Develop advanced exploits and modules in the Metasploit framework using Packt's New Book and eBook

October 2013 | Open Source

Packt is pleased to announce the release of Learning Metasploit Exploitation and Development, a step-by-step tutorial to help readers master exploit development with Metasploit. This book is now available in print and all the popular eBook formats. The print book comes in at 294 pages and is competitively priced at $49.99, whilst the eBook and Kindle versions are available for $25.49.

About the author:

Aditya Balapure is an information security researcher, consultant, and author with expertise in the fields of web application penetration testing and enterprise server security. Aditya has three years of practical experience in the field of information security. He has quite a few credentials to his name, including Associate of ISC2 (CISSP), CEH, ECSA, and MCP; and is the author of a few international publications, as well as a few research articles.

Metasploit is an open source exploit framework that provides users with heaps of exploits, as well as tools to assist help them create their own exploits. This includes the ability to generate a wide range of shellcode for different purposes and platforms that can be customized to attack targets.

Learning Metasploit Exploitation and Development is a hands-on guide to teach readers about exploit development with Metasploit, as well as the crucial aspects of client-side exploitation to secure against unauthorized access, and defend vulnerabilities. Through step-by-step instructions and an easy-to follow style, readers will understand the latest exploits tested on new operating systems, and the concept of hacking recent network topologies.

Learning Metasploit Exploitation and Development is great for exploit developers, vulnerability analysts and researchers, network administrators, and ethical hackers looking to gain advanced knowledge in exploitation development and identifying vulnerabilities.

This book covers the following essential subjects:

Chapter 1: Lab Setup

Chapter 2: Metasploit Framework Organization

Chapter 3: Exploitation Basics

Chapter 4: Meterpreter Basics

Chapter 5: Vulnerability Scanning and Information Gathering

Chapter 6: Client-side Exploitation

Chapter 7: Post Exploitation

Chapter 8: Post Exploitation – Privilege Escalation

Chapter 9: Post Exploitation – Cleaning Up Traces

Chapter 10: Post Exploitation – Backdoors

Chapter 11: Post Exploitation – Pivoting and Network Sniffing

Chapter 12: Exploit Research with Metasploit

Chapter 13: Using Social Engineering Toolkit and Armitage

About Packt:

Packt is one of the most prolific and fast-growing tech book publishers in the world. Originally focused on open source software, Packt books focus on practicality, recognizing that readers are ultimately concerned with getting the job done. Packt’s digitally-focused business model allows them to publish up-to-date books in very specific areas.

Learning Metasploit Exploitation and Development
A fast-paced practical learning guide apt for developing advanced exploits and modules

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