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February 2014 | Open Source

Packt is pleased to announce the release of Sencha Touch 2 Mobile JavaScript Framework, an easy-to-follow guide to learn how to develop web applications that look and feel native on Apple iOS, Google Android, Blackberry 10, and Windows Mobile devices using simple examples. This book consists of 324 pages and is available now in print for $49.99 and various electronic formats such as Amazon, Kindle, epub, and PDF for $25.49.

About the authors:

John Earl Clark achieved his Master's degree in Human Computer Interaction from Georgia Tech and his undergraduate degree in Music Engineering from Georgia State University. He started his career at MindSpring and then EarthLink, excelling in Technical Support and Documentation before switching into application development and, lastly, the small development team management. After leaving EarthLink in 2002, John began working independently as a consultant and a programmer, before the venture Twelve Foot Guru, LLC.

Bryan P. Johnson graduated from the University of Georgia. He went to work for MindSpring Enterprises in late 1999 and later, EarthLink; Bryan contributed in multiple positions for over seven years, including the Director of System Administration and Director of Internal Application Development. After leaving EarthLink, he established Twelve Foot Guru.

Sencha Touch, a high-performance HTML5 mobile application framework, is the cornerstone of the Sencha HTML5 platform. Built for enabling world-class user experiences, Sencha Touch is the only framework that enables developers to build powerful apps that work on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and more.

Sencha Touch 2 Mobile JavaScript Framework helps readers understand how to use technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 for providing native-quality application experiences without plugins. It will enable readers to use the list of components available in the Sencha Touch framework libraries such as tab panels, scrollable list views, toolbars, and how to add custom touch events like tap, double tap, swipe, tap and hold, pinch, and rotate. Sencha Touch 2 Mobile JavaScript Framework will make readers expert application developers using clear examples, code, and concepts.

The book consists of the following chapters:
Chapter 1: Let's Begin with Sencha Touch
Chapter 2: Creating a Simple Application
Chapter 3: Styling the User Interface
Chapter 4: Components and Configurations
Chapter 5: Events and Controllers
Chapter 6: Getting the Data In
Chapter 7: Getting the Data Out
Chapter 8: Creating the Flickr Finder Application
Chapter 9: Advanced Topics

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About Packt:
Packt is one of the most prolific and fastest-growing tech book publishers in the world. Originally focused on open source software, Packt books focus on practicality, recognizing that readers are ultimately concerned with getting the job done. Packt’s digitally-focused business model allows them to publish up-to-date books in very specific areas.

Sencha Touch 2 Mobile JavaScript Framework
Get started with Sencha touch and built awesome, native-quality mobile web applications

For more information, please visit: Sencha Touch 2 Mobile JavaScript Framework

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