Enhance learning management system using Packt’s new book on Instant Moodle Quiz Module How-to

February 2013 | e-Learning, Open Source

Packt is pleased to announce the release of Instant Moodle Quiz Module How-to, the book that contains a set of simple-to-follow, step-by-step recipes which will show readers how to create effective Moodle quizzes, and provide meaningful feedback and evaluate results. The book is out now, and available in popular eBook formats for purchase from Packt website. 

About the Author: 

Joan Coy is currently a Principal of PAVE. A Moodle Certified Teacher, she administers on the PAVE site, and has taught online Moodle training courses with Open2Know. Joan chairs an Alberta wide educator group for the purpose of sharing Moodle courses and best practices and, as well, serves on the Program Committee for the Canadian Moodle moot. This is all part of her passion for this open source Virtual Learning Environment. She has presented provincially, nationally and internationally on topics relating to teaching mathematics, on-line education, Moodle and assessment. 

Moodle is a free source e-learning software platform, also known as a Learning Management System, or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and has several features considered typical of an e-learning platform, plus some original innovations. It can be used in many types of environments such as in education, training and development, and business settings.

Instant Moodle Quiz Module How-to, covers how Moodle Quiz module can be used to create effective assessment FOR and OF learning in courses. It takes readers through a number of practical recipes to help them harness the power of Moodle Quiz quickly and painlessly. 

Readers will begin by learning to set up clear categories, carefully designed questions and helpful feedback to create the question bank that is the foundation of Moodle Quiz. Once readers have configured the quiz and specified the security requirements, they can select questions by hand or randomly. It will also assist readers to easily generate reports so that after the learners have completed the quiz, readers can interact one-on-one or examine statistical data for large groups using the generated report.

The book gives clear instructions on creating strong categories and questions for the question bank and applying many different question formats effectively. It helps readers in examining the wealth of analytical and statistical information provided by a variety of reports generated from quiz, and helps in creating immediate, meaningful feedback for the learner at various levels in the quiz.

Instant Moodle Quiz Module How-to is for readers doing any kind of instruction using Moodle as their Learning Management System. For complete information about the book, and to check print and eBook purchasing options, please visit this Packt book-page.

Instant Moodle Quiz Module How-to
Create Moodle quizzes to enhance learning using practical, hands-on recipes

For more information, please visit the book page

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