Mastering Nmap Scripting Engine

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Mastering Nmap Scripting Engine
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Develop scripts for the powerful Nmap Scripting Engine
  • Learn how to use the LUA programming language with Nmap as well as its most useful built-in functions
  • In-depth coverage of the technology with examples of how to use the most important NSE libraries

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 239 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : August 2014
ISBN : 1782168311
ISBN 13 : 9781782168317
Author(s) : Paulino Calderón Pale
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Networking and Servers, Open Source
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Paulino Calderón Pale

Paulino Calderón Pale (@calderpwn) is a very passionate software developer and penetration tester from a Caribbean island near México called Cozumel. He learned how to write code and administer IT infrastructures early in his life, skills that came in handy when he joined the information security industry. Today, he loves learning about new technologies, pen-testing, conducting data gathering experiments, developing software, contributing to the open source community, and speaking and giving workshops at IT security conferences.

In the summer of 2011, Paulino joined Google's Summer of Code program to work on the Nmap project as an NSE (Nmap Scripting Engine) developer. He focused on improving the web scanning capabilities of Nmap, and since then has produced over 30 scripts for gathering information and detecting and exploiting security vulnerabilities.

Paulino is the co-founder of Websec, an information security company focused on web security operating in México ( and Canada (, where they help companies in different industries secure their IT infrastructures.

He has also written the book Nmap 6: Network Exploration and Security Auditing Cookbook. He maintains a blog where you can find out more about him at

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What you will learn from this book

  • Write robust brute-force password auditing scripts
  • Enhance the version detection capabilities of Nmap
  • Learn about LUA, the programming language used by NSE
  • Customize the databases distributed with Nmap
  • Discover all the amazing tasks accomplishable with NSE libraries
  • Optimize Nmap scans with script and library arguments
  • Produce correct and flexible reports in NSE
  • Write your own NSE scripts

In Detail

Nmap is a well-known security tool used by penetration testers and system administrators. Nmap was one of 40 open source projects that Google selected for their first Summer of Code program in 2007. The Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE) has added the ability to perform additional tasks on target hosts. Tasks such as advanced fingerprinting and service discovery, information gathering, and even detection and exploitation of security vulnerabilities are now made possible by allowing developers to use LUA to write their own scripts.

This book will teach you everything you need to know to master the Nmap Scripting Engine by developing your own NSE scripts. It covers all the important topics, from the fundamentals of LUA programming to the most obscure NSE functionality.

The book starts by covering the fundamentals of LUA programming and reviews the syntax used by NSE scripts. After that, it covers the most important features of NSE. It jumps right into coding practical scripts and explains how to use the Nmap API and the available NSE libraries to produce robust scripts that will help penetration testers and system administrators in their daily tasks.

The book then moves on to cover advanced usage, string handling, network I/O, and parallelism.

With this book, readers will learn with complete and practical examples, the built-in functions and libraries that they will need when developing NSE scripts with the help of complete and practical examples. You will learn about customizing Nmap databases, reporting, advanced version detection, binary string handling, network sockets, and parallelism.

"Mastering Nmap Scripting Engine" is a book that will familiarize Nmap users with the programming language, script format and functionality available in NSE. This book is a must-have book for those who wish to start writing their own NSE scripts.


A complete guide with code snippets and real-world examples of tasks required during NSE development.

Each chapter covers an important aspect of NSE and its related scan tasks. The book also includes full explanations of scripts to help you fully understand their functionality.

The book takes a ground-up approach to introducing you to NSE development. It starts with the fundamentals and quirks of Lua, the scripting language used by the Nmap Scripting Engine, and moves on to advanced usage, string handling, network I/O, and parallelism.

Who this book is for

This book is aimed at anyone looking to learn how to write their own scripts for the Nmap Scripting Engine. It is perfect for network administrators, information security professionals, and even enthusiasts who are familiar with Nmap, but who know they are missing out on some of the most amazing features of NSE.

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