Get the most out of CiviCRM using Packt’s new book and eBook

July 2013 | Cookbooks, CRM, Open Source

Packt is pleased to announce the publication of  CiviCRM Cookbook by Tony Horrocks, an indispensable guide to getting the most out of the web-based, open source, Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) software that's geared toward meeting the needs of non-profit and other civic-sector organizations. The print book comes in at over 236 pages and is competitively priced at $44.99, whilst the eBook and Kindle versions are available for $22.94

About the Author:
Tony Horrocks, is the owner of Fabriko Limited, a web development company that specializes in CiviCRM and Drupal and has worked for membership organizations for over 25 years and has been developing websites since 1994. He now works primarily as a Development Consultant for the nonprofit sector.

CiviCRM is a web-based, internationalized suite of computer software for constituency relationship management, that falls under the broad rubric of customer relationship management. It is specifically designed for the needs of non-profit, non-government, and advocacy groups, and serves as an association management system. CiviCRM is designed to manage information about an organization's donors, members, event registrants, subscribers, grant application seekers and funders, and case contacts. Volunteers, activists, voters, as well as more general sorts of business contacts such as employees, clients, or vendors can be managed using CiviCRM.

CiviCRM Cookbook will enhance readers' CiviCRM skills. It has recipes to help them use CiviCRM more efficiently, integrate it with CMSs, and also develop CiviCRM. Written in a cookbook style with practical, comprehensive recipes that are explained with relevant screenshots, this book will be useful for people who understand the basics of CiviCRM, but want to discovere how to do much more with it.

The book covers these essential topics:

Chapter 1: Setting Up CiviCRM
Chapter 2: Organizing Data Efficiently
Chapter 3: Using the Power of Profiles
Chapter 4: Controlling Permissions
Chapter 5: Managing Communications
Chapter 6: Searching and Reporting
Chapter 7: Integrating CiviCRM with Drupal
Chapter 8: Managing Events Effectively
Chapter 9: Using Campaigns, Surveys, and Petitions Effectively
Chapter 10: Working with CiviMember
Chapter 11: Developing for CiviCRM

About Packt:
Packt is one of the most prolific and fast-growing tech book publishers in the world. Originally focused on open source software, Packt books focuses on practicality, recognising that readers are ultimately concerned with getting the job done. Packt’s digitally-focused business model allows to publish up-to-date books in very specific areas.

CiviCRM Cookbook
Take your CiviCRM skills to the next level and harness the power of CiviCRM

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