Enhance your Knowledge of Programming with Packt's Processing 2.0: Creative Programming Cookbook

October 2012 | Open Source

Users wanting to expand your knowledge of Processing 2.0 and did not know where or how about to go ahead with it, Packt is happy to announce the launch of Processing 2.0 : Creative Programming Cookbook.

About the Author: Written by Jan Vantomme- a computational designer and artist, co-founder of a small design studio in Ghent, Belgium known as Cloudswimmers, previously known as Vormplus. He has taught the subject in University lectures both as a faculty staff and guest professor.

With this book, creative professionals, artists, visualisers, students can build basic tools for audio video performances, interact with your computer using a web cam, create Processing sketches for the web and interactive applications for Android and many more. Users will be able to extend the possibilities using libraries that help in creating computational art. Play and control video files using some of the coolest recipes with unmatched techniques. Available in different formats for the benefit of the readers in electronic forms: Kindle edition for $19.48 and in paperback for $39.55. Book composes of 306 pages and covers topics such as:

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Processing 2.0

Chapter 2: Drawing Texts, curves and Shapes in 2D.

Chapter 3: Drawing in 3D- Lights, Camera and Action!

Chapter 4: Working with data

Chapter 5: Exploring from Processing

Chapter 6: Working with Video

Chapter 7: Audio Visualisation

Chapter 8: Exploring computer vision

Chapter 9: Exploring Java Script mode

Chapter 10: Exploring Android Mode

Chapter 11: Using Processor 2.0 with editors

This book contains a broad sweep of topics through lots of practical and useful recipes which will be fun to read and do.

Processing 2.0's exciting new features include a new graphics engine and library which will enable you create interactive art for various platforms like desktop computers, internet and Android devices. This next generation technology will will teach you how to design interactions without using a keyboard and mouse and use your web cam or a microphone.

Processing 2.0 is possibly the best known creative coding environment that helps you bridge the gap between programming and arts. Designed to help artists, visualisers, creative professionals and students who have basic knowledge of Processing 2.0. The book will introduce you through the basics of 2D and 3D graphics programming right upto advanced audio and video visualisation, computer vision and much more.

Style and Approach

A cookbook with a broad sweep of the topic, through lots of practical and useful recipes that are fun to read and do. This book is meant for creative professionals, students, visualisers and designers who have some starting knowledge of Processing developing environment. Anyone with a creative bend wanting to computation in their design practice. This book is also for non-artistic professionals looking forward expand their graphic and artistic skills. A basic understanding of programming is assumed. For more information, please click on the link http://www.packtpub.com/processing-2-creative-programming-cookbook/book

Processing 2.0 : Creative Programming Cookbook

Over 90 highly effective recipes to enhance your knowledge.

Please Visit : Processing 2.0 : Creative Programming Cookbook


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