Master and Dominate the Utility of App-V Using Packt's New Book and e-Book

April 2012 | IBM, Microsoft

Acquire advanced guidelines on how to troubleshoot App-V installations, sequencing, and application deployments.

Packt is pleased to announce Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide , a practical tutorial that aims at understanding the technology involved in virtualizing application infrastructure. Written by Augusto Alvarez, this book details the scripting within App-V and enables the system administrators and consultants to gain a deeper understanding of the technology in order to optimize App V implementations.

Microsoft Application Virtualization platform allows applications to be deployed in real-time to any client from a virtual application server. MS App-V thus allows centralized installation and management of deployed applications. App-V also allows copy of the applications across multiple application servers for better scalability and fault tolerance.

Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide enables system administrators to get their hands on implementing the scripting process within App-V applications as well as review how to use App-V command lines. Additionally they will also be able to deploy applications using HTTP/S or configure standalone modes for local and SMB Streaming in complex scenarios such as adjusting communication ports for application delivery.

With realistic scenarios and detailed examples, this book not only helps administrators in exploring the steps to virtualize server applications by introducing App-V in VDI and SCCM 2012 but also find detailed topics for understanding App-V components, architecture and implementation models with a step-by-step guidance to master App-V processes.

Some of the chapters emphasized in the book are;

  1. Chapter 1: Taking a deep dive into App-V
  2. Chapter 2: Sequencing in Complex Environments.
  3. Chapter 3: Deploying Applications in Complex Environments
  4. Chapter 4: Handling Scripting and App-V Command Lines
  5. Chapter 5: Troubleshooting App-V
  6. Chapter 6: Scaling Up App-V Implementations
  7. Chapter 7: Integrating App-V with Virtual Desktop
  8. Chapter 8: Integrating App-V with System Center
  9. Chapter 9: Integrating Server App-V with Private Clouds

Packt Publishing has also released and is due to publish other Microsoft titles:

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 11 First Look Cookbook (due)
  2. JMicrosoft System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection Cookbook (due)
  3. Getting Started with Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6 (published)
  4. Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2010 (published)

All Microsoft are Published by Packt Enterprise. Packt Enterprise is a publishing division of Packt Publishing designed to serve the information needs of IT Professionals in the Enterprise space. Packt Enterprise also publishes on Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Citrix, Java, Amazon, Google and SAP technologies.

Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide
Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide- A practical tutorial containing clear, step-by-step explanations of all the concepts required to understand the technology in Microsoft App-V

For more information, please visit: Application Virtualization Advanced Guide /book

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