OData Programming Cookbook for .NET Developers

OData Programming Cookbook for .NET Developers
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Master OData programming concepts and skills by implementing practical examples and apply them in real-world scenarios
  • Find simple and handy means to resolve common OData programming issues more effectively
  • Explore the new OData programming features in latest and future versions of WCF Data Service
  • Well-designed recipes that are organized in complete categories such as server-side programming, client-side programming, hosting and configuration, and security

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 376 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : July 2012
ISBN : 1849685924
ISBN 13 : 9781849685924
Author(s) : Steven Cheng
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Application Development, Cookbooks, Enterprise, Microsoft

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Building OData Services
Chapter 2: Working with OData at Client Side
Chapter 3: OData Service Hosting and Configuration
Chapter 4: Using OData in Web Application
Chapter 5: OData on Mobile Devices
Chapter 6: Working with Public OData Producers
Chapter 7: Working with Security
Chapter 8: Other OData Programming Tips
Chapter 9: New Features of WCF Data Service 5.0 (OData V3)
  • Chapter 1: Building OData Services
    • Introduction
    • Building an OData service via WCF Data Service and ADO.NET Entity Framework
    • Building an OData service with WCF Data Service and LINQ to SQL
    • Exposing OData endpoints from WCF RIA Service
    • Adding custom operations on OData service
    • Exposing database stored procedures in WCF Data Service
    • Using custom data objects as the data source of WCF Data Service
    • Using Interceptors to customize a WCF Data Service
    • Accessing ASP.NET context data in WCF Data Service
    • Creating a custom WCF Data Service provider
    • Chapter 2: Working with OData at Client Side
      • Introduction
      • Exploring an OData service through web browser
      • Using Visual Studio to generate strong-typed OData client proxy
      • Generating OData client proxy via DataSvcUtil.exe tool
      • Editing and deleting data through WCF Data Service client library
      • Accessing OData service via WebRequest class
      • Executing OData queries in an asynchronous manner
      • Filtering OData query results by using query options
      • Dealing with server-side paged entity sets from WCF Data Service
      • Performing WPF data binding with OData service data
      • Injecting custom HTTP headers in OData requests
      • Consuming HTTP compression enabled OData service
      • Using MSXML to consume OData service in unmanaged applications
      • Chapter 3: OData Service Hosting and Configuration
        • Introduction
        • Hosting a WCF Data Service in IIS server
        • Hosting a WCF Data Service in Console application
        • Deploying a WCF Data Service on Windows Azure host
        • Configuring WCF Data Service to return error details
        • Configuring WCF Data Service to return JSON-format response
        • Applying basic access rules on WCF Data Service
        • Getting rid of .svc extension by using ASP.NET URL Routing
        • Enabling dynamic compression for OData service hosted in IIS 7
        • Chapter 4: Using OData in Web Application
          • Introduction
          • Building data-driven ASP.NET Web Form pages with OData
          • Adopting OData in ASP.NET MVC web applications
          • Building ASP.NET Page UI with OData and XSLT
          • Building AJAX style data-driven web pages with jQuery
          • Consuming OData service with datajs script library
          • Using OData service in Silverlight data access application
          • Consuming WCF Data Service in PHP pages
          • Chapter 5: OData on Mobile Devices
            • Introduction
            • Accessing OData service with OData WP7 client library
            • Consuming JSON-format OData service without OData WP7 client library
            • Creating Panorama-style, data-driven Windows Phone applications with OData
            • Using HTML5 and OData to build native Windows Phone application
            • Accessing WCF Data Service in Android mobile application
            • Accessing WCF Data Service in iOS application
            • Chapter 6: Working with Public OData Producers
              • Introduction
              • Getting started with Netflix OData online catalog
              • Manipulating Sharepoint 2010 documents through OData endpoint
              • Using OData protocol for Windows Azure Table storage access
              • Query StackOverflow forums data with OData endpoint
              • Tracking information of NuGet packages through OData feeds
              • Exploring eBay online products catalog through OData service
              • Consuming SSRS 2008 R2 report through OData feed
              • Chapter 7: Working with Security
                • Introduction
                • Applying Windows authentication for OData service
                • Using ASP.NET Forms authentication to secure OData service
                • Securing OData service with HTTPS transport
                • Implementing OData service authentication with custom HTTP Module
                • Adding custom authorization with server-side processing pipeline
                • Using Interceptors to control access for individual entity set
                • Implementing role-based security for OData service
                • Chapter 8: Other OData Programming Tips
                  • Introduction
                  • Using LINQPad to compose OData query code
                  • Exploring OData service with ODataExplorer
                  • Using OData service in Windows PowerShell script
                  • Exploring OData service with Microsoft Excel PowerPivot component
                  • Inspecting OData HTTP traffic through Fiddler web debugger
                  • Using Open Data Protocol Visualizer to inspect the object model of OData service
                  • Consuming OData service in Windows 8 Metro style application
                  • Chapter 9: New Features of WCF Data Service 5.0 (OData V3)
                    • Introduction
                    • Upgrading existing OData service to WCF Data Service 5.0
                    • Using geospatial types in OData service
                    • Using Any and All operators to filter OData entities
                    • Updating OData entities through HTTP PATCH requests
                    • Resolving base URI of OData entity sets dynamically
                    • Exposing binary data on OData entity with Named Resource Stream
                    • Extending OData service functionalities with Service Actions

                    Steven Cheng

                    Steven Cheng is a senior support engineer at Microsoft Global Technical Support Center where he has been supporting Microsoft software development technologies for more than 5 years. Currently, as a community leader, he is working actively in the MSDN newsgroup and forum communities.

                    Steven Cheng's technical specialties cover many popular areas of Microsoft development technologies including .NET framework, ASP.NET, XML WebService, Windows Communication Foundation, SharePoint development, and so on. His blog can be found at http://blogs.msdn.com/stcheng.

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                    What you will learn from this book

                    • Build OData service with relational database
                    • Create OData service with custom data sources
                    • Consume OData service with strong-type service proxy
                    • Access OData service by sending raw HTTP requests
                    • Use query options to perform advanced OData service query
                    • Apply dynamic HTTP compression for IIS hosted OData service
                    • Host OData service with Windows Azure Cloud platform
                    • Use JQuery for OData service query in AJAX web application
                    • Access OData service in Window Phone 7 applications
                    • Manipulate document library in Sharepoint 2010 sites through OData endpoint
                    • Secure OData service with ASP.NET Forms authentication
                    • Work with binary data stream in OData service

                    In Detail

                    Odata (Open Data Protocol) is a Web protocol for querying and updating data that provides a way to unlock your data and free it from silos that exist in applications today. OData enables data access among a variety of applications, services, and stores by adopting existing Web technologies such as HTTP, XML, and JSON. This book deals with common OData programming cases over the Microsoft .NET Framework platform and eases the learning curve for a .NET developer to start incorporating OData in data service development.

                    This book provides a collection of recipes that help .NET developers to get familiar with OData programming in a quick and efficient manner. The recipes cover most OData features from the former ADO.NET Data Service to the current WCF Data Service platform. In addition, all the sample cases here are based on real-world scenarios and issues that .NET developers might come across when programming with OData in application development.

                    This book will be your handy guide with basic to advanced walkthroughs of common OData programming cases for the Microsoft .NET Framework platform. You will learn quick solutions to necessary tasks to integrate the power of OData at both server-side and client-side.

                    This book will help you master the use of OData with .NET Framework by taking you through hands-on and practical recipes. It starts by talking about the common means for building OData services and consuming OData services in client applications. Then, some more specific topics like hosting, configuration and security are discussed. The book also covers many popular and interesting topics such as integrating OData in web applications, and developing data-driven mobile applications with OData. Moreover, you can also find quite a few recipes discussing real-world OData producers and new features in latest and future versions.

                    Within "OData Programming Cookbook for .NET Developers", all the recipes are selected based on real-world scenarios that you will commonly come across. Each recipe covers a specific topic, going from the description of the problem, through a conceptual solution, to a solution containing sample code. By following these recipes, you can acquire how to program with OData in a simple, effective, and easy manner.


                    The recipes in this book are easy to understand and follow as the author discusses real-world scenarios.

                    It is not a comprehensive reference to the whole of OData, but a practical guide that boosts proficiency when working with the various aspects of OData programming. The examples are supported by relevant background information for ease of understanding.

                    Who this book is for

                    If you are a .NET developer and you want to learn how to use OData in real-world data access application development, then this book is for you. To follow the recipes you will need to be comfortable with .NET Framework, Visual Studio IDE, C# language, and the basics of web programming like HTTP, XML, JSON.

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