Discover What’s New in SQL Server 2012 using Packt’s new book and eBook

November 2012 | Enterprise

Packt is pleased to announce the publication of What’s New in SQL Server 2012 a new book and eBook. This book provides detailed solutions to utilize data alerts and render reports to the latest version of Excel and Word. The book contains how to discover the new dimensional model in analysis services along with how to plan, load and simulate real world database activity by using distributed replay. The readers will also come to know about building packages to leverage the new feature in the integration services environment and much more.

About the Author:

Rachel Clements: Rachel Clements has worked as a software and database developer for over 15 years across a wide variety of private industries. She is currently a SQL Server BI Developer for an international power tools company in the UK. As an active member of the technical community, she organizes the Bristol user group SQL Server Club ( and is a member of the Developer! Developer! Developer! South West team ( Furthermore, Rachel is a regular volunteer at Europe's largest SQL Server conference, SQLBits.

Jon Reade: He has worked in the UK and Europe as a database professional in the finance and telecommunication sectors for 16 years. He is currently a SQL Server consultant in the finance industry, based in the UK. He has extensive experience of SQL Server from 6.0 to 2012, in development, operational, production, and managerial roles. He is also a part-time SQL Server instructor for a global training company and the co-founder of the SQL Server Club website ( and user group.

This is the book both DBAs and developers always wanted to buy but could never find in the bookstore. This book especially contains only the new features introduced in SQL Server 2012, from installing core database services and features, to the new administration and updated Transact-SQL functions. Readers will discover the new Analysis Services features, how to introduce data alerts and reporting features and explore the new enhancements to Integration Services. Additionally developers will learn how to automate, cleanse and transform critical business data with DQS and world-class enterprise level availability features.

A hands-on example contains inside the book guide the readers with the steps required to run Distributed Replay. The book also takes the developers through a detailed example to show how to create a Data Quality Services project.

This book is for database administrators, SQL Server Developers and BI professionals. Along with that anyone who is familiar with SQL Server 2008 R2 and needs to make the jump to the latest version with the shortest learning curve will find this book very useful.

The following essential chapters covered in this book are:

Chapter 1: Installing SQL Server 2012

Chapter 2: SQL Server Administration

Chapter 3: Transact SQL

Chapter 4: Analysis Services

Chapter 5: Reporting Services

Chapter 6: Integration Services

Chapter 7: Data Quality Services

Chapter 8: AlwaysOn

Chapter 9: Distributed Replay

Chapter 10: Big Data and the Cloud

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What's New in SQL Server 2012
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