Develop interactive and visually dynamic applications using Cinder with Packt's new book and eBook

June 2013 | Cookbooks, Open Source

Packt is pleased to announce the release of Cinder Creative Coding Cookbook, a recipe-based guide book that will instruct the reader on creating applications using multimedia content including video, audio, images, and text. The book takes the reader from animation with particles to using video, audio, and images to build creative applications using Cinder.

About the Authors: Rui Madeira is a computational designer, educator, and founder of the interaction design studio Estudio Ruim. He has participated in several projects, both collaborative and solo, including interactive performances and concerts, generative visuals for print and motion graphics, mobile applications, interactive installations, and video mapping. Dawid Gorny is a creative coder and a creative technologist who is into computational design, art, and interaction design. He has worked as a professional web and Flash developer for several years. He is the founder, organizer, and program director of the art+bits festival in Katowice-the encounter of art and technology.

Cinder is a community-developed, free open source library for professional-quality creative coding in C++. It is one of the most exciting frameworks available for creative coding and allows for the fast creation of visually complex, interactive applications.

Cinder Creative Coding Cookbook will show the reader how to develop interactive and visually dynamic applications using simple-to-follow recipes. The reader will learn how to create multimedia content, draw generative graphics in 2D and 3D, and also how to animate them in compelling ways. With recipes that include drawing in 3D, image processing, and sensing and tracking in real time from camera input, the book will provide instructions on how to develop interesting and advanced applications. The book is full of easy-to-follow recipes and images that will teach the reader powerful techniques and algorithms, starting with basic projects before moving on to more challenging applications.

Topics covered in this book:

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: Preparing for Development
Chapter 3: Using Image Processing Techniques
Chapter 4: Using Multimedia Content
Chapter 5: Building Particle Systems
Chapter 6: Rendering and Texturing Particle Systems
Chapter 7: Using 2D Graphics
Chapter 8: Using 3D Graphics
Chapter 9: Adding Animation
Chapter 10: Interacting with the User
Chapter 11: Sensing and Tracking Input from the Camera
Chapter 12: Using Audio Input and Output

This book is for artists, designers, and programmers who have previous knowledge of C++, but not necessarily of Cinder.

Cinder Creative Coding Cookbook
Create compelling animations and graphics with Kinect and camera input, using one of the most powerful C++ frameworks available

For more information, please visit book page

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