Mobile Security: How to Secure, Privatize, and Recover Your Devices

Mobile Security: How to Secure, Privatize, and Recover Your Devices
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Learn how mobile devices are monitored and the impact of cloud computing
  • Understand the attacks hackers use and how to prevent them
  • Keep yourself and your loved ones safe online

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 242 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : September 2013
ISBN : 1849693609
ISBN 13 : 9781849693608
Author(s) : Tim Speed, Darla Nykamp, Joseph Anderson, Jaya Nampalli, Mari Heiser
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Mobile Application Development, Security and Testing, Mobile

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Living in a Mobile World
Chapter 2: Users and Mobile Device Management
Chapter 3: Privacy – Small Word, Big Consequences
Chapter 4: Mobile and Social – the Threats You Should Know About
Chapter 5: Protecting Your Mobile Devices
Chapter 6: Support and Warranty Insurance
Chapter 7: Baby Boomers, Teens, and Tweens
Chapter 8: Getting Your Life Back After You've Been Hacked
Appendix A: IBM Notes Traveler
Appendix B: Mobile Device Management
Appendix C: Tips to Help You Protect Your Mobile Device
Appendix D: Mobile Acceptable Use Policy Template
Appendix E: The History of Social Networking, the Internet, and Smartphones
  • Chapter 1: Living in a Mobile World
    • The dangers of mobile computers
      • A widespread lack of awareness
        • Malware and viruses
        • Understanding legitimate programs
    • Precursors to the smartphone revolution – Internet, social-networking, and spam
      • Social networking
        • The two-way street of social networking
      • 2012 is the new 1984 – how companies track us
        • Facebook and customer tracking
    • The new mobile world
      • Making a smartphone smart
      • The iPhone – why every phone secretly wants to be a smartphone
      • The difference between Android and iOS
    • Mobile purchasing and identification methods – who needs credit cards?
      • CueCats and QR codes
      • Mobile finance – buying and selling in the mobile marketplace
    • The cloud
      • The risks of cloud computing
  • Summary
    • Chapter 2: Users and Mobile Device Management
      • Protecting the corporations
        • Corporate security policies
        • Corporate security procedures
        • Frontend network protection
      • Mobile and business
      • Buying your device
      • Mobile Device Management
        • Does your company trust your device?
        • Details of MDM
          • MDM end user benefits and impacts
          • Jailbreak and rooting
        • MDM solutions and products
      • Acceptable use policy (AUP)
        • Power users
        • Power user tools
          • iPhone configuration tools
          • Android configuration tools
          • The hidden world (some advanced information)
      • Summary
      • Chapter 3: Privacy – Small Word, Big Consequences
        • Troy and You
        • Data good enough to steal
          • Cookies, cookies everywhere
          • They are watching you…and they know your name
          • What's in it for the information thieves?
        • Good idea, mixed results
          • Reach out and touch
          • Touch, but don't break
        • And that's only the first part…
          • Hidden "features"
          • The fallout
        • Who has your data? Round 1…
          • The truth is out there
          • And now the rest of the story
        • Who has your data? Round 2…
        • Who has your data? Round 3…
        • Who has your data? The final stretch…
        • Your data in their hands
        • Will your money be "too" mobile?
        • Bring your mobile device to work day
        • Steps you can take to protect yourself
        • Summary
        • Chapter 4: Mobile and Social – the Threats You Should Know About
          • A prediction of the future (and the lottery numbers for next week) scams
            • Malware
              • Toll fraud
              • SMS spoofing
          • Social engineering
            • Phishing
              • Types of phishing
            • Spear phishing
              • How spear phishing works
              • Other examples
              • How it works
              • The mobile user's security
          • Virus/worms/others
          • Future threats
          • Steps you can take to protect yourself
          • Summing it up
          • Summary
          • Chapter 5: Protecting Your Mobile Devices
            • Identifying your phone – the numbers that set your device apart
            • Preventative measures – how to reduce the likelihood that your device will be hacked
              • iPhone
              • Android
              • For any device
              • Think twice before jailbreaking or rooting
              • Safety in numbers – passwords and user IDs
                • Using strong passwords
                • Longer and varied passwords
                • Changing passwords
              • Data encryption
                • Encryption on iOS
                • Encryption on Android
              • Downloaded applications
                • Antivirus software on smartphones
                • Verifying that an application is legitimate
            • In the event that your device has been compromised
              • Has your device been hacked?
                • Social engineering
              • Trojans and malware on your smartphone
                • SMS messaging attacks
                • Attacks through attachment and application downloads
              • Compromised accounts
              • Stolen or lost devices
                • Wiping an iOS device
                • Wiping an Android device
            • Summing up
            • Summary
            • Chapter 6: Support and Warranty Insurance
              • Toby's story
              • The smartphone – a personal device, a company device, or both?
              • The wide world of customer service and technical support
                • Customer support in the mobile space – phone, chat, and text
                • Customer support by phone
                • Chat and texting solutions
                  • SMS text
                • The Service Level Agreement (SLA)
              • OS operators, manufacturers, and service providers
                • Hardware
                  • Other device issues
                • Operating system or user interface
                • Application issues
              • How to get the most out of your technical support experience if you have a malfunction
                • Before you make the call – information, password problems, and your malfunction
                • How to make the most of your time while on the line
                  • Answer every question
                  • Do not skip steps when describing your problem
                  • Test your device
                • What to do if your malfunction has not been resolved
              • Warranties in the mobile space
                • Basic terms
                • Navigating the web of warranties
                • Summing it up
              • Warranties
                • Definitions
                • Types of extended warranties
                • Extended warranty coverage
                • Extended warranty considerations
                • To purchase an extended warranty or not?
              • In a nutshell
              • Summary
              • Chapter 7: Baby Boomers, Teens, and Tweens
                • The boom in baby boomers
                • Colliding generations
                • Speaking of the younger generation…
                  • Texting, sexting, and the Internet
                  • Strangers and dangers
                  • And unlimited damage
                • Summary
                • Chapter 8: Getting Your Life Back After You've Been Hacked
                  • Device profiles
                    • The Apple profile
                    • Apple backup
                    • The Android profile
                    • Android backup
                  • Have you been hacked?
                    • Knowing the difference – device hacks, profile hacks, or both
                  • In the event of a hack
                    • The device type (BYOD or the corporate device)
                    • BYOD
                    • Who to contact
                      • To wipe or not to wipe – partial or complete
                    • What to do and when to do it – a list in the event that you've been hacked
                  • Summing it up
                  • Summary
                  • Appendix A: IBM Notes Traveler
                    • The architectural design of the IBM Notes Traveler service
                      • Determining the correct deployment approach
                      • Review of the IBM Notes Traveler Server
                    • Overview of different clients
                      • Access to the IBM Notes Traveler Servers
                      • Communication to the devices
                      • Location of the IBM Notes Traveler Servers
                      • Location of the mail servers
                      • Connection methodologies to the Traveler servers
                      • Direct connection
                      • Reverse proxy
                      • IBM Mobile Connect
                      • VPN connection
                      • Establishing appropriate security settings
                    • Important review information
                      • Licensing information for IBM Notes Traveler
                    • Appendix B: Mobile Device Management
                      • Types of devices in the environment
                        • Consumer-focused devices
                        • Mobile information
                        • Messaging, calendar, and personal information management
                        • Collaboration and corporate applications
                        • Generally available applications
                      • Mobile security policies in the environment
                        • Corporate data and information
                        • Network/communications
                        • Devices
                        • Legal requirements and government regulations
                        • Determining the types of devices that will be supported
                        • Determine if a pure MDM solution is required in the environment
                        • Elements of device management
                          • Specific management of the device
                          • Leveraging MDM for application management
                          • Management of data on the device
                        • Access control
                        • Potential solutions
                      • Summary

                          Tim Speed

                          Tim Speed is an IBM Senior Certified Systems Architect with IBM Software Services for Collaboration. In that capacity, he is responsible for designing, implementing, and supporting various engagements with IBM customers. Tim has been an IBM employee for over 18 years in a variety of networking, technical, hardware, and software support and consulting positions. He has been working with Lotus Notes for over 20 years, focusing on administration roles and infrastructure. He also has international experience with working on infrastructure engagements in Spain, The Bahamas, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the UK, and Indonesia.

                          Darla Nykamp

                          Darla Nykamp is an Internal Auditor with IBM, joining the company in 1996 after more than a decade in the IT industry. She has focused on software design and development, security policy design and implementation, business controls and compliance, and served as IBM's first Global Privacy Delivery Leader. In her spare time, Darla earned a Doctorate of Law, a Master's degree in International Business Management, a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and certifications in security and privacy professions.

                          Joseph Anderson

                          Joseph Anderson is an IBM Certified Managing Consultant from the IBM Collaboration Solutions Software Team. Joseph has worked with IBM Notes/ Domino, IBM Connections, IBM Sametime, IBM WebSphere Portal, and IBM Quickr since the early 1990s, primarily as a consultant. He is currently responsible for managing complex Customer Engagements focusing on assisting customers with the development, licensing, and deployment of complex environments. Prior to working in the consulting industry, Joseph worked in the legal industry as a Director of Operations, where he leveraged his Master's of Science in Legal Administration from the University of Denver College of Law. Joseph is the co-author of two books: IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.3: Upgrader's Guide by Packt Publishing and Lotus Notes Domino 8: Upgrader's Guide by Packt Publishing. Additionally, Joseph was a Technical Reviewer for IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.3 How-to by Packt Publishing.

                          Jaya Nampalli

                          Jaya Nampalli is an Managing Consultant for IBM Software Services for Collaboration. She is responsible for the development of high quality solutions for IBM customers in response to specific business requirements. She is a technical lead developer working on solution feasibility studies or requirements analysis, application assessments, custom design, implementation, testing, and system integration. She works with clients to facilitate the execution of information strategies that are innovative and well aligned based on a client's business needs. At IBM, she considers working on the IBM Centennial project as one of the highlights of her career. Jaya has worked on both small- and large-scale projects. Jaya stays current with web technology advances and other IBM product offerings by self-education and collaborating with other IBM team members. Jaya has been an IBM employee for over 12 and half years.

                          Mari Heiser

                          Mari Heiser is an IBM and Open Group Master Certified Architect with over 20 years of architecture, governance, risk, compliance, and technical management experience in networks and web technologies, specializing in security, compliance, and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Mari is also an expert in Identity and Access Management, Cloud, Security Analytics, and leads the IBM internal Information Security Community of Practice for the Americas. Mari's industry-specific experience has been concentrated in banking, manufacturing, distribution, bio-tech, education, and aerospace industries.

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                          What you will learn from this book

                          • Discover how mobile devices are monitored
                          • Identify threats to you, and your family's privacy
                          • Ensure the safety of your device and identity
                          • Recover from being hacked
                          • Deal with a compromised or lost device
                          • Learn in detail about device support and insurance in detail

                          In Detail

                          The threat of hacking may be the most damaging on the internet. Mobile technology is changing the way we live, work, and play, but it can leave your personal information dangerously exposed. Your online safety is at risk and the threat of information being stolen from your device is at an all- time high. Your identity is yours, yet it can be compromised if you don’t manage your phone or mobile device correctly.

                          Gain the power to manage all your mobile devices safely. With the help of this guide you can ensure that your data and that of your family is safe. The threat to your mobile security is growing on a daily basis and this guide may just be the help you need.

                          Mobile Security: How to Secure, Privatize, and Recover Your Devices will teach you how to recognize, protect against, and recover from hacking attempts and outline the clear and present threats to your online identity posed by the use of a mobile device.

                          In this guide you will discover just how vulnerable unsecured devices can be, and explore effective methods of mobile device management and identity protection to ensure your data's security. There will be special sections detailing extra precautions to ensure the safety of family members and how to secure your device for use at work.


                          Learn how to keep yourself safe online with easy- to- follow examples and real- life scenarios. Written by developers at IBM, this guide should be the only resource you need to keep your personal information private.

                          Who this book is for

                          Mobile security is one of the most talked about areas in I.T. today with data being stolen from smartphones and tablets around the world. Make sure you, and your family, are protected when they go online.

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