Leverage the power of Bootstrap 3 with Packt’s new book and eBook

February 2014 | Open Source, Web Development

Packt is pleased to announce the release of its new book and eBook Bootstrap Site Blueprints. This book is hands-on guide to the inner workings of Bootstrap’s latest and greatest development milestone. In an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format, readers will quickly get to know the ins and outs of Bootstrap while building a portfolio site, a WordPress theme, a business site, an e-commerce interface, administration interface, and an upscale marketing site. This 304-page book is now available in print for $44.99 and all the popular eBook formats for $22.94.

About the authors:

David Cochran
David Cochran serves as an Associate Professor of Communication at Oklahoma Wesleyan University. He has been teaching Interactive Design since 2005. When Twitter Bootstrap was first released in August 2011, he recognized it as a tool that would speed up development while supporting best practices. In 2012, David produced a Bootstrap 2.0 tutorial series for webdesign.tutsplus.com. He also published a first short book about Bootstrap, Twitter Bootstrap Web Development How-To, Packt Publishing. In his spare time, David blogs about web design at alittlecode.com. He also leads a media, design, and Strategy Company named BitBrilliant.

Ian Whitley
Ian Whitley developed a passion for writing and literature at a young age. In 2010, he developed a deep interest in web development and decided to get involved in it. He was one of the early adopters of Twitter Bootstrap when it was first released in 2011. Currently, he uses Bootstrap in relation to WordPress, using both in conjunction to create custom and creative solutions for his client. Living in the Bartlesville, OK, Ian is the lead developer for BitBrilliant, the company that David Cochran founded. He is always looking to further his skills—both for the web and in the many hobbies he pursues, which include leather working and writing.

Since its debut in August 2011, Twitter Bootstrap, now simply Bootstrap, has become by far the most popular framework for empowering and enhancing frontend web design. With Version 3, Bootstrap reaches an exciting new milestone, introducing a mobile-first responsive grid, new and powerful LESS mixins, and a lean code base optimized for modern browsers. Bootstrap is still just getting started. There is so much more awesome stuff to do.

"Bootstrap Site Blueprints" will guide the readers through the process of building different types of web applications, by leveraging the power of Bootstrap 3. In the process, they’ll experience the power of customizing and recompiling Bootstrap’s LESS files and adapting Bootstrap’s JavaScript plugins, to the design of an excellent user interface. While creating these layouts, readers will quickly become comfortable with customizing Bootstrap to meet the needs of their specific projects. They will be able to add custom icon fonts, customize and recompile Bootstrap’s powerful LESS files, and leverage Bootstrap’s excellent JavaScript plugins to create dynamic user interfaces. By the end of this book readers will be a more adept and efficient designer.

Bootstrap Site Blueprints covers the following essential topics:
Chapter 1: Getting Started with Bootstrap
Chapter 2: Bootstrappin' Your Portfolio
Chapter 3: Bootstrappin' a WordPress Theme
Chapter 4: Bootstrappin' Business
Chapter 5: Bootstrappin' E-commerce
Chapter 6: Bootstrappin' a One-page Marketing Website

This book is dream come true for beginner or intermediate web developer, who wish to make the most of Bootstrap. Readers should be familiar with the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, and have some experience incorporating JavaScript plugins. Prior Bootstrap experience is optional.

Bootstrap Site Blueprints

Design mobile-first responsive websites with Bootstrap 3

For more information, please visit: book page

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