Oracle Data Integrator Essentials [Video]

Andreas Nobbmann

Oracle Data Integrator Essentials [Video]
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  • Develop the necessary skills for effectively carrying out data integration and transformations in ODI interfaces
  • Understand the use of ODI development objects with methods and concepts illustrated from real projects
  • Master the key concepts of ODI’s physical and logical architecture and the use of Knowledge Modules and data models

Video Details

Language : English
Release Date : Thursday, October 31, 2013
Course Length : 2 hours and 8 minutes
ISBN : 1782170480
ISBN 13 : 9781782170488
Author(s) : Andreas Nobbmann
Topics and Technologies : Video

Table of Contents

  1. The ODI Core Concepts [24:15 minutes]
    • Key ODI Concepts
    • Differentiating between ETL and ELT
    • Exploring the Graphical UI
    • ODI Basics
    • Defining Your Strategy
    • The ODI Staging Area

  2. Developing in ODI – the Core Objects [21:47minutes]
    • Organizing Your Project
    • Creating an Interface
    • Using Joins, Data Sets, Filters, and Sequences
    • Using Temporary Interfaces and Lookups

  3. Your Data Transformation Strategy – Knowledge Modules [11:06 minutes]
    • Adapting Knowledge Modules to Your Needs
    • Executing Data Transformation in an ODI Interface
    • Executing a Mapping on Your Source

  4. Workflows in ODI [19:08 minutes]
    • Creating a Workflow in ODI
    • Reusable Workflows: Procedures
    • User Functions as Useful Functions
    • Customize Development Objects in ODI

  5. Data Quality and Delta Detection [15:08 minutes]
    • Oracle Data Quality Products
    • Using Data Integrity Controls and Integrating Data Quality in ODI
    • Running EDQ
    • Delta Detection via CDC

  6. Version Management and Deployment [13:06 minutes]
    • Version Management
    • Scenarios: Smallest Deployment Units
    • Solutions
    • Export and Import

  7. Operating and Maintenance [12:51 minutes]
    • Loadplans
    • ODI Repository Tables
    • Security

  8. Additional Supporting Functions [11:11 minutes]
    • How to Automate ODI Object Creation
    • Impact and Data Lineaging
    • ODI Studio Enhancements

Andreas Nobbmann

Andreas Nobbmann is a specialist in Oracle DWH and Business Intelligence, and has been working as a consultant in this field since 1998. With a vast know-how and substantial experience, he coaches and advises clients, teaches courses, and manages different Oracle DWH/BI projects. His expertise ranges from backend tools, such as the ELT tool Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), to frontend technologies, such as the Oracle BI Foundation Suite and the multidimensional Oracle database Essbase. Besides being a passionate Linux user, Andreas is active on Twitter (@ANobbmann), and keeps a blog about many interesting tech topics, which can be found at Currently, Andreas occupies the roles of Principal Consultant and Technology Discipline Manager within Trivadis AG in Switzerland, a top Swiss IT service provider that invests more than 5 million Swiss Francs per year in Research and Development. With his skill set, Andreas leads research on Oracle BI topics and has the freedom to check out the upcoming technology releases, such as the newest OBIEE 11g and ODI releases, and new features, for example, the new Oracle 12c database DWH/BI features.
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What you will learn from this video course

  • Get to know the difference between ETL and ELT
  • Find out how to make the best use of ODI objects such as joins, datasets, filters, and sequences
  • Build workflows based on packages to execute a process
  • Define your strategy with Knowledge Modules and adapt these module to your needs
  • Create reusable pluggable procedures for recurring tasks
  • Perform your daily tasks such as administration, maintenance, and deployment easily
  • Understand how the architecture of ODI can be set up and how and where ODI stores its metadata
  • Comprehend the use of scenarios as the smallest deployments units in ODI
  • Discover how solutions are used to resolve dependencies between different ODI objects

Who this video course is for

If you are a database administrator or data warehouse developer wanting to broaden your skills in data integration tasks and transformations using Oracle Data Integrator, this is the course for you.

In Detail

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) is Oracle’s strategic tool covering all your data integration requirements. ODI lets you write custom code easily, extract data from source files, transform data in a staging area, and load this data to your target database. So, if you are a database administrator with an aim to effectively use ODI as a powerful tool for data integration solutions, it’s time you started making the most of it.

This video course will show you how to use ODI for your data transformation and integration projects. It will also provide you with valuable input on which methods to use for various ODI objects according to the situation, with examples based on real-life requirements.

Covering all the key ODI concepts, this video course shows you how to make the best use of ODI’s declarative approach to define your strategy with Knowledge Modules.

First, you are made familiar with the basics of ETL processes and then learn how to use of ODI development objects with the help of practical examples. You then move on to get an understanding of ODI’s transformation vehicles and its interface, followed by how ODI packages can be used to develop more workflow-based data integration tasks. Next we show you how reusable objects can be customized by using variables to suit your needs. The following sections broaden your understanding of topologies, scenarios, load plans, and data integration solutions.

By the end of the course, you will have enough knowledge of ODI, development, deployment, and maintenance techniques to give you the confidence to develop your own data integration projects.


Packt video courses are designed to cover the breadth of the topic in short, hands-on, task-based videos. Each course is divided into short manageable sections, so you can watch the whole thing or jump to the bit you need. The focus is on practical instructions and screencasts showing you how to get the job done.

A practical guide bursting with tips and real-world best practices to get you on your way with Oracle Data Integrator and help you make the most of this tool.

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