Mastering Manga Studio 5

Mastering Manga Studio 5
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Make Manga Studio 5 your own personalized software by creating your own workspace, tools, page layouts, and materials
  • Explore using 3D models, actions, ruler tools, and creating projects to save you time
  • Full of examples, illustrations, and tips with a lighthearted and fun style to make comic creation fun and easy

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 298 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : September 2013
ISBN : 184969768X
ISBN 13 : 9781849697682
Author(s) : Liz Staley
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Other

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Familiar with the Story Features
Chapter 2: The Right Tools for the Job
Chapter 3: Palettes of a Different Color
Chapter 4: Setting up Your Space
Chapter 5: Living in a Material World
Chapter 6: It's Only a (3D) Model
Chapter 7: Ready! Set! Action!
Chapter 8: Rulers and Speech Balloons
Chapter 9: Putting It All Together! Drawing and Inking
Chapter 10: Finishing Touches
Appendix: Recommended Reading
    • Chapter 2: The Right Tools for the Job
      • The benefits of using custom tools
      • Making a custom pencil tool
      • Making a custom inking pen
      • Paint away with a custom paintbrush
      • Make a custom text tool
      • The custom sub tool options explained
        • Brush size menu
          • Brush size
          • Specify by size on screen
          • Atleast 1 pixel
        • Ink menu
          • Opacity
          • Combine mode
          • Mix ground color
        • Anti-aliasing menu
        • Brush shape menu
          • Brush tip
          • Spraying effect
          • Stroke
          • Texture
        • Border of watercolor menu
        • Erase menu
        • Correction menu
        • Starting and Ending menu
        • Anti-overflow menu
      • Importing and exporting your tools
      • Summary
        • Chapter 4: Setting up Your Space
          • Moving things around
          • Customizing the Command Bar
          • Left- and right-handed setups
            • Left-handed setup for regular tablets
            • Left-handed setup for onscreen drawing tablets
            • Right-handed setups
          • Making a coloring workspace
          • Switching and managing workspaces
          • Summary
          • Chapter 5: Living in a Material World
            • Navigating and searching your materials
            • Editing materials
            • Creating custom material
              • Speech balloon
              • Getting splashy with sound effects
            • Making plaids
            • Finishing an image with materials
            • Summary
            • Chapter 6: It's Only a (3D) Model
              • Inserting and positioning models in your canvas
                • Controlling the 3D camera
                • Positioning the model
              • Using the character models
              • Striking a pose
              • Altering proportions
              • Importing models
              • Summary
              • Chapter 7: Ready! Set! Action!
                • Using existing actions
                • Creating custom actions
                  • Action sets
                  • Recording an auto action
                • Easy cel-shading coloring with auto actions
                • Making line art from a photo
                • A few last thoughts on actions
                  • Playing part of an action
                  • Setting keyboard shortcuts
                  • Importing and exporting action sets
                • Summary
                • Chapter 8: Rulers and Speech Balloons
                  • Rulers
                    • Other functions of perspective rulers
                    • The other rulers
                    • Using concentric ruler tools to make word balloons
                  • Text and word balloons
                    • Balloon tails
                  • Summary
                    • Chapter 10: Finishing Touches
                      • Screentones
                      • Coloring – the comic book style
                        • Coloring the hair
                        • Coloring the skin
                        • Backgrounds and you
                      • Special effects
                        • Shine
                        • Using photographic patterns
                        • Reflections
                      • Summary

                        Liz Staley

                        Liz Staley first started writing and illustrating stories when she was young. Her first novel was written by hand in a Marble composition book in middle school. In high school, she began to write another novel, the first book of that series was then published ten years later as The Hinomoto Rebellion. In 2010, she began her first long-form story webcomic, Adrastus. The giant robot love letter in comic form ignited a strong passion for comics as a story-telling form. Aside from drawing and writing stories, Liz also loves to play role-playing games, read, watch cartoons from the 80s and 90s, and go for long walks. She lives in Western Pennsylvania with her very supportive husband, Byron.
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                        What you will learn from this book

                        • Set up and save custom page templates to use in your comics
                        • Learn how to use the story editor features efficiently
                        • Create custom workspaces for drawing, coloring, and more
                        • Make custom sets of colors and use them to speed up your coloring process
                        • Search, use, navigate, edit, and make materials
                        • Learn how to insert, pose, and edit 3D models
                        • Automate actions for redundant processes
                        • Integrate everything learned to create a finished, colored comic page

                        In Detail

                        Time is something that almost every artist doesn't have enough of. If you're an illustrator or comic creator you know just how much time and effort it can take to produce one great page. But the features in Manga Studio 5 can make this process a lot more streamlined and give you more time to create!

                        "Mastering Manga Studio 5" will teach you how to create more comics and illustrations in less time than you ever thought possible. By using the features of Manga Studio 5 like the Story Editor, Custom brushes, actions, materials, and 3D models, you'll learn how to make Manga Studio work for your style and workflow. Go from being a novice Manga Studio user to an expert using the tricks, techniques, and projects in this guide.

                        Learn how to make and share custom tools, set up left- and right-handed workspaces, make custom materials, alter 3D models, and create custom actions. By putting together a custom story project and making your own tools, automating redundant processes, and converting an inked art into a traditional comic art, you'll learn all about the advanced features of Manga Studio 5.

                        "Mastering Manga Studio 5" will teach you what you need to know to produce more work in less time.


                        "Mastering Manga Studio 5" will follow an explanatory, work through manual approach. The main features of Manga will be presented in each section along with exciting tips, vital techniques and impressive workflows.

                        Who this book is for

                        This book is for those who already have some Manga Studio and graphics program experience. It is not a beginner's guide, but if you are a novice Manga Studio 5 user it will help you to master the time-saving features of the software.

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