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Moodle Gradebook
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Use Moodle’s powerful gradebook more effectively to monitor and report on the progress of your students
  • Customize the gradebook to calculate and show the information you need
  • Discover new grading features and tracking functions now available in Moodle 2

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 128 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : April 2012
ISBN : 1849518149
ISBN 13 : 9781849518147
Author(s) : Rebecca Barrington
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Other, e-Learning, Moodle, Open Source

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Gradebook
Chapter 2: Customizing the Grades
Chapter 3: Adding Graded Activities
Chapter 4: Assigning Grades
Chapter 5: Using Calculations
Chapter 6: Organizing Using Categories
Chapter 7: Reporting with the Gradebook
Chapter 8: Additional Features for Progress Tracking
    • Chapter 2: Customizing the Grades
      • Numeric grades
      • Letter grades
        • Customizing letter grades
          • Creating a letter grade that uses words
      • Scales
        • Customizing grade scales
          • Have another go!
      • Using outcomes
      • Summary
      • Chapter 3: Adding Graded Activities
        • Adding assignments
        • Adding outcomes to an assignment
        • Advanced grading methods
          • Rubrics
        • Adding additional grades directly into the gradebook
        • Summary
        • Chapter 4: Assigning Grades
          • Grading an assignment
            • The Submission section
            • The Grades section
            • The Feedback section
          • The Optional settings section
            • Quick grading within the grading screen
            • Other options when using the assignment grading table
          • Grading an assignment with outcomes
          • Grading an assignment with a rubric
          • Grading a graded item within the gradebook
          • Quick grading within the gradebook
          • Summary
          • Chapter 5: Using Calculations
            • Calculating the course grade
              • Why use normalization?
              • Aggregation types
              • Maximum grades
            • Example one – mean of grades
              • Including all graded activities
              • Simple weighted mean of grades
              • Weighted mean of grades
            • Example two – sum of grades
              • Viewing letter grades in the gradebook
                • Setting the course default for the grade display type
            • Example three – using scales
            • Example four – using outcomes
            • Summary
            • Chapter 6: Organizing Using Categories
              • Adding categories
              • Excluding assessments from the final grade
                • Excluding assessments from aggregation for all students
                • Excluding assessments from aggregation for individual students
              • Summary
              • Chapter 7: Reporting with the Gradebook
                • Grader report
                  • Using groups to further improve gradebook use
                    • Creating groups
                    • Enabling assignments to use groups
                    • Viewing groups in the gradebook
                • Outcomes report
                • Overview report
                • User report
                • Which reports do students see?
                • Customizing the reports view
                • Exporting the gradebook data
                • Summary

                  Rebecca Barrington

                  Rebecca Barrington has been using Moodle for over seven years whilst working at South Devon College. She provides a range of support, training and information guides for teaching staff and uses Moodle in her own teaching, including a qualification about virtual learning environments. Rebecca has a keen interest in using technologies to support learning and is continually developing new ways of using Moodle and applying these to online courses for use with students. South Devon College has a well-known reputation for its use of technology and Rebecca also travelled around the country to deliver training and advice on using Moodle to other organizations as well as at regional and national events. She is also a regular contributor to online VLE forums to share ideas and advice. Rebecca can be found online via Twitter @bbarrington
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                  What you will learn from this book

                  • Understand the core functions of the gradebook, what information it shows, and how to get to it.
                  • Add graded assignments to your online course that make use of number and word grades as well as the use of outcomes.
                  • Create categories to arrange graded activities in the gradebook.
                  • Use options to filter the information you want to see.
                  • Discover the preset aggregation types to calculate category and course totals based on the course requirements.
                  • View reports and export data to further review student progress.
                  • Set up activity and course completion to further aid assessment tracking for students and teachers.
                  • Discover the new advanced grading option now available in Moodle 2.

                  In Detail

                  Moodle, as a learning management system, is used to provide resources, interactive activities and assessments to students. Through the use of the gradebook, Moodle can also be used to store grades, calculate final marks and track student achievement and progress to help the teacher manage the learning process.

                  Through the use of the gradebook, Moodle can also be used to store grades, making it much easier for you to organize your work and relay information to your students. This book provides examples of practical uses of the gradebook to demystify the terminology and options available, allowing you to make full use of the assessment tracking features and, most importantly, customize it to meet your needs.

                  Moodle Gradebook will introduce you to the core functions of the gradebook as you will learn how to add your own graded activities before marking this work. You will customize how you view the grades and organize the activities so that your course needs are met. You will also use the new completion functions within Moodle 2.x to track progress further. Make the gradebook accommodate your requirements by adding your own grading options and setting it up to present the information you need.


                  A practical book with plenty of step-by-step instructions and informative screenshots to guide you through the many features of gradebook.

                  Who this book is for

                  Moodle Gradebook is for anyone who uses Moodle as a course instructor. You will need to know the basic functions of using and navigating Moodle, but no prior knowledge of the grades functions will be required.

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