Build high performance applications efficiently with RavenDB 2.x using Packt's new e-book and book

October 2013 | Beginner's Guides, Open Source

Packt is pleased to announce the release of RavenDB 2.x Beginner's Guide, a step-by-step, practical guide for developing .NET-based applications which offer a flexible data model designed to address the requirements of real-world systems.

About the Author:

With substantial experience in Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Servers Systems, Khaled Tannir has extensive skills in online/offline applications' design, system conversions, and multilanguage applications. He is a Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD), and has more than 20 years of technical experience leading the development and implementation of software solutions and giving technical presentations. He owns an IT and electronics laboratory with many servers, monitors, open electronics boards such as Arduino, Netduino, RaspBerry, and .NET Gadgeteer, and some Smartphone devices based on Windows Phone, Android, and iOS operating systems. He now works as an independent IT consultant and has worked as an infrastructure engineer, senior developer, and enterprise/solution architect for many companies in France and Canada.

RavenDB 2.x Beginner's Guide introduces RavenDB concepts and teaches the reader everything from installing RavenDB to creating documents and querying indexes. This book will help readers take advantage of powerful, document-oriented NoSQL databases and build a solid foundation on which they can create their own .NET applications. Readers can quickly learn the basics of RavenDB and getting set up, as RavenDB is different from the other document databases around, allowing users to build high-performance, low-latency applications with ease and efficiency.

RavenDB 2.x Beginner's Guide starts off with an introduction to RavenDB and its Management Studio, then showing readers how to quickly and efficiently build high-performance, NoSQL document-oriented .NET applications using the .NET client API or the HTTP REST API. This practical guide will then help readers explore dynamic and static indexes that use map/reduce to process datasets, and create and query these indexes through detailed examples. Finally, readers will master the deployment of RavenDB server in a production environment and understand how to optimize and secure it. With numerous practical examples, RavenDB 2.x Beginner's Guide teaches readers everything they need to know to build high-performance, .NET document-oriented, NoSQL databases.

The book covers the following topics:

Chapter 1: Getting started with RavenDB

Chapter 2: RavenDB Management Studio

Chapter 3: RavenDB .NET Client API

Chapter 4: RavenDB Indexes and Queries

Chapter 5: Advanced RavenDB Indexes and Queries

Chapter 6: Advanced RavenDB Document Capabilities

Chapter 7: RavenDB Administration

Chapter 8: Deploying RavenDB

Chapter 9: Scaling out RavenDB

Chapter 10: RavenDB Profiling

Chapter 11: RavenDB HTTP API

Chapter 12: Putting it all together

This book is ideal for any .NET developers who are new to document-oriented databases and wish to learn how to build applications using NoSQL databases. Experience with relational database systems is helpful, though not necessary. For more details, visit the book page at

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