Open Text Metastorm ProVision® 6.2 Strategy Implementation

Open Text Metastorm ProVision® 6.2 Strategy Implementation
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Fully understand the key benefits of implementing a business strategy
  • Utilize features like the integrated repository and ProVision® frameworks
  • Obtain real insights from practitioners in the field on the best strategic approaches
  • Ultimately design a successful strategy for deploying ProVision®

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 260 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : March 2011
ISBN : 1849682526
ISBN 13 : 9781849682527
Author(s) : Bill Aronson
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Other, Architecture & Analysis, Enterprise

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Designing a Strategy
Chapter 2: Making a Business Case
Chapter 3: Using a Framework
Chapter 4: Adopting a Methodology
Chapter 5: Implementing Effective Governance
Chapter 6: Understanding the Toolset
Chapter 7: Obtaining Buy-in
Appendix: References
  • Chapter 1: Designing a Strategy
    • Why choose ProVision®
      • Personal context
      • Time
      • Responsibility
      • Scope
        • Project scope
        • Enterprise scope
      • Business context
        • Recommendation
    • Strategy
      • The business case
      • The framework and methodology
      • The toolset
      • Governance
    • Implementation
      • Lists
      • Building your lists
      • Who is responsible for initially gathering the information
      • How do you name objects
      • Who ensures that the object is maintained
      • Where is the object stored
      • What is the publishing process for models
      • How much detail does the object require
      • How do you move the information from another system to ProVision®
    • Project management methodology
      • Build sequence
        • Customers
        • Products and services
        • Critical processes
        • Critical elements
        • Goals
    • Next phase
    • Leverage
      • Sample development program
    • Summary
    • Chapter 2: Making a Business Case
      • The benefits of moving to a central repository
        • Designed to scale
          • Object
          • Link
          • Model
          • Notebook and file
          • Repository
        • Store once, reuse many times
        • Working collaboratively
        • Architecture or design
          • TOGAF9
          • Federal Enterprise Architecture
        • Open Text Metastorm's unique strengths
          • Open Text Metastorm BPM
          • The competitive advantage
        • Better decisions now
        • Case study: Sandra's story
      • Summary
      • Chapter 3: Using a Framework
        • What is a business framework
          • How frameworks can confuse
          • Making sense of frameworks
        • Enterprise Designer framework
          • How to read this section
          • Seven elements A–G
            • Actor
            • Business rules
            • Computer system
            • Data
            • Event
            • Facility
            • Gear
          • Ten processes H–Q
            • Process
          • Receivables and services
            • R – Receivable
            • S – Service or product
          • Customers and clients
            • Markets
            • Organizations
          • Five goals V–Z
            • Goals
        • Comparing level 1 and level 2 frameworks
          • ArchiMate framework
          • ArchiMate and Enterprise Designer objects comparison
            • Business actor
            • Business role
            • Business collaboration
            • Business interface
            • Business object
            • Business Process
            • Business function
            • Business interaction
            • Business event
            • Business service
            • Representation
            • Meaning
            • Value
            • Product
            • Contract
          • What Enterprise Designer has that ArchiMate doesn't
          • What ArchiMate has that Enterprise Designer doesn't
          • Conclusion
        • Comparing level 1 and level 3 frameworks
          • eTOM (enhanced Telecom Operations Map)
            • Is it a service or a process?
            • Consistent framework
            • Deliverable models
        • Summary
        • Chapter 4: Adopting a Methodology
          • What is a methodology
          • Project #1—building the high-level model
            • Preparation
            • Customer model
              • Steps
              • Tips
            • Product and Service model
              • Steps
              • Tips
            • Critical Customer Product model
              • Steps
              • Tips
          • Project #2—building workflow models
            • Critical Process model
              • Steps
              • Tips
            • Workflow model
              • Steps
              • Tips
              • Steps
              • Tips
          • Project #3 – building System Interaction models
          • Project #4—building Business Class models
          • Project #5—building Organization models
            • Other critical elements
            • Business Rule models
              • Steps
              • Tips
            • Event models
          • Case study—the consultant's view
          • Summary
          • Chapter 5: Implementing Effective Governance
            • What is governance
            • Who needs to be involved
              • Motorola change process
            • Agile Management
              • Governance and leadership
              • Measurement
              • Do the minimum
              • The client is part of the team
              • Have daily stand-up meetings
              • Keep it simple
              • Trust the team
              • Work in pairs
            • Modeling a governance structure with ProVision®
              • Policies and procedures
                • No need for everything
                • Linking to other sources
                • Visualize information
              • Processes
            • What if there is no governance
              • Four steps
                • Six step process
            • Summary
            • Chapter 6: Understanding the Toolset
              • ProVision® features and functionality
                • Sharing models without Knowledge Exchange®
                • Visio or ProVision®
                • Everything is an object
                • Model and grid
                • Model and interpret
                • Model and simulate
                • Model and execute
              • Modeling, not configuration management
              • Summary
              • Chapter 7: Obtaining Buy-in
                • Top 10 tips for process modeling
                  • #1 Identify and engage the process owner
                  • #2 Talk to the people who deal with errors
                  • #3 Capture the current "What" in detail but not the "How"
                  • #4 Reduce moments of truth
                  • #5 Reduce handoffs
                  • #6 Eliminate non-essential checking
                  • #7 Focus on high-volume processes
                  • #8 Implement the right process for right now
                  • #9 Use the 10 Enterprise Designer processes
                  • #10 Don't automate a broken process
                  • #11 Bonus tip—model backwards
                • Using Appreciative Inquiry to engage staff
                  • Conversation about Appreciative Inquiry
                • Distinguishing between change and transformation
                • Understanding the outside-in (customer-centric) approach
                  • B2Me
                • Summary

                Bill Aronson

                Bill Aronson is a business coach with Shirlaws ( and the founder of the Enterprise Designer Institute Bill has written many books on business modeling. He loves to mentor, facilitate, teach, and coach businesses to transform them. Bill has written extensively on transformation at He has worked in many countries and industries and has a wealth of experience built up over 35 years.

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                What you will learn from this book

                • Quickly get up and running with the key features of the Open Text ProVision® toolset
                • Fully understand and communicate the key benefits of Open Text ProVision®
                • Discover how to manage the repository with effective governance
                • Master the essential foundation of your first five projects with ProVision®
                • Take full advantage of a framework to organize information and review a methodology for building models
                • Learn about the Enterprise Designer approach
                • Obtain support and buy-in for modeling
                • Grasp Metastorm best practices from real-world users of the tool
                • Learn to deal with both the technical and human aspects of implementation
                • Understand why a customer-centric approach is the most successful
                • Effectively deploy a ProVision® strategy


                In Detail

                Open Text ProVision® (formerly known as Metastorm ProVision®) is an Enterprise Architecture (EA) solution allowing for effective planning and decision making throughout the enterprise. It enables an organization to have a central repository of information about the business, reducing organizational risks and better optimizing business resources.

                Implemented well, it enables better and more actionable decisions exactly when you need them.

                This book combines theory and practice to provide a step- by- step guide to building a successful customer- centric model of your business. The approach is simple and down to earth, and along the way, with various real-world examples, you will learn how to make a business case, use a framework, and adopt a methodology with Open Text ProVision®.

                This book draws on the experience of ProVision® experts around the world. By combining theory with practice from the field you can avoid common mistakes and develop a successful customer centric strategy for implementing ProVision®. Each chapter builds on the previous one to give you the confidence to implement a central repository, dealing with both the technical and human issues that you might face.

                Learn from real world business cases to think beyond the technical aspects of strategy implementation and enable better business decisions with Open Text ProVision®.


                This is both a practical and theoretical guide detailing how to deploy a successful ProVision® strategy, using a number of real business cases along the way. Unlike other architecture books, the approach is holistic - it looks at the whole lifecycle of building a business case, through to using the product. It combines a detailed understanding of the ProVision® toolset with a practical grasp of the business issues that affect the implementation of a successful strategy.

                Who this book is for

                If you are a business architect or CIO in a large organization who wants to implement a successful strategy using Open Text ProVision®, then this book is for you. It will also be of interest if you are an enterprise designer or architect. It might be that you already have working knowledge of ProVision®, but do not yet have the skill to implement it in the right context; this book will help you get there.

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