
                    • Oracle BPEL
                    • Oracle Service Bus
                    • Oracle Complex Events Processing (CEP)
                    • Oracle Business-to-Business (B2B)
                    • Oracle Service Component Architecture (SCA)
                    • Oracle Web Services Registry
                    • Oracle Web Services Manager
                    • Metadata Services (MDS)
                    • AIA—Going beyond the Oracle SOA Suite
                    • AIA—fundamentals
                      • Enterprise Business Objects
                      • Enterprise Business Messages
                      • Enterprise Business Service
                      • Enterprise Business Flow
                      • Application Business Connector Service
                      • Tools—development environment
                      • Oracle AIA Foundation and Process Integration Packs
                    • Oracle JDeveloper
                    • Eclipse
                  • Oracle SOA Suite integration best practices
                  • Oracle success stories
                    • Success one— and Oracle E-Business Suite
                      • Solution
                      • Benefits
                    • Success two—cross-industry Oracle eAM print solution
                      • Solution
                      • Benefits
                  • Summary
                  • Chapter 9: Information Lifecycle Management for Transactional Applications
                    • Data growth challenges
                    • How enterprises try to solve data growth issues
                      • Hardware refresh
                      • SQL/DB tuning
                      • Delete historical data
                    • What is Information Lifecycle Management?
                    • What benefits can ILM offer?
                      • Active Application Archiving
                      • Application Retirement
                    • Start with Application Portfolio Management
                    • Application Retirement solution from Solix Technologies and Oracle partner
                    • Summary
                    • Appendix
                      • Cloud integration
                      • Implications of web services for all Integration
                      • Data, process, and application integration convergence
                      • Job scheduling, ETL/ELT and BPEL product convergence
                      • Middle tier integration appliances
                      • Security
                      • Mobile data and collective intelligence
                      • Summary

                      Jason Williamson

                      Jason Williamson has over 17 years of experience in technology and business execution, from software development, product marketing, and management, to entrepreneurial enterprises. During his tenure with Oracle, he has been responsible for helping to develop and implement Oracle's strategy around legacy and business systems transformation. As an expert in modernization, Jason has worked with key Oracle customers around the world particularly in Financial Services, the Public Sector, and Healthcare to build and implement strategic transformation projects, which have lead to significant increase in revenue or cost reduction for Oracle's clients. Jason's responsibilities have also included helping to execute the modernization program within EMEA and Latin America. He now serves as a special advisor to Oracle's premier customers in the financial services industry. Prior to joining Oracle, Jason has a diverse background in both technology and business leadership. He also served as founder and CTO for the construction industry's first SaaS/CRM offering. He led BuildLinks from concept to a multi-million dollar company and forged key financial and business partnerships with Sprint/Nextel and Intuit. This venture opened the door for him to establish a non-profit dedication to entrepreneurial and technology education in developing nations, which enabled the establishment of multiple self-sustaining companies in Latin America. Outside of his entrepreneurial efforts, he has served in key positions within fortune 500 professional service and financial services firms. Jason's background includes experience in Financial Services, Construction, Public Sector, Defense, and Healthcare. He also served his country in the United States Marine Corps. Jason spends his free time with his wife Susan and four children. He serves as a coach for youth sports and is involved in advocacy, fundraising, and speaking for Spina Bifida awareness.

                      Contact Jason Williamson

                      To read Packt's Author Q&A with Jason Williamson click here

                      Tom Laszewski

                      Tom Laszewski has over 20 years of experience in databases, middleware, software development, management, and building strong technical partnerships. He is currently the Cloud Migration Director in Oracle's Server Technology organization. He established the initial business and technical relationships with Oracle's migration SIS and tools partners. His main responsibility is successful completion of migration projects initiated through the Oracle partner ecosystem and Oracle Sales. These migration projects involve mainframe service enablement and integration, mainframe re-host and re-architecture, and Sybase, DB2, SQL Server, Informix database migrations, and migrations to the Oracle Cloud product offerings. Tom works on a daily basis with TCS, Infosys, and niche migration systems integrators, customer technical architectures, CTOs and CIOs, and Oracle account managers to ensure the success of migration projects. Most recently, Tom is spending a significant amount of his time enabling Cloud computing service providers on the Oracle software and hardware stack. This involves architecting future-proof cloud infrastructure solutions utilizing Oracle Exadata, Oracle Exalogic, Oracle Virtual Server, Sun Blade Servers, Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and Oracle Enterprise Linux. Before Oracle, Tom held technical and project management positions at Sybase and EDS. He has provided strategic and technical advice to several start-up companies in the Database, Blade, XML, and storage areas. Tom holds a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems from Boston University.

                      Prakash Nauduri

                      Prakash Nauduri has over 18 years of experience working with databases, middleware, development tools/technologies, software design, development and training. In his current role as Technical Director in the Platform Migrations Group at Oracle, he is responsible for evaluating/evangelizing emerging technologies that serve the customer's needs for platform migrations, consolidation, and optimization efforts as well as technical enablement of Cloud providers on Oracle technologies. He is also responsible for assisting Oracle customers/partners in developing migration methodologies, strategies, and best practices, and he engages with customers/partners in PoCs, Pilots, Workshops, and Migration Projects to ensure successful completion of migration projects. Prakash has been working with Oracle Partners for over 13 years focusing on successful adoption of the latest Oracle technologies. He has participated in numerous competitive performance benchmarks while customers/partners evaluated Oracle as the platform of choice against competition. Before joining Oracle, Prakash worked with automotive industries in India, namely Hero Group and Eicher Tractors Ltd, as developer/DBA/systems analyst. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Science from Berhampur University, Orissa, India. Prakash is a contributing author to Oracle Modernization Solutions by Jason Williamson and Tom Laszewski.
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                      What you will learn from this book

                      • Get to grips with all that Oracle has to offer for information integration, migration, consolidation, and information life cycle management
                      • Gain insight into migration tools and practices that are not well documented or understood even by many Oracle architects
                      • Take a deep dive into how information integration and data migration are achieved in a complete and robust Oracle environment
                      • Evaluate which Oracle products to implement to meet your company's unique technical requirements
                      • Migrate data to Oracle in the most cost-effective, high performance and efficient manner
                      • Learn from real-world case studies to help you define your own information and application integration solutions
                      • Understand how Oracle's latest combined hardware and software platforms can be used not only to consolidate data, but as an information service bus solution 'in a box'
                      • Tackle a myriad of tools like Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Golden Gate, and many more
                      • Absorb the facts surrounding Oracle's strategic offering, Application Integration Architecture (AIA)
                      • Understand the past, present, and future of Oracle Application Integration
                      • Utilize an Oracle and a partner's product offerings to manage your large volumes of rarely accessed, but mission-critical information
                      • Master an Oracle Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) application

                      In Detail

                      The book covers data migration, data consolidation, and data integration, the three scenarios that are typically part of the information integration life cycle. Organizations typically find themselves migrating data to Oracle and either later, or at the same time, consolidating multiple database instances into a single global instance for a department, or even an entire company. The business savings and technical benefits of data consolidation cannot be overlooked, and this book will help you to use Oracle's technology to achieve these goals.

                      This highly practical and business-applicable book will teach you to be successful with the latest Oracle data and application integration, migration, information life-cycle management, and consolidation products and technologies.

                      In this book, you will gain hands-on advice about data consolidation, integration, and migration using tools and best practices. Along the way you will leverage products like Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle GoldenGate, and SQL Developer, as well as Data Hubs and 11gR2 Database.

                      The book covers everything from the early background of information integration and the impact of SOA, to products like Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator. By the end you'll have a clear idea of where information and application integration is headed and how to plan your own projects.

                      Use Oracle technologies and best practices to manage, maintain, migrate, and mobilize data


                      This enormously practical guide, interspersed with numerous real-life case studies and actual business scenarios, shows readers when, where, and how to use Oracle's wide range of data integration products.

                      Who this book is for

                      If you are a DBA, application or data architect, or data integration specialist who is running an Oracle database or middleware and you want to learn about the latest on Oracle's information integration platform, then this book is for you.

                      You can also benefit from this book if you are an application developer or technical and project lead with a focus on master data management, data warehousing, and data consolidation.

                      You should have working experience with Oracle Database, data integration, consolidation, and migration, as well as some familiarity with integration middleware products and information service buses.

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