Experience the enterprise web application development lifecycle using Ext JS and Spring with Packt's new book and eBook!

January 2014 | Open Source, Web Development

Packt is proud to present its latest publication, Enterprise Application Development with Ext JS and Spring, by Gerald Gierer. This book is a practical guide that condenses an approach to web development that was gained from real-world projects, and outlines a simple, practical approach to developing high performance and enterprise grade web applications. The print book is 446 pages long and is priced at $49.99 while the eBook is $25.49.

About the author :

Gerald Gierer has been involved in enterprise web application projects for more than 15 years and continues to find his work challenging and rewarding. He started his software development career working with C, PowerBuilder, and Unix, until the rise of the Internet and Java caught his attention. In 2004, he first heard of the Spring framework and quickly realized how comprehensive and well-designed an alternative this was to EJB. Since then he has architected and developed many Spring projects using a range of view technologies including JSP, JSF, Struts, Tiles, Freemarker, DWR, and YUI. In 2009, he became aware of Ext JS and was immediately struck by the power of this JavaScript framework. Having spent countless hours building complex web pages from scratch, Ext JS was a breath of fresh air for the client realm. He has been working with Ext JS ever since.

Spring and Ext JS are cutting edge frameworks that allow users to build high performance web applications for modern devices, that are now consuming data at a faster rate than ever before. Now's the time for users to understand how to best leverage these technologies when architecting, designing, and developing large scale web development projects.

Enterprise Application Development with Ext JS and Spring covers a variety of important Ext JS 4 strategies and concepts. The book starts with the configuration of Java, NetBeans, and MySQL to prepare the readers' development environment, and will then help them learn how to connect their NetBeans IDE to the MySQL database server. Then the book proceeds to explore the Task Time Tracker (3T) project database structure and populate these tables with test data.

Following on from this, the book covers how to examine core JPA concepts after reverse engineering the domain layer with NetBeans. Leveraging the Data Access Object design pattern, readers will learn how to build the Java DAO implementation layer assisted by generics in base classes, followed by a Data Transfer Object enabled service layer to encapsulate the business logic of their 3T application.The final chapters focus on Java, and explores how to implement the request handling layer using Spring annotated controllers, and how to deploy the 3T application to the GlassFish server. The journey ends by exploring the production build and deployment process using Maven, Sencha Cmd and GlassFish.

The following are the chapters in the book:

Chapter 1: Preparing Your Development Environment

Chapter 2: The Task Time Tracker Database

Chapter 3: Reverse Engineering the Domain layer with JPA

Chapter 4: Database Access Made Easy

Chapter 5: Testing the DAO Layer with Spring and JUnit

Chapter 6: Back to Business – The Service Layer

Chapter 7: The Web Request Handling Layer

Chapter 8: Running 3T on GlassFish

Chapter 9: Getting Started with Ext JS 4

Chapter 10: Logging On and Maintaining Users

Chapter 11: Building the Task Log User Interface

Chapter 12: 3T Administration Made Easy

Chapter 13: Moving Your Application to Production

Enterprise Application Development with Ext JS and Spring
If you are an intermediate developer with a good understanding of Java, JavaScript and web development concepts, this book is ideal for you. Basic Ext JS development experience, including an understanding of the framework APIs is needed by those of you who are interested in this book.

For more information, please visit: http://www.packtpub.com/enterprise-application-development-with-extjs-and-spring/book

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