Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio 2010 Expert Cookbook

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio 2010 Expert Cookbook
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Create applications using the latest client object model and create custom web services for your SharePoint environment with this book and ebook.
  • Full of illustrations, diagrams and key points for debugging and deploying your solutions securely to the SharePoint environment.
  • Recipes with step-by-step instructions with detailed explanation on how each recipe works and working code examples.

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 296 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : September 2011
ISBN : 1849684588
ISBN 13 : 9781849684583
Author(s) : Balaji Kithiganahalli
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Enterprise Products and Platforms, Microsoft Servers, Cookbooks, Enterprise, Microsoft, Microsoft SharePoint

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Lists and Event Receivers
Chapter 2: Workflows
Chapter 3: Advanced Workflows
Chapter 4: List Definitions and Content Types
Chapter 5: Web Parts
Chapter 6: Web Services and REST
Chapter 7: Working with Client Object Model
  • Chapter 1: Lists and Event Receivers
    • Introduction
    • Validating data when an item is added to a list
    • Adding a custom error message to the Event Receiver
    • Adding an Application Page to an Event Receiver
    • Working with List Event Receiver
    • Deploying Event Receivers
    • Creating a Feature Receiver
    • Debugging a Feature Receiver
    • Debugging Feature Installed Events
    • Chapter 2: Workflows
      • Introduction
      • Creating a sequential workflow
      • Creating a site workflow with an initiation form
      • Deploying an InfoPath form with the workflow
      • Creating a task from the workflow
      • Creating a custom task form
      • Chapter 3: Advanced Workflows
        • Introduction
        • Creating a custom activity
        • Creating a custom activity for a sandboxed solution
        • Creating a state machine workflow
        • Adding a custom workflow status
        • Creating a pluggable workflow service
        • Chapter 4: List Definitions and Content Types
          • Introduction
          • Creating a site column
          • Extending an existing content type
          • Creating custom content type using an object model
          • Associating a document template with the content type
          • Associating a workflow to a content type
          • Creating an external content type
          • Creating a list definition
          • Chapter 5: Web Parts
            • Introduction
            • Creating a visual web part
            • Creating a code-only web part (sandboxed solution)
            • Creating AJAX enabled web parts
            • Adding configuration properties to web parts
            • Creating connectable web parts
            • Creating a Silverlight web part
            • Chapter 6: Web Services and REST
              • Introduction
              • Getting data through REST
              • Filtering list data
              • Fiddling with Fiddler
              • Creating a REST consumer
              • Inserting new contacts through REST
              • Creating a custom SharePoint WCF service

                Balaji Kithiganahalli

                Balaji Kithiganahalli is the CEO of Integrate, LLC that specializes in SharePoint implementations. Balaji has a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering and has over 18 years of consulting experience in Microsoft technologies. Balaji has architected and implemented SharePoint solutions for many fortune 500 companies and government organizations. Balaji Kithiganahalli is the author of "Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio 2010 Expert Cookbook".
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                What you will learn from this book

                • Develop client applications using all three Client Object Models and exception handling techniques
                • Explore visual web parts, Silverlight web parts, code-only web parts, connectable web parts, custom configuration properties for web parts, and AJAX-enabled web parts
                • Respond to list events, list item events, and feature events
                • Develop and deploy complex sequential and state machine workflows with InfoPath forms deployed as task forms and association forms
                • Create custom workflow activities and send alerts to the task owners
                • Create content types and link external data with business connectivity services
                • Understand the out-of-the-box web services and REST services available with SharePoint
                • Develop client applications to consume web services
                • Write custom WCF web service and consume it in a custom application

                In Detail

                Microsoft SharePoint 2010, is the best-in-class platform for content management and collaboration. With the combined capabilities of Sharepoint and Visual Studio, developers have an end-to-end business solutions development IDE. To leverage this powerful combination of tools it is necessary to understand the different building blocks. This book will provide necessary concepts and present ways to develop complex business solutions and take them further.

                SharePoint 2010 Development Cookbook With Visual Studio 2010 is an instructional guide for developing and debugging applications for SharePoint 2010 environment using Visual Studio 2010. The cookbook approach helps you to dip into any recipe that interests you, you can also read it from cover to cover if you want to get hands on with the complete application development cycle.

                With this book you will learn to develop event handlers, workflows, content types, web parts, client object model applications, and web services for SharePoint 2010 in an instructional manner. You will discover the less known facts behind debugging feature receivers, deployment of web parts, utilizing free toolkits to enhance the development and debugging experience.

                You will learn the newer development approach called Visual Web Parts, how to develop and deploy Silverlight applications that can be used with Silverlight web part. You will also explore SandBoxed deployment model and its usage. You will create your own web services for SharePoint and the Client Object Model introduced in SharePoint 2010. All in all, you will develop Sharepoint solutions in an instructional manner that eases the learning process.


                This book follows a step-by-step approach to learning the building blocks of SharePoint application development. This book focuses on SharePoint 2010 development using Visual studio 2010. The book provides a hands-on approach to solving problems and creating business solutions for enhancing SharePoint 2010 environment.

                Who this book is for

                This book is for .NET developers to understand the building blocks for SharePoint 2010. Although the book can be used by beginners, it is recommended to have understanding of the previous versions of SharePoint. Developing SharePoint solutions needs solid understanding of ASP.NET architecture. The book assumes that the reader is familiar with ASP.NET technology and development concepts.

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