2009 Open Source CMS Most Valued People Announced

November 2009 | Content Management, Open Source

Packt is pleased to announce the list of Most Valued People from Open Source Content Management Systems for 2009. This feature was introduced in 2008 and is designed to recognize the contributions to projects made by individuals that often go unnoticed.

For the large majority of Open Source projects, it is the tireless contributions from enthusiastic individuals that enable its growth and adoption and these are the people that Packt feels is necessary to identify. For details of 2009's Open Source Most Valued People, please click through.

PacktPub.com has been accepting MVP nominations since early August and for the majority of Content Management Systems, there were a number of candidates that received enthusiastic support. This demonstrates how many different people are key to the success of a CMS and how difficult it is to select an individual as the person whose contribution is regarded most valuable.

The following list of names were put forward by members of the Content Management System's development team and community and represent the exceptional support, guidance, and sheer amount of time that the MVPs have given up to support the development and growth of the respective CMS.

Congratulations to those who were selected as the annual Open Source CMS MVPs this year.


CMS Made Simple    Robert Campbell
Along with being a core developer of the system, Robert creates and maintains numerous add on modules for CMS Made Simple.

Robert is using all his time to code for CMS Made Simple. He is the most active developers to get the project rolling forward.

Drupal    Dries Buytaert   

Great ambassador, involved in the community, nice guy

He's the creator and project lead

Joomla!    Louis Landry
Louis works tirelessly to create the very best CMS on the planet (in my humble opinion) but more importantly never shies away from helping even the most clueless young developer get involved, get better at code, whatever. Louis will ALWAYS answer a question thoughtfully, even if the code reference is bizarre.  He is absolutely invaluable to the Joomla development team.

The Joomla community has a lot of enthusiastic contributing people. Louis is one of the main developers of Joomla 1.5 and currently very active in the Joomla 1.6 development team. Therefore I think that he well deserves the Open Source CMS MVP title.

Louis has dedicated years of code to the Joomla project.  He is a tireless volunteer and brilliant coder. Add in his communicative, leadership, team building and problem solving abilities, and you have the perfect recipe for an MVP.

MODx    Ryan Thrash   

He has really worked hard to make MODx CMS better and better!

He is founder of MODx and he did a great job to develop MODx CMS!

Has a great dedication to the project

mojoPortal    Joe Audette   

The main developer of MojoPortal who had contributed significantly to the project. Very helpful in supporting as well.

He is a hero.

Joe has dedicated the past few years of his career to mojoPortal. He is always helpful in the forums. He is respectful and never flames anyone, which is not a very common trait amongst many in the open source community. He truly cares about the future of mojoPortal and the .NET Open Source community.

TYPO3    Kasper Skaarhoj   

The typo3 guru...

His enormous inspiration and vision for thousands of people to use and make TYPO3 what it is to day. Inspiring people to share

He is founder of TYPO3.

TYPOlight    Leo Feyer   

I am nominating Leo for his tireless work and dedication to developing TYPOlight.

Leo is the developer of a big CMS system but always has time to answer to beginners on the forum. He's very helpful and patient. He's on every members' meeting and coaches people on new features. His code is of very high quality. I think he is the right person for this nomination.

Because of all the hard work he puts on TL to make it the most reliable CMS that is.

XOOPS    Taiwen Jiang   

Most active core developer.

He is the best ever developer.

He is one of the best php developers all around the world ...

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