Learn how to create stunning presentations with Brainshark using Packt’s new book and eBook

October 2013 | e-Commerce, Open Source

Packt is pleased to announce the release of its new book Instant Brainshark. Instant Brainshark offers a comprehensive set of solutions for delivering high-impact business presentations and e-learning for its readers, in the form of a short, fast, focused guide that will deliver immediate results. The book is available now all the popular eBook formats including Kindle, e-pub, and PDF. The e-book is 52 pages long and costs $12.74.

About the Author: Daniel Li is an independent consultant for small and medium-sized businesses, currently residing in Waterloo, Ontario. Having gained experience at over a dozen institutions since 2009, he leverages his marketing and sales experience as a startup advisor in writing this book. Winning first place in the International NEO Coding Competition, while spending three years contributing to the open source community, Daniel earned a place as “Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 2013” finalist. He also occasionally answers questions on the collaborative Q&A website, stackoverflow.com, as a top 4% user.

Brainshark provides cloud-based software for creating, sharing, and tracking online and mobile video presentations. This book will help to reduce the cost of company sales, marketing, training, and HR communications.

With Instant Brainshark, a user can transform content such as power point documents into voice-enriched video presentations. Readers can even combine multiple files (such as slides, documents, screen-casts, etc), add audio (by phone, microphone or MP3 upload), and then simply click on a link to export the completed video file along with the metadata.

Instant Brainshark covers the following topics:

Chapter 1: Instant Brainshark
Chapter 2: Creating your First Presentation (Must know)
Chapter 3: Increasing Sales with Brainshark Slideshows/documents (Become an expert)
Chapter 4: Increasing Sales with Brainshark Podcasts (Become an expert)
Chapter 5: Helping People Find your Presentation (Should know)
Chapter 6: Designing Mobile-friendly Presentations (Become an expert)
Chapter 7: Synchronizing Slide Animations to Audio (Should know)
Chapter 8: Adding PowerPoint Slides (Must know)
Chapter 9: Adding URL Slides (Become an expert)
Chapter 10: Adding Question Slides (Become an expert)
Chapter 11: Adding Attachments (Must know)
Chapter 12: Embedding your Content (Should know)
Chapter 13: E-mailing your Content (Become an expert)
Chapter 14: Sharing your Content (Become an expert)
Chapter 15: Publishing your Content to YouTube (Become an expert)

Instant Brainshark is the ideal solution for companies as well as individuals who want to create high impact presentations online and share them around the community to improve the reach and results of their business communications. The book is also useful for developers looking to explore Brainshark as a possible way to market their existing presentations or podcasts.

Instant Brainshark
Convert your boring, outdated slideshows into engaging and powerful audio presentations using BrainShark

For more information, please visit book page

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