Multimedia Programming with Pure Data

Multimedia Programming with Pure Data
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Carefully organized topics for interactive multimedia professional practice
  • Detailed reference to a large collection of resources in the open source communities to enhance the Pure Data software
  • Visual explanation and step-by-step tutorials with practical and creative multimedia applications


Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 350 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : July 2013
ISBN : 1782164642
ISBN 13 : 9781782164647
Author(s) : Bryan WC Chung
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Other, Open Source

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Pure Data
Chapter 2: Computer Graphics with the GEM Library
Chapter 3: Image Processing
Chapter 4: Interactivity
Chapter 5: Motion Detection
Chapter 6: Animation with Particle System
Chapter 7: Audio Programming
Chapter 8: Interface with the Outside World
Chapter 9: Extending Pure Data
Appendix: Communities and References
  • Chapter 1: Getting Started with Pure Data
    • Creating the first program
    • Understanding the terms and interface
    • Displaying messages
    • Performing arithmetic calculation
    • Creating a counter
    • Automating the counter
    • Making an animation with the interface elements
    • Using the graphical interface objects
    • Summary
    • Chapter 2: Computer Graphics with the GEM Library
      • Using the GEM display window
      • Drawing basic 2D graphics
      • Understanding the coordinates system
      • Drawing basic 3D primitive shapes
      • Working with digital color
      • Applying geometric transformation
        • Performing translation, rotation, and scaling
        • Checking the margins of the window
        • Order of transformations
      • Creating animation in 3D space
      • Summary
      • Chapter 3: Image Processing
        • Obtaining images from external sources
        • Applying image filters
        • Layering multiple images
        • Working with time
        • Performing background removal
        • Working with chroma key
        • Experimenting with advanced effects
          • Layering with gemhead
          • Coloring pixel data
          • Creating painterly effect
        • Summary
        • Chapter 4: Interactivity
          • Obtaining the mouse position
          • Responding to keyboard events
          • Creating a graphical button
          • Preparing a video-jockey instrument
          • Creating interactive animation
            • Animate the moving ball
            • Bouncing the ball on the four margins
            • Creating the paddle control
            • Keeping and displaying the score
          • Summary
          • Chapter 5: Motion Detection
            • Obtaining the frame difference
            • Detecting presence
            • Detecting motion
            • Creating a motion detection animation
            • Comparing colors
            • Performing color detection
            • Making an air drum
            • Summary
            • Chapter 6: Animation with Particle System
              • Understanding a particle system
              • Creating a basic particle system
              • Applying forces to the particles system
              • Interacting with the mouse
              • Rendering particles with images
              • Combining particle system with motion-tracking
              • Summary
              • Chapter 7: Audio Programming
                • Preparing for audio processing
                • Using existing sound files
                • Generating audio with waves
                • Working with MIDI
                • Obtaining audio input for interaction
                • Summary
                • Chapter 8: Interface with the Outside World
                  • Communicating through the Internet
                    • Making the connection
                    • Sending messages
                    • Sending numbers
                  • Controlling the visual display of another computer
                  • Using Open Sound Control with mobile devices
                    • Connecting the TUIOpad to the host computer
                    • Decoding the OSC messages
                    • Tracking multiple points
                    • Drawing the graphics
                  • Interfacing with custom hardware through Arduino
                    • Digital output
                    • Servomotor control
                    • Digital input
                    • Analog input
                  • Summary
                    • Appendix: Communities and References
                      • Pure Data communities
                      • Pure Data events
                      • Pure Data artists and organizations
                        • Reactable
                        • GOTO10
                        • Claude Heiland-Allen
                        • Jun Lee
                        • Hans-Christoph Steiner
                        • Piksel
                        • Baran Gülesen
                        • Andy Farnell
                        • Ben Bogart
                        • Matthias Kronlachner
                      • References

                      Bryan WC Chung

                      Bryan WC Chung is an interactive media artist and design consultant based in Hong Kong. His interactive media artworks have been exhibited at the World Wide Video Festival, Multimedia Art Asia Pacific, Stuttgart Film Winter Festival, Microwave International New Media Arts Festival, and the China Media Art Festival. In the former Shanghai Expo 2010, he provided interactive media design consultancy to industry leaders in Hong Kong and China. Chung received a computer science bachelor degree in Hong Kong, an interactive multimedia master degree in London, and a fine art doctoral degree in Melbourne. He has been developing software libraries for the open source programming language—Processing. Currently, he is Assistant Professor in the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, where he teaches subjects on interactive arts, computer graphics and multimedia design. His personal website is:

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                      What you will learn from this book

                      • Prepare computer animations with 2D images, 3D modelling, and geometric transformation
                      • Produce imageries with digital image processing techniques
                      • Design graphical interfaces for audio-visual performance
                      • Develop motion detection and tracking applications
                      • Generate interactive animation with particle systems
                      • Synthesize audio content for interactive applications
                      • Connect Pure Data applications with external devices
                      • Extend Pure Data with external libraries for advanced interactive applications


                      In Detail

                      Preparing interactive displays, creating computer games, and conducting audio-visual performance are now achievable without typing lines of code. With Pure Data, a graphical programming environment, creating interactive multimedia applications is just visually connecting graphical icons together. It is straightforward, intuitive, and effective.

                      "Multimedia Programming with Pure Data" will show you how to create interactive multimedia applications. You will learn how to author various digital media, such as images, animations, audio, and videos together to form a coherent title. From simple to sophisticated interaction techniques, you will learn to apply these techniques in your practical multimedia projects.

                      You start from making 2D and 3D computer graphics and proceed to animation, multimedia presentation, interface design, and more sophisticated computer vision applications with interactivity. With Pure Data and GEM, you will learn to produce animations with 2D digital imagery, 3D modelling, and particle systems. You can also design graphical interfaces, and use live video for motion tracking applications. Furthermore, you will learn Audio signal processing, which forms the key aspect to multimedia content creation. Last but not least, Network programming using Pure Data extension libraries explores applications to other portable devices.


                      A quick and comprehensive tutorial book for media designers to jump-start interactive multimedia production with computer graphics, digital audio, digital video, and interactivity, using the Pure Data graphical programming environment.

                      Who this book is for

                      An introductory book on multimedia programming for media artists/designers who like to work on interactivity in their projects, digital art/design students who like to learn the first multimedia programming technique, and audio-visual performers who like to customize their performance sets.

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