Oracle BPM Suite 11g Developer's cookbook

Oracle BPM Suite 11g Developer's cookbook
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Full of illustrations, diagrams, and tips with clear step-by-step instructions and real time examples to develop Industry Sample BPM Process and BPM interaction with SOA Components
  • Dive into lessons on Fault ,Performance and Rum Time Management
  • Explore User Interaction ,Deployment and Monitoring
  • Dive into BPM Process Implementation as process developer while conglomerating BPMN elements

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 512 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : April 2012
ISBN : 1849684227
ISBN 13 : 9781849684224
Author(s) : Vivek Acharya
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Enterprise Products and Platforms, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Cookbooks, Enterprise, Oracle

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Process Modeling
Chapter 2: Process Implementation
Chapter 3: Process Deployment and Testing
Chapter 4: Business Rules in the BPM Process
Chapter 5: Human Workflow in BPM Process
Chapter 6: Process Simulation
Chapter 7: Developing UI using Oracle ADF
Chapter 8: Exception Management
Chapter 9: BPM and SOA in Concert
Chapter 10: End User Interaction
Chapter 11: Manage, Monitor and Administer BPM Process
Appendix A: Oracle BPM—Application Development Lifecycle
Appendix B: Approval Management
  • Chapter 1: Process Modeling
    • Introduction
    • Modeling business processes with BPM
    • Simulating the BPM Application development lifecycle
    • Modeling a fictitious organization
    • Creating Business Process Flow
    • Creating and defining projects
    • Defining Role and Organization Units
    • Organizing processes using swimlanes
    • Adding user interaction to Process Flow
    • Controlling Process Flow—Defining exclusive gateways
    • Controlling Process Flow—Implementing Exclusive Gateways
    • Controlling Process Flow—Parallel gateways
    • Controlling Process Flow—Sequence Flows
    • Communicating with external processes and services
    • Changing the value of Data objects in your process
    • Creating Business objects in a Business Catalog
    • Adding documentation to the Flow Element
    • Creating MDS for BPM
    • Publishing a BPM Project in BPM Studio to MDS
    • Chapter 2: Process Implementation
      • Introduction
      • Defining an Interactive task
      • Generating a Task Form for an Interactive task
      • Creating a common Interactive task
      • Generating a common Task Form
      • Assigning the same Human Task to different Interactive tasks
      • Creating Data associations
      • Implementing Service Tasks
      • Configuring a Data association for conditional flow
      • Chapter 3: Process Deployment and Testing
        • Introduction
        • Connecting to the Application Server running SOA Suite
        • Building and Compiling a BPM Project
        • Deploying the Project
        • Testing Process: Triggering the process
        • Debugging the process
        • Chapter 4: Business Rules in the BPM Process
          • Introduction
          • Extending Human Tasks
          • Adding a Business object
          • Creating a dictionary
          • Defining Globals and Bucketsets
          • Defining the Rule: Decision Table
          • Adding gateways and Human Tasks
          • Defining the Rule: IF/THEN
          • Testing the rules
          • Chapter 5: Human Workflow in BPM Process
            • Introduction
            • Creating Human Task Service Components
            • Creating task definition and the task payload
            • Defining assignments—stage and single participant
            • Defining assignments—sequential stage and serial participant
            • Defining assignments—management chain participant
            • Defining Assignments—parallel participant type
            • Testing the process
            • Chapter 6: Process Simulation
              • Introduction
              • Defining simulation models
              • Defining simulation definition
              • Running a simulation
              • Analyzing simulation results
              • Reengineering the BPM Process to improve performance
              • Chapter 7: Developing UI using Oracle ADF
                • Introduction
                • Creating ADF Task Forms
                • Creating a task display form
                • Creating a task display form—using individual Drop handlers
                • Implementing routers
                • Creating Task Form sequence flow
                • Creating a Task form with ADF Business Components
                • Creating a task display form—using a wizard
                • Chapter 8: Exception Management
                  • Introduction
                  • Handling Business Exception in a subprocess
                  • Handling a system exception—Fault Management Framework
                  • Handling the timeout exception—Timer event
                  • Faulting the process
                  • Chapter 9: BPM and SOA in Concert
                    • Introduction
                    • Invoking asynchronous service using message events
                    • Invoking synchronous service using service task
                    • Calling a BPM process
                    • Initiating BPM from JMS
                    • Exposing BPMN process as a service
                      • Chapter 11: Manage, Monitor and Administer BPM Process
                        • Introduction
                        • Creating a custom dashboard in BPM workspace
                        • Configuring BAM Architect to create custom dashboards
                        • SOA Admin—Configuring SOA infrastructure properties
                        • SOA Admin—Monitoring SOA infrastructure
                        • SOA Admin—Administering BPMN application deployment
                        • SOA Admin—Fault recovery for BPMN processes
                        • SOA Admin—Configure notification settings
                        • BPM Admin—Integrating Oracle BPM with Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
                        • BPM Admin—Managing roles, organization units, and groups
                        • BPM Admin—Setting rules
                        • BPM Admin—Using flex fields/mapped attributes
                        • BPM Admin—Monitoring BPM processes

                          Vivek Acharya

                          Vivek Acharya is an Oracle BPM and Fusion Middleware/Applications professional and works for Oracle Corporation, USA. He has been in the Design, Development, Consulting, and Architect world for approximately ten years. He is an Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Fusion-SOA 11g Implementation Specialist and Oracle - BPM 11g Implementation Specialist. He has experience in Oracle Fusion Middleware and Fusion Applications. He loves everything to do with Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle BPM/SOA, Cloud and SaaS, predictive analytics, and adaptive case management. He has authored a couple of books, has a keen interest in playing the synthesizer, and loves traveling. You can add him on LinkedIn (, write to him (, and read his posts (
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                          What you will learn from this book

                          • Dive into BPM Process Implementation as process developer while conglomerating BPMN elements
                          • Deploy the BPM Process to Run-Time using BPM Studio
                          • Amalgamate Decision Components into the BPM process
                          • Design Advanced Human-Centric workflows infusing Human Task service components
                          • Enmesh Process Optimization using Process Simulation
                          • Develop Rich User Interface using Oracle ADF for BPM Process
                          • Manage Error Inference in BPM process
                          • Manage, Monitor, and Administer BPM Process
                          • Witness BPM and SOA in Concert

                          In Detail

                          Oracle Business Process Management Suite is a complete set of tools for creating, executing, and optimizing business processes.

                          Oracle BPM Suite 11g offers the flexibility that business demands, hand-in-hand with the power IT requires. The result is an agile platform that brings together your existing applications, enabling you to react quickly to new business requirements.

                          With this cookbook we will develop rich, interactive business processes using the Oracle Business Process Management suite.

                          With Oracle BPM Suite 11g Developer's Cookbook, a common process model based on BPMN is presented to the specific role assigned to readers in each chapter. Explore Oracle BPM 11g with Modelling, Implementation, Simulation, Deployment, Exception Management, BPM and SOA in Concert, Advanced Rules and Human tasks, End User Interaction and Run-time.

                          Oracle BPM Suite 11g Developer's Cookbook will help readers learn BPM 11g through a Real World Sample Process.

                          This book is divided into four sections: the first section, Modeling, lays the foundation and demonstrates how to implement the Modeling of Business processes for a Use Case of a Fictitious Organization which needs BPM to be implemented at their site (with data objects and information handling). In the second section, Implementation, we learn about Process Implementation, Human Interaction, Business Rules, and much more. In the third section, Measuring, we learn about Post Process Development, Performance Analysis and Simulation Models. In the last section, Deployment, Migration and Run-Time, we learn deployment and migration, and Post Deployment Run-Time.


                          This book is written in simple, easy to understand format with lots of screenshots and step-by-step explanations.

                          Who this book is for

                          If you are a BPM,Oracle SOA or Oracle Fusion Applications  - developer, designer, architect, end-user looking to develop BPM solutions without impediments, then this is the best guide for you. Book assume that you have fundamental knowledge of BPM.

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