Secure web applications with Spring Security using Packt’s new Book and eBook.

December 2013 | Cookbooks, Open Source

Packt is pleased to announce the release of its new book Spring Security 3.x Cookbook, by Anjana Mankale. This book is a repository of recipes that will help the reader to successfully secure web applications against threats and vulnerabilities at the authentication and session level layers using the Spring Security framework. The book has 300 pages and is competitively priced at $49.99, and the eBook is available in all the popular formats including Kindle and PDF $25.49.

About the author: Anjana Mankale is a Tech Lead with 7 years of experience in developing web applications and has developed applications for healthcare, e-commerce portals, media portals, and content management systems using Spring and Struts 2. She is extensively involved in application design and implementation. She has worked on Amazon cloud and Spring web services and has recently been involved in deploying and designing a cloud-based multitenant application. Anjana is passionate about blogging, and uses her blog to share the write-ups and technical code that she has worked on (

Web applications are exposed to a variety of threats and vulnerabilities at the authentication, authorization, service, and domain object levels. Spring Security can help secure these applications against those threats. Spring Security is a popular application security solution for Java applications. It is widely used to secure standalone web applications, portlets, and REST applications.

Spring Security 3.x Cookbook will not only explore Spring-based web applications, but also Java-based and Grails-based applications that can use Spring Security as their security framework. Apart from conventional web applications, this book will also explore securing portlets, RESTful web service applications, and other non-web applications.

Spring Security 3.x Cookbook gives the reader an overview of Spring Security and its implementation with various frameworks. It starts with container-based authentication before taking them on a tour of the main features of Spring Security. It demonstrates security concepts such as BASIC, FORM, and DIGEST authentication and shows them how to integrate the Spring Security framework with various frameworks such as JSF, struts2, and Vaadin. This guide also demonstrates how to utilize container managed security without JAAS. Then, it moves on to setting up a Struts 2 application before showing the reader how to integrate Spring Security with other frameworks such as JSF, Groovy, Wicket, GWT, and Vaadin.

Spring Security 3.x Cookbook covers the following topics:

Chapter 1: Basic Security

Chapter 2: Spring Security with Struts 2

Chapter 3: Spring Security with JSF

Chapter 4: Spring Security with Grails

Chapter 5: Spring Security with GWT

Chapter 6: Spring Security with Vaadin

Chapter 7: Spring Security with Wicket

Chapter 8: Spring Security with ORM and NoSQL DB

Chapter 9: Spring Security with Spring Social

Chapter 10: Spring Security with Spring Web Services

Chapter 11: More on Spring Security

This book is ideal for all Spring-based application developers as well as Java web developers who wish to implement robust security mechanisms into web application development using Spring Security.

Spring Security 3.x Cookbook
Over 60 recipes to help you successfully safegaurd your web applications with Spring Security

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