Learn to transform Raspberry Pi into powerful media center using Packt's new Book and eBook

February 2013 | Open Source

Packt is pleased to announce the release of Raspberry Pi Media Center, the book that contains a set of simple-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, that will take readers through numerous aspects of creating a fully functional media center with their Raspberry Pi. The book is out now and available from Packt in print and popular e-book formats.

About the Author:

Sam Nazarko has a wide range of experience and knowledge with both Windows and Linux platforms at a desktop and server level. He enjoys developing tailor made solutions for clients, which range from C# application development on Windows to C/C++ development on Linux. He also has expertise in system deployment and administration on a large scale. He has recently been involved in open source development, harnessing his skills in embedded systems development by delivering Linux distributions for Apple TV and Raspberry Pi that deliver XBMC.

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into TV and a keyboard and is capable of doing many of the things that a desktop PC does, like spreadsheets, word-processing and games. Low-cost and high-performing, with a massively diverse range of uses and applications, the Raspberry Pi is set to revolutionize the way of thinking about computing and programming. Using it as a Media Center allows everyone to have a low-cost device that is always on, attached to their TV.

In this book, readers will discover how they can transform their Raspberry Pi into a powerful media center. Using Raspbmc (based on the XBMC distribution), they will be shown to deploy and configure their own media center, including coverage of all the essentials from controlling device with a TV remote or smartphone, to the creation and customization of their very own media library (including the conversion of any existing collection).

Readers will discover how to stream videos, music and photos straight to their TV and can play existing content from their computer or USB drive. They can watch or record TV via satellite, cable or terrestrial. Readers can build their very own library that automatically includes detailed information and cover material.

Raspberry Pi Media Center gives clear instructions on how to get Raspbmc to work on Raspberry Pi. Readers will learn how to navigate and configure XBMC. They will discover to control their media center with smartphone or a TV remote and build their very own media library with film, episode, and album descriptions and artwork. It is an easy-to-follow yet comprehensive guide to setting a complete media center experience using the revolutionary ARM GNU/Linux board.

The book does not require any prior knowledge of the Raspberry Pi, but it does assume that the reader is a computer literate and comfortable with Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows and concepts such as installing software. To read more about it, please visit the Packt book page.

Raspberry Pi Media Center

Tranform your Raspberry Pi into a full-blown media center within 24 hours

For more information, please visit book page

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