Microsoft Office Live Small Business: Beginner’s Guide

Microsoft Office Live Small Business: Beginner’s Guide
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  • Build a highly usable, customer-friendly, and effective web site in next-to-no-time
  • No computerese! Plain English tutorials that everyone can follow and understand
  • Part of Packt’s Beginner’s Guide Series, offering step-by-step instructions for building a small-business web site from scratch
  • Emphasizes web design fundamentals and best practices along the way
  • Packed with Office Live Small Business Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 256 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : November 2009
ISBN : 1847198740
ISBN 13 : 9781847198747
Author(s) : Rahul Pitre
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Microsoft Servers, Other, Enterprise, Free eBooks, Microsoft, Web Development
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Rahul Pitre

Rahul Pitre has been writing software of one sort or another for twenty-five years, the last dozen or so of which he has spent developing mostly web sites and web applications. He runs Acxede, a software consulting and training firm in New York, where he oversees web application and content development for a variety of clients. He holds masters degrees in Business Administration and Computer Information Systems.

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What you will learn from this book

  • Build a professional functioning website in next to no time.
  • Customize your site for maximum business impact
  • Write effective content and organize it like a pro
  • Help visitors find information, quickly, intuitively, and efficiently
  • Optimize your website for Search Engines
  • Track visitor statistics and understand what they mean

Chapter 1: Preview the design tools
In this chapter, you’ll learn the ABCs of Office Live Small Business and then go on a whirlwind tour of its site-building tools. Before calling it a day, you’ll preview the starter site that Office Live Small Business creates for you to give you a head-start on your project.

Chapter 2: Personalize your site
In this chapter, you’ll start using the design tools you previewed in Chapter 1 to personalize your site’s headers and footers. You’ll customize its name and slogan, and in the bargain put your distinctive stamp on your web site.

Chapter 3: Design your site

In this chapter, you’ll decide the look and feel of your site. Which font should you use? What color scheme should you use? How should you lay out the site’s navigation? It’s quite easy to implement such important decisions with Office Live Small Business’s design tools. This chapter will show you how.

Chapter 4: Set Page Options
In this chapter, you’ll decide the structure of individual pages on your site. How wide will your web pages be? What kind of background will they have? How do you tweak design elements on your web pages? This chapter deals with these and other such questions.

Chapter 5: Build the core pages
Have you ever seen a web site that doesn’t have a home page? I don’t think so. No matter what business you are in, your web site will need a few simple pages such as a Home page and a Contact Us page. These pages form the core around which you build the rest of the site. In this chapter, you’ll build such a core. By the time you work your way through it, you’ll have a four-page web site – content and all. But more significantly, you’ll have mastered Office Live Small Business’s design tools.

Chapter 6: Build the information pages
In this chapter, you’ll build upon the core you built in Chapter 5 and add pages that inform and educate the visitor about your products and services. You’ll also learn how to work with text and images in formatting web pages.

Chapter 7: Improve the presentation
Web pages that merely contain text and pictures are rather monotonous. Presentational aids such as tables, maps, slide shows, and hyperlinks help you present information in a more presentable and digestible format. Thankfully, several of these presentational aids are built right into Office Live Small Business’s design tools. This chapter shows you how to leverage them.

Chapter 8: Fine-tune the design
In this chapter, you’ll continue to refine your web site. You’ll learn how to make your site friendlier to visitors by fine-tuning its navigation. You’ll learn how to add your logo to your web site in order to emphasize your brand. Finally, you’ll learn how to tweak some of the settings you’ve chosen so far by customizing your web site’s style sheet.

Chapter 9: Venture beyond the design tools
Office Live Small Business’s built-in design tools make site-building point-and-click easy. But if you know HTML, the language of web pages, you can go where no Office Live Design Tool has gone before. This chapter will help you try your hand at writing your own HTML mark up to tweak you site. Office Live Small Business is an extensible platform: it is possible to install off-the-shelf components to enhance your web site. How to go about is the next skill you’ll learn in this chapter. You’ll install a custom FAQ component because the built-in FAQ page doesn’t work as advertised.

Chapter 10: Optimizing for search engines
In this chapter you’ll learn how to get your web site noticed on Google and other search engines. You’ll also get some straight talk on Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing that will help you understand how these much (ab)used terms relate to the success of your web site.

Appendix I: Signing up for Office Live Small Business

Appendix II: Creating e-mail accounts

Appendix II: Submitting your web site to search engines

Appendix III: Using Reports - Office Live Small Business’s site statistics package

Appendix IV: Backing up and restoring your site

In Detail

Microsoft Office Live Small Business is an internet service that helps small businesses create web sites, and promote and market themselves. And you don’t need to buy or install any new software to use it. All you need is a web browser.

Office Live Small Business’s WYSIWYG, browser-based tools make developing a web site a breeze. But you can’t build good web sites with great tools alone; you also need a basic understanding of web design fundamentals. This book will walk you through Office Live Small Business’s fundamentals, and then show you how to use its design tools effectively. While you may not become a professional web designer just by reading this book, you’ll certainly be able to build a web site for your small business that will make your competitors envious and your friends jealous.

This book is all you need for getting started and developing your web presence with Microsoft Office Live Small Business. From setting up and running Small Business for the first time to creatively using its tools, this book delivers everything you need to know. Microsoft Office Live Small Business is controlled from the browser, so all you require is an internet connection, and this book, to get rolling.

Over the course of 10 chapters, and five appendices, this book will teach you to create effective content, organize it efficiently, and present it aesthetically. It also covers fine tuning, optimizing your site to be SEO friendly, and how to use the Reports that Office Live offers. This book is not about hard to build web animations or slick rollover effects. It’s about providing concise, easy-to-find, and easy-to-understand information about your business on the web. Don’t just build a web site - build a brand.

A practical Beginner’s Guide to planning, building, and implementing an Office Live Small Business Web Site


A tutorial in the Beginner’s Guide series, offering the reader step-by-step instructions on building and customizing their MOLSB web site from scratch. This book is also packed with tips, tricks, and best practices.

Who this book is for

Small-business owners who want to build and customize their business web sites on Microsoft’s free-to-use platform. No technical knowledge is required.

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