Announcing winners of the Corona book cover competition

February 2012 | Open Source

Last month we launched a competition to design the cover of our new Corona SDK Game Development book by Michelle Fernandez, in partnership with Ansca Mobile. Now it’s finally time to reveal the winners!




Raphael Pudlowski

Raphaël Pudlowski, Cracow, Poland. and

From the artist:
“This was a personal project I had been doing for some time. When I saw the competition online, I decided it would fit perfectly for the cover of the Corona SDK book, since Corona is blazing fast, fun and mostly used for games :) The chameleon is also capable of adapting its color to the environment, like Corona can adapt its code to the different operating systems you can export your app to. The Chameleon was also used in the Corona beer ads.”

From the judges:
Carlos: “I like the fact that it has a rocket shooting upwards and a chameleon. For me, the rocket going up is success; the rocket representing the SDK "rising". The chameleon represents a lonely "indie" developer or someone who is trying hard to get into the "app" wagon and has managed successfully to attach itself to the "rocket" and be able to enter the stratosphere.
Lua means moon, Corona is the sun. Either way, he is going places with corona.”

Raphaël wins the opportunity to have his image on the cover of Corona SDK Beginner’s Guide by Michelle M. Fernandez, due to be published at the end of April. He also wins a free license of the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, the $100 image license fee from Packt Publishing, and a mention in the book!

Runners up

Andrew Wardlaw

Andrew Wardlaw, Marietta, Georgia, USA

From the artist:
“When creating the concept of the cover, I thought about what one feature is most prominent in games: the button. So, I created an orange button with the Corona logo and added "press start" to signify its importance to games. In order to make the orange color of Corona SDK stand out, I decided to model the background after Apple's brushed metal textures, which I created from scratch. I felt the design was lacking Lua influence, so I changed the description lines below the button to Lua-styled green comment lines.”

From the judges:
Michelle: “It described the idea behind Corona SDK, as if to say it’s as easy as pressing a button. That’s a very clean and simple idea. Also Corona is universal in the sense that it doesn't focus on a specific mobile platform.”


Adam Jhesu Rufino Nakamura

Adam Jhesu Rufino Nakamura, from Morelia, Michoacán in México

From the artist:
“My idea was simply to give a fresh, modern and attractive look to the cover of the book. Using a minimal style hierarchy, adorning the title with forms to be more strong to the eye, and using items and characters of mobile gaming to give some context to the reader.”

From the judges:
Walter: “This entry stood out in its visuals. It has less direct relationship to Corona, but in terms of connecting to game development, it works well.”

Andrew and Adam win a subscription to the Packt Game Development Library.

Thanks to all who took part. We were blown away by the quality of your submissions!

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