Master wireframing and prototyping in Axure with Packt’s new book and eBook

January 2014 | Cookbooks, Web Development

Packt is pleased to announce the release of Axure RP Prototyping Cookbook, a practical guide comprised of easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipes that will help readers improve their efficiency and take their Axure skills to the next level. The print book is 382 pages long and is competitively priced at $49.99, whilst the eBook and Kindle versions are available for $23.99.

About the author:

John Henry Krahenbuhl has over 20 years of experience in architecting practical, cost-effective, and innovative solutions. He is a multifaceted, collaborative management professional, highly skilled at managing products through the entire life cycle, from design to obsolescence. He therefore has expertise in specification and use case definitions, schematic and PCB layouts, production software implementation, and hardware implementation.

Axure has quickly become one of the leading tools for rapid prototyping in use today. Driving Axure’s popularity and widespread adoption is the ability to iteratively develop interactive HTML prototypes of websites and applications. With the AxShare cloud-based service, prototypes are easily shared among clients and team members.

Axure RP Prototyping Cookbook highlights how to create sophisticated prototypes incorporating Axure with the latest web trends and technologies, such as Responsive Web Design, Ajax, PHP, mySQL, and jQuery Mobile. This book will teach readers how to customize prototypes with social media badges from Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest; logos from Apple iTunes and Google Play; Google Maps geolocation features; and much more. Readers will also learn how to enhance individual and team productivity with reusable asset libraries and documentation customized for their organization and clients.

Axure RP Prototyping Cookbook will help readers create their own custom prototypes for mobile and desktop and will familiarize them with how to create mobile-first designs as well as responsive and adaptive web design interactions using real-world examples developed from today’s hottest technological trends.

Axure RP Prototyping Cookbook includes the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Prototyping Recipes

Chapter 2: Enhanced Prototyping Recipes

Chapter 3: Specifications

Chapter 4: Wireframes and Design

Chapter 5: E-commerce Solutions

Chapter 6: Using Axure in Teams

Chapter 7: Adaptive and Responsive Web Design with Axure

Chapter 8: Prototyping for Mobile

Chapter 9: Miscellaneous Explorations

This book is great for designers, information architects, business analysts, and user experience professionals who want to gain advanced prototyping skills with Axure. For more information, please visit the book's web page at:

Axure RP Prototyping Cookbook
Over 70 practical recipes to take your wireframing and prototyping skills to the next level using Axure

For more information, please visit:

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