Moodle 2 Administration

Moodle 2 Administration
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • A complete guide for planning, installing, optimizing, customizing, and configuring Moodle
  • Learn how to network and extend Moodle for your needs and integrate with other systems
  • A complete reference of all Moodle system settings

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 420 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : October 2011
ISBN : 1849516049
ISBN 13 : 9781849516044
Author(s) : Alex Büchner
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Other, e-Learning, Moodle, Open Source

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Moodle Installation
Chapter 2: The Moodle System
Chapter 3: Courses, Users, and Roles
Chapter 4: Course Management
Chapter 5: User Management
Chapter 6: Managing Permissions: Roles and Capabilities
Chapter 7: Moodle Look and Feel
Chapter 8: Moodle Plugins
Chapter 9: Moodle Configuration
Chapter 10: Moodle Reporting
Chapter 11: Moodle Security and Privacy
Chapter 12: Moodle Performance and Optimization
Chapter 13: Backup and Restore
Chapter 14: Installing Third-party Add-ons
Chapter 15: Moodle Integration via Web Services
Chapter 16: Moodle Networking
Appendix: Configuration Settings
  • Chapter 1: Moodle Installation
    • Moodle installation—an overview
      • Choosing the best setup
      • Moodle prerequisites
        • Hardware requirements
        • Software requirements
    • Installation in a LAMP environment
      • Downloading Moodle
      • Creating the Moodle database and the data directory
        • Using a hosted server
        • Using the command line
        • Creating the Moodle data directory
      • Running the installer script
      • Finalizing the installation
      • Setting up the cron process
    • Installation in a Windows environment
    • Installation in a Mac OS X environment
    • Installation via the Command Line Interface
    • Updating Moodle
      • Manual update
        • Creating a backup
        • Creating your new Moodle system
        • Running the update script
      • Updating Moodle via CLI
      • Updating Moodle via CVS and GIT
    • Summary
    • Chapter 2: The Moodle System
      • Moodle architecture
        • The LAMP architecture
        • The Moodle layer
        • Code and data locations
      • Finding your way around in Moodle
        • Breadcrumbs
        • Administrator search facility
        • Moodle bookmarks
        • Moodle Docs and Help
      • File management
        • Moodle file management interface
        • Web host file management
        • File management via the File system repository
      • Summary
        • Chapter 4: Course Management
          • Course categories
            • Course categories—an overview
            • Managing course categories
              • Adding course categories
              • Course sub-categories
              • Deleting course categories
              • Organizing courses
          • Creating courses
            • Course requests—enabling teachers to ask for new courses
            • Creating courses and categories in bulk
          • Forms of enrolment
            • Internal enrolment
              • Manual enrolment
              • Self enrolment
              • Guest access
            • Cohort enrolment and synchronization
            • Database-driven enrolment
              • LDAP
              • External database
              • Flat file
              • IMS Enterprise file
            • Meta courses—sharing enrolment across courses
            • Enrolment with payment
              • PayPal
          • Summary
          • Chapter 5: User Management
            • User profiles
              • Profile fields
                • General category
                • User picture category
                • Interests category
                • Optional category
              • Creating user-defined profile fields
                • Profile categories
                • Profile fields
            • Standard user actions
              • Browsing users
              • Filtering users
              • Bulk user actions
            • Manual accounts
              • Adding individual users
              • Bulk uploading and updating users and their pictures
                • Text file format
                • Uploading users
                • Setting default values and templates
                • Loading of data
                • Uploading user pictures
              • Manual account settings
            • User authentication
              • Common authentication settings
              • Email-based self-registration
              • LDAP server
                • LDAP Settings
                • Data field mappings
              • External databases
                • Connection settings
                • Data field mappings
              • Other authentication mechanisms
                • External Moodle authentication methods
                • Internal Moodle authentication methods
            • Usernames—best practice
            • Summary
            • Chapter 6: Managing Permissions: Roles and Capabilities
              • Moodle predefined roles
              • Contexts
              • Assigning roles
                • System context
                • Course category context
                • Course context
                • Module context
                • Block context
                • User context
                • Front page context
                • Multiple roles
              • Capabilities
                • Role definitions
                • Modifying roles
                • Overriding roles
                • Creating custom roles
                  • Example roles
                  • Parent/Mentor role
                  • Testing new roles
              • Roles management
                • Allowing roles assignments and overrides
                • Assigning of default roles
                • Moodle role assignment—best practice
              • Summary
              • Chapter 7: Moodle Look and Feel
                • Look and feel overview
                • Customizing your front page
                  • Front page settings
                  • Arranging front page blocks
                    • Log in from a different website
                  • Other front page items
                    • Front page roles
                    • Front page filters
                    • Front page backup and restore
                    • Front page questions
                  • Customizing navigation
                    • My Moodle and Profile pages
                  • Replacing the front page
                • Moodle themes
                  • Selecting a Moodle theme
                  • Theme types
                  • Theme settings
                  • Customizing themes
                    • Theme customization basics
                • Accessibility
                  • Guaranteeing accessibility through Moodle themes
                  • Accessibility support through the Moodle editor
                  • Screen reader support
                • Summary
                • Chapter 8: Moodle Plugins
                  • Plugins—an overview
                  • Module plugins
                    • Activities modules
                    • Configuration of blocks
                    • Configuration of filters
                  • Moodle repositories
                    • Internal repository plugins
                    • External repository plugins
                      • Data storage repositories
                      • Application repositories
                    • File management
                  • Moodle portfolios
                  • Miscellaneous plugins
                    • Text editors
                    • Question types and behaviours
                    • Plagiarism prevention
                • Summary
                  • Chapter 9: Moodle Configuration
                    • Collaboration
                      • Blogs
                      • Comments
                      • Tags
                    • Localization
                      • Languages
                        • Language packs
                        • Language settings
                        • Language customization
                      • Calendric information
                        • Calendars
                        • Time zones
                    • Grades and gradebook settings
                    • Miscellaneous pedagogical settings
                    • Communication
                      • Synchronous communication
                        • Instant messaging
                        • Video conferencing
                      • Asynchronous communication
                        • Messaging configuration
                        • RSS feeds configuration
                    • Experimental settings
                    • Summary
                    • Chapter 10: Moodle Reporting
                      • Reporting overview
                      • Moodle's reporting facilities
                        • Live logs
                        • Error reports
                        • Export of logs
                        • Course and user reports
                      • Statistics
                        • Statistics settings
                        • Statistics view
                      • Report generation
                        • Configurable Reports
                        • Totara report generation
                      • Data analysis
                        • Web Log Analyzers
                        • Google Analytics
                      • Miscellaneous reports
                      • Summary
                      • Chapter 11: Moodle Security and Privacy
                        • Security—an overview
                        • Security notifications
                          • Moodle notifications
                          • Security report
                        • User security
                          • Access to Moodle
                            • Self-registration
                            • Guest access
                            • Protection of user details
                            • Course contacts
                          • Moodle passwords
                          • Security in roles
                          • Spam prevention
                        • Data and content security
                          • Content created within Moodle
                          • Visibility of content
                          • Site policy
                          • Antivirus
                        • System security
                          • Configuration security
                            • Accessibility of dataroot
                            • Cron process
                          • HTTP security
                          • IP blocker
                          • Module security
                          • Safe Exam Browser integration
                        • Moodle privacy
                          • Information stored about users
                          • Information available to other users
                        • Summary
                        • Chapter 12: Moodle Performance and Optimization
                          • Performance and optimization—an overview
                          • Moodle content
                            • Content creation
                            • Content volume
                            • Content types
                            • Moodle filter settings
                          • Moodle system settings
                            • Caching
                            • Session handling
                            • Memory management
                              • Cron optimization
                              • Course backups
                              • Search settings
                            • Module settings
                              • Gradebook optimization
                              • Chat optimization
                              • Forums
                            • Miscellaneous settings
                              • Large logfiles
                              • System paths
                              • Front page courses
                              • Roles
                          • Moodle performance profiling and monitoring
                            • Built-in profiling
                            • System profiling
                          • Summary
                          • Chapter 13: Backup and Restore
                            • Course-level backup and restore
                              • Course backup
                                • Initial settings
                                • Schema settings
                                • Confirmation and review
                                • Finalizing backup
                              • Course restore
                                • Restore destination
                                • Restore settings
                                • Backup schema
                                • Finalizing restore
                              • Course import
                            • Site-level backups
                              • Backup settings
                              • Backup reports and notifications
                              • Backup strategy
                              • Drawbacks of site-level backups
                            • System-level backups
                              • Moodle backups
                                • Moodle software
                                • Moodle data
                              • Snapshot creation
                            • Backup and restore applications
                              • Year-end procedure
                              • Course templates
                            • Summary
                            • Chapter 14: Installing Third-party Add-ons
                              • Third-party software—an overview
                              • Good add-ons and bad add-ons
                              • Popular add-ons
                              • Installing third-party add-ons
                                • Installing the Configurable Reports plugin
                                • Installing the Book module via GIT
                                • Installing other add-ons
                              • Uninstalling third-party add-ons
                              • Summary
                                • Chapter 16: Moodle Networking
                                  • Networking overview
                                  • Networking prerequisites and security
                                    • Required PHP extensions
                                    • Networking security
                                  • Peer-to-peer networks
                                    • Adding a peer
                                      • Peer services
                                      • Peer logs
                                      • Profile fields
                                    • Network authentication
                                    • Allowing roaming
                                    • Network servers block
                                    • Network enrolment
                                  • Moodle hubs
                                  • Integrating Mahara
                                    • Mahoodle
                                    • Mahara networking
                                    • Adding Mahara to Moodle
                                    • Mahara portfolio
                                  • Moodle Community Hub (MOOCH)
                                  • Summary
                                  • Appendix: Configuration Settings
                                    • Configuration reference—an overview
                                    • Configuration reference—administration settings
                                    • Configuration reference—system settings
                                      • Default parameters
                                      • Optional parameters

                                    Alex Büchner

                                    Alex Büchner is a co-founder and technical lead of the leading Moodle, Mahara, and Platinum Totara partner, Synergy Learning. He has been involved in system and database administration for more than two decades and has been administering virtual learning environments of all shapes and sizes since their advent on the educational landscape. Alex has a PhD in Computer Science and an MSc in Software Engineering. He has authored over 50 international publications, including three books, and is a frequent speaker on Moodle, Totara and Mahara, and related open source technologies. His first two books on Moodle, published by Packt, have become the de facto standard on the topic.

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                                    Errata type: Others | Page number: 134 | Errata date: 4 Jan 12

                                    The following content under the second bullet item was intended to be included under the third bullet ("User lookups"): "If you have multiple contexts, it is recommended to put them in order of importance as Moodle stops searching once it has found an entry. For example, if you have ou=Students and ou=Staff and your students make up 90 percent of the logins, we recommend putting them before their lecturers, unless staff are given priority".


                                    On page 24:
                                    "You might want to check out http://<yoursite>/admin/health.php"...
                                    This gives a 404 in version 2.4.0 and beyond. This is not a valid webpage.  
                                    It should point to "http://<yoursite>/admin/environment.php" instead.

                                    On page 27, there is a link:

                                    All links now incorporate a version number in the link, i.e.  
                           is the correct link for  
                                    version 2.5.
                                    This will be an issue throughout the book.

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                                    What you will learn from this book

                                    • Install and update Moodle on multiple platforms manually and using the CLI
                                    • Manage courses, cohorts, users, and roles
                                    • Get Moodle hooked up to repositories, portfolios, and plagiarism detection systems
                                    • Configure Moodle for accessibility, localization, communication, and collaboration
                                    • Generate comprehensive Moodle reports and statistics
                                    • Guarantee backups, security, privacy, and performance
                                    • Network Moodle with Mahara and extend it with third-party add-ons
                                    • Configure Moodle web services to enable mobile learning and integration with other IT systems

                                    In Detail

                                    Moodle has evolved from an academic project to the world's most popular virtual learning environment. During this evolution, its complexity has risen dramatically and so have the skills that are required to administer the system.

                                    Moodle 2 Administration is a complete, practical guide to administering Moodle sites. It covers how to set up Moodle in any learning environment, configuration and day-to-day admin tasks, as well as advanced options for customizing and extending Moodle.

                                    The author, who has been administering systems for over 20 years, has adopted a problem-solution approach to bring the content in line with your day-to-day operations. The practical examples will help you to set up Moodle for large groups and small courses alike.

                                    This is a one-stop reference for any task you will ever come across when administering a Moodle site of any shape and size.


                                    Written in a clear, straightforward way with lots of screenshots and direct instructions, this book will equip you with all the tools you need to set up, optimize, extend, and maintain a Moodle system. A problem-solution approach has been taken when possible to bring the content more in line with your day-to-day operations.

                                    Who this book is for

                                    This book is written for technicians and systems administrators, as well as academic staff. Essentially anyone who has to administer a Moodle system. Whether you are dealing with a small-scale local Moodle system or a large-scale multi-site Virtual Learning Environment, this book will assist you with any administrative tasks. Some basic Moodle knowledge is helpful, but not essential.

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