Learn and use IntroJs in an Instant using Packt's riveting New eBook!

November 2013 | Java, Open Source

Packt is proud to present its latest eBook, Instant Introjs by Afshin Mehrabani and Ehsan Arasteh. Using this book, readers will learn how to work with the IntroJs APIs, methods, and events to create step-by-step introductions for websites and applications. The eBook is 48 pages long and is priced at just $11.04.

About the Authors :

Afshin Mehrabani is a software engineer and an open source programmer with five years' experience in PHP, Python, C#, JavaScript, HTML5, and NodeJs in many financial and stock trading projects. He started programming and web development with PHP at the age of 12, and later entered the Iran Technical & Vocational Training Organization where he received the gold medal in a country-wide competition on web development.

He is currently the head of the web development team in the Yara Company and has also co-founded the Usablica team to develop and produce usable applications. Afshin is the author of IntroJs, WideArea, Flood.js, and he also contributes to Socket.IO, Engine.IO, and other open source projects. He has already written different articles about JavaScript, NodeJs, HTML5, and MongoDB, which are published on different academic websites.

Ehsan Arasteh currently works as the CTO and Software Architect at Yaraholding, a Tehranbased interactive agency and web development company. His journey in programming started at the age of 14 when he started teaching C and C++ to high school students. At 16, he started his professional life with his first official project. Since then, he has done a lot of projects as a developer, analyzer, consultant, architect, and project manager.

He has nine years experience in development with several languages, such as ASP.NET, C#, Java, PHP, and Python. He is also the CEO of Usablica; a company that makes open source applications, such as IntroJs and Magnet.

IntroJs is a JavaScript and CSS3 library, used to create simple step-by-step help pages or introductions for websites and applications to show the users new features or whole application parts quickly and concisely.

Instant IntroJs is a reference to get started with IntroJs right away. It teaches the readers how to work with key IntroJs methods and events. The book contains numerous examples of introductions and help pages with detailed explanations. It also shows the readers how to customize the library with their preferred stylesheet or integrate it with other server-side frameworks. The readers can learn to make the preferred changes to IntroJs in order to build customized introduction. They will be provided with information about the latest features of IntroJs that include multi-page introductions, creating introductions using JSON configuration and HTML attributes, methods to change or customize the library, and more.

Through Instant Introjs, readers will be able to learn and use the latest version of the IntroJs library. 


Instant IntroJs
This book is for web designers who want to create an interactive step-by-step introduction for showing specific or all parts of an application or website to users. Basic JavaScript programming and knowledge of HTML and CSS is required. No knowledge of any other JavaScript libraries is needed.

For more information, please visit: http://www.packtpub.com/create-useful-introductions-for-websites-and-applications-with-introjs-library/book

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