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May 2014 | Cookbooks, Enterprise

Packt is pleased to announce the publication of Business Intelligence with MircroStrategy, a comprehensive guide that aims to help readers learn everything there is to know about BI project development. This book is available now in print, eBook, and Kindle formats. The print book is 356 pages long and is competitively priced at $49.99, while the eBook and Kindle versions are available for $32.99.

About the author:
Davide Moraschi is a Business Intelligence professional and one of the few people in Spain to hold the title of MCEP (MicroStrategy Certified Engineering Principal), the highest level of certification for the MicroStrategy product.

Business Intelligence is becoming more important by the day, with cloud offerings and mobile devices gaining wider acceptance and achieving better market penetration. MicroStrategy Reporting Suite is a complete Business Intelligence platform that covers all the data analysis needs of an enterprise. Scorecards, dashboards, and reports can be explored and delivered on desktop, the Web, mobile devices, and the cloud. With the latest Visual Insight tool, MicroStrategy brings the power of BI to the business users, allowing them to discover information without the help of IT personnel.

Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy covers the full cycle of a BI project with the MicroStrategy platform, from setting up the software to using dashboards in the cloud and on mobile devices. This book discusses and explains a wide range of case studies and best practices to help readers take maximum advantage of the tool. This book is very useful for beginners and includes over 90 real-life screencasts which, at no extra cost, readers can view or download to follow all the explanations step-by-step. This book is therefore a fundamental resource for learning how to utilize MicroStrategy.

This book covers the following areas:
Chapter 1: Getting Started with MicroStrategy
Chapter 2: The First Steps in a MicroStrategy Project
Chapter 3: Schema Objects – Attributes
Chapter 4: Objects – Facts and Metrics
Chapter 5: Data Display and Manipulation – Reports
Chapter 6: Data Analysis and Visualization – Graphs
Chapter 7: Analysis on the Web – Documents and Dashboards
Chapter 8: Dynamic Selection with Filters and Prompts
Chapter 9: Mobile BI for Developers
Chapter 10: Mobile BI for Users
Chapter 11: Consolidations, Custom Groups, and Transformations
Chapter 12: In-Memory Cubes and Visual Insight
Chapter 13: MicroStrategy Express

About Packt:
This book is published by Packt Enterprise. Packt Enterprise is a publishing division of Packt Publishing designed to serve the information needs of IT professionals in the Enterprise space. Packt Enterprise also publishes on Microsoft, SOA, IBM, Citrix, Java, Amazon, Google, and SAP technologies.

Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy Cookbook
Over 90 practical, hands-on recipes to help you build your MicroStrategy business intelligence project, including more than a 100 screencasts

For more information, please visit: http://www.packtpub.com/business-intelligence-with-microstrategy-cookbook/book

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