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January 2014 | Cookbooks, Open Source

Packt is pleased to announce the release of “Apache Mahout Cookbook”, is a step-by-step cookbook which teaches the designers to use mahout in a standalone hadoop cluster. It also provides its users with insights for writing data mining algorithms used in Hadoop.The book is out now and available from Packt in print and all the popular eBook formats. The print book comes in at over 250 pages and is competitively priced at $44.99, while the e-book and Kindle versions are available for $22.94.

About the Author:
Piero Giacomelli has been passionate about computers since his childhood. Although he graduated in Mathematics, he’s been a follower of Apache and JBoss. He has been involved into various software and EU projects with a relevant experience into various industries as a Software developer and an IT Manager. He has recently published some papers on scientific journals and has been awarded two best paper awards by International Academy, Research and Industry Association.

Apache Mahout is a project by the Apache Software Foundation to produce free implementations on scalable machine learning algorithms focused primarily in the areas of collaborative filtering, clustering and classification. Mahout also provides Java Libraries and many of the implementations use Hadoop.

Apache Mahout Cookbook is a step-by-step cookbook which can be used to configure Mahout with NetBeans and Maven. The book features different ways to configure and customize cluster algorithms and uses MapReduce for data mining problems. It not only provides an insight into logistic regressions, but also teaches various ways to understand text mining of raw data with naive bayes.

The book further delves deeper into designing and storing queries into Mahout from an external RDMS system. It is a balanced mixture of theory and practical examples so as to get the developers through the concept. The book is dedicated to beginners; however it may be used by professional as well.

The book consists of various Chapters:
Chapter 1: Mahout is Not So Difficult!
Chapter 2: Using Sequence Files – When and Why?
Chapter 3: Integrating Mahout with an External Datasource
Chapter 4: Implementing the Naïve Bayes classifier in Mahout
Chapter 5: Stock Market Forecasting with Mahout
Chapter 6: Canopy Clustering in Mahout
Chapter 7: Spectral Clustering in Mahout
Chapter 8: K-means Clustering
Chapter 9: Soft Computing with Mahout
Chapter 10: Implementing the Genetic Algorithm in Mahout

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Packt is one of the most prolific and fastest-growing tech book publishers in the world. Originally focused on open source software, Packt books now focus on practicality, recognizing that readers are ultimately concerned with getting the job done. Packt’s digitally-focused business model allows them to publish up-to-date books in very specific areas.

Apache Mahout Cookbook
Developer Oriented Drive into the world of Mahout

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