Self Publishing or Packt Publishing?

July 2012 | e-Learning, Enterprise, Open Source

Publishing a book, on your own or through a publisher, is a lot of work!

While it is true that with self-publishing, one can get their books done and in the market in a relatively shorter span of time and have more control over the content of the book, just writing the book, formatting it, and launching it in the market is not what makes a great book or a great author.

When it comes to a good IT book, the content of the book, planning, editing, designing, art directing (cover art, graphics, and layout), copy editing, production management, distributing, actual selling, marketing/promoting, and publicizing, are all matters of great importance. This is where Packt comes in. Packt Publishing provides books, eBooks, video tutorials, and articles for IT developers, administrators, and users.


Packt helps authors, whether novice or experienced, to write and publish books, and makes the whole experience easier and enriching.

Packt has acquisition and editorial staff that evaluates hundreds of book ideas and then decides on the topic and content of a book, based on market demand. Every stage of book production, right from indexing to the final book that sits on the bookstore shelf, is elaborately planned. Publishing managers take care of the production process right from the resource requirement of paper, the quality of printing, and the content. The project management team continuously co-ordinates with authors to get chapters done on time and as per a fixed schedule, to avoid problems arising from procrastination.

Packt has experienced and trained designers on its staff, to design a book that is easy to read and understand and that can boast a perfect layout, which means it will stand out from other books in the market. A well-trained and experienced team of copy editors and technical editors ensures that the book is free from factual, grammatical, and typographical errors.

Our well-established distribution channel spreads worldwide, thereby making it easier to place your books at the right place, at the right time. A mailing list of customers and a vast distribution system guarantees a set minimum sale of your book to a nationwide audience.

Packt has a marketing and promotion team that makes sure there are book reviews, ads, and links to the books, placed strategically to attract potential. A specialized search engine optimization team makes sure that the book appears in the first few links of a Google search. Packt makes sure that the books are showcased appropriately in book stores, as it is not only important to have a great book but also for it to stand out among other books in a bookstore.

A trained and experienced customer-relationship team deals with customer queries regarding book content, price, orders, etc. Editorial surveys are conducted to get reviews and feedback on the quality of the content, formatting, and other aspects of a book. Also, Packt works against the piracy of books it publishes. The customer support team conveys sales data (quantity and revenue generated) for books to their respective authors.

Authors are treated to a royalty of 16% and a guaranteed advance against this. And since Packt follows the Print On Demand (POD) system, future payment is also guaranteed to authors. In the case of self-publishing, there is no guaranteed advance, and the author earns only if the book sells. For more information on the Packt royalty scheme, please visit

A well-established publishing house such as Packt has brand value in the industry. Publishing your book with Packt enhances the value of your book, and along with ensuring better sales, also reflects the quality of the book, through the Packt brand.


Packt, on the whole, helps you such that you can be sure your book is a success in the competitive market and the whole process is an enriching one for you, the author. To know more about the writing process with Packt, please visit

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