Create applications using Boost Libraries with Packt’s New Book and eBook!

September 2013 | Cookbooks, Open Source

Packt is pleased to announce the release of Boost C++ Application Development Cookbook, a practical guide that provides everyday solutions for multithreading, networking, meta-programming, and generic programming from a Boost library. The book is packed with hands-on recipes that demonstrate how to use Boost libraries and write a program, and how to use it on Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and Android operating systems. The print book comes in at over 348 pages and is competitively priced at $49.99, whilst the eBook is available in Amazon, Kindle, PDF versions for $25.49.

About the Author:

Antony Polukhin was born in Russia. For more than three years, he worked in a VoIP company developing business logic for a commercial alternative to Asterisc. During those days, he started contributing to Boost and maintained the Boost Lexical Cast library. He also started making translations to Russian for Ubuntu Linux. Nowadays, he is developing a query engine for graph-oriented databases and continues to contribute to the open source community. You can find his code in Boost libraries such as Any, Lexical Cast, Type Traits, Variant, and others.

Boost is a set of libraries for the C++ programming language that provide support for tasks and structures such as linear algebra, pseudo random number generation, multithreading, image processing, regular expressions, and unit testing.

Boost C++ Application Development Cookbook helps to simplify the process of application development by teaching the basics of various boost libraries, mostly C++ 11. Clear, step-by-step recipes guide the reader through the use and advantages of Boost and C++ for any project. Detailed instructions show readers how to manage resources easily, manipulate images to graphs, directories, timers, and files. Readers will master the development of high quality, fast and portable applications, along with guidelines to write a program and use it on Linux windows, Mac OS, Android operating systems. This comprehensive guide will also introduce readers to the use of common string-related tasks, parallel execution of different tasks, compile-time computations, and assertions.

The following topics are covered in the book:

Chapter 1: Starting to Write Your Application

Chapter 2: Converting Data

Chapter 3: Managing Resources

Chapter 4: Compile-time Tricks

Chapter 5: Multithreading

Chapter 6: Manipulating Tasks

Chapter 7: Manipulating Strings

Chapter 8: Meta programming

Chapter 9: Containers

Chapter 10: Gathering Platform and Compiler Information

Chapter 11: Working with the System

Chapter 12: Scratching the Tip of the Iceberg

This book is designed for developers who are new to Boost, or have a basic knowledge of basic C++ and are looking to improve their knowledge of Boost. Awareness of multithreading, networking, and STL is a prerequisite. For more details about the book, please visit

Boost C++ Application Development Cookbook
Learn everything for the development of high quality fast and portable applications. From writing a program once to its application and use on Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android operating systems.

For more information, please visit:

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