OpenCV 3 Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook: RAW

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OpenCV 3 Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook: RAW
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Master OpenCV, the open source library of the computer vision community
  • Master fundamental concepts in computer vision and image processing
  • Learn the important classes and functions of OpenCV with complete working examples applied on real images

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 350 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : July 2014
ISBN : 1782161481
ISBN 13 : 9781782161486
Author(s) : Robert Laganière
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Application Development, Cookbooks, Open Source, RAW books

Chapter Availability


Chapter Number Title Availability
1 Playing with Images IN THE BOOK
2 Manipulating the Pixels IN THE BOOK
3 Processing Images with Classes IN THE BOOK
4 Counting the Pixels with Histograms APRIL 2014
5 Transforming Images with Morphological Operations APRIL 2014
6 Filtering the Images
APRIL 2014
7 Extracting Lines, Contours, and Components APRIL 2014
8 Detecting and Matching Interest Points

APRIL 2014
Estimating Projective Relations in Images
MAY 2014
Processing Video Sequences
MAY 2014

Robert Laganière

Robert Laganière is a professor at the University of Ottawa, Canada. He received his Ph.D. degree from INRS-Telecommunications in Montreal in 1996. Dr. Laganière is a researcher in computer vision with an interest in video analysis, intelligent visual surveillance, and imagebased modeling. He is a co-founding member of the VIVA research lab. He is also a Chief Scientist at, a company offering a cloud-based solution for remote monitoring. Dr. Laganière is the co-author of Object-oriented Software Engineering published by McGraw Hill in 2001. Visit the author's website at
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What you will learn from this book

  • Install and create a program using the OpenCV library
  • Process an image by manipulating its pixels
  • Analyze an image using histograms
  • Segment images into homogenous regions and extract meaningful objects
  • Apply image filters to enhance image content
  • Exploit the image geometry in order to relate different views of a pictured scene
  • Calibrate the camera from different image observations
  • Detect faces and people in images using machine learning techniques

In Detail

In today’s digital world, images are everywhere. With the advent of powerful and affordable computing devices, it has become possible to create sophisticated applications manipulating images and videos. Manipulating images, analyzing their content, performing object recognition, detecting and tracking moving objects in video, and reconstructing 3D information are many of the tasks that can be programmed easily with the OpenCV library - a widely used open source library offering a rich set of advanced computer vision algorithms.

OpenCV 3 Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook will introduce you to numerous computer vision algorithms included in the OpenCV library. You will learn how to read, write, create, manipulate, and analyze images. You will explore the different techniques commonly used in image/video processing and analysis and how they can be effectively implemented in C++.

OpenCV 3 Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook provides a complete introduction to the OpenCV library and explains how to build your first computer vision program. You will be presented with a variety of computer vision algorithms and exposed to important concepts in image and video analysis that will let you build your own computer vision applications.

The book helps you to get started with the library; it shows you how to install and deploy the OpenCV library to write effective computer vision applications following good programming practices. You will learn how to read and write images and manipulate their pixels. Different techniques for image enhancement and shape analysis will be presented. You will learn how to detect specific image features such as lines, circles or corners. You will be introduced to the concepts of mathematical morphology and image filtering. The most recent methods for image matching and object recognition are described. You will also learn how to process video from files or cameras and how to detect and track moving objects. Techniques to achieve camera calibration and to perform multiple-view analysis will also be explained. You will also be introduced to recent approaches in machine learning and object classification.

OpenCV 3 Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook is your guide to the development of computer vision applications. It shows you how to deploy computer vision algorithms using the popular OpenCV library. It is a comprehensive reference that exposes you to the practical and fundamental computer vision concepts illustrated by extensive examples.


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OpenCV 3 Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook is written in a style aimed to benefit both the novice as well as professional software developers. This book is packed with illustrations and working examples applied on real images. The Cookbook structure ensures streamlined and to-the-point content.

Who this book is for

OpenCV 3 Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook is appropriate for novice C++ programmers who want to learn how to use the OpenCV library to build computer vision applications. It is also suitable for professional software developers wishing to be introduced to the concepts of computer vision programming. It can also be used as a companion book in a university-level computer vision courses. It constitutes an excellent reference for graduate students and researchers in image processing and computer vision.

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