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February 2013 | Enterprise, SOA

Packt is pleased to announce SOA Made Simple , a concise and indispensable guide aimed for designers, developers and administrators, using which they’ll gain a complete knowledge of Service Oriented Architecture. This book is available now in print, eBook, Kindle and select library formats. The print book comes in at over 392 pages and is competitively priced at $44.99, whilst the e-book and Kindle versions are available for $22.94.

About the authors:

Lonneke Dikmans: Starting her career as a JEE developer on different platforms such as Oracle and IBM, and specialising in integration, she is now an architect, both on projects and enterprise. Lonneke is a BPMN certified professional and has also been awarded with various honours.

Ronald van Luttikhuizen: With over 10 years of experience in IT, he started his career as a specialist in analysis and design, application development, and application and process integration. Ronald has mainly focused on architecture within service-oriented environments and other types of EAI environments

SOA (service oriented architecture) is a collection of services. These services communicate with each other. The communication can involve either simple data passing or it could involve two or more services coordinating some activity.

SOA Made Simple demystifies Service oriented Architecture, presenting the readers with plain facts about the key ingredients of service and architecture which also aids the programmers in learning about the building blocks of Service Oriented Architecture, like BPM and Enterprise Service Bus.

Using this essential handbook, readers will get a clear picture of Service Oriented Architecture both theoretically and practically. With this book in hand, developers will learn to keep their SOA strategy successful while expanding it.

Some of the chapters emphasized in this book are:

Chapter 1: Understanding the Problem
Chapter 2: The Solution
Chapter 3: Service Identification and Design
Chapter 4: Classification of Services
Chapter 5: The SOA Platform
Chapter 6: Solution Architectures
Chapter 7: Creating a Roadmap, How to Spend Your Money and When?
Chapter 8: Life Cycle Management
Chapter 9: Pick your Battles
Chapter 10: Methodologies and SOA

Packt Publishing has also published other Oracle SOA books:

  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administrator's Handbook (August 2012)
  • Getting Started With Oracle SOA Suite 11g R1 – A Hands-On Tutorial (October 2009)
  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g Developer's Cookbook (December 2012)


All Oracle SOA books are published by Packt Enterprise. Packt Enterprise is a publishing division of Packt Publishing designed to serve the information needs of IT Professionals in the Enterprise space. Packt Enterprise also publishes on Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Citrix, Java, Amazon, Google and SAP technologies.



SOA Made Simple

SOA Made Simple

A concise guide to demystifying Service Oriented Architecture

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