Mastering Magento

Mastering Magento
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Table of Contents
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  • Learn how to customize your Magento store for maximum performance
  • Exploit little known techniques for extending and tuning your Magento installation.
  • Step-by-step guides for making your store run faster, better and more productively.

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 300 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : May 2012
ISBN : 1849516944
ISBN 13 : 9781849516945
Author(s) : Bret Williams
Topics and Technologies : All Books, CMS and eCommerce, e-Commerce, Open Source

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Planning for Magento
Chapter 2: Successful Magento Installation
Chapter 3: Managing Products
Chapter 4: Designs and Themes
Chapter 5: Configuring to Sell
Chapter 6: Managing Non-product Content
Chapter 7: Marketing Tools
Chapter 8: Extending Magento
Chapter 9: Optimizing Magento
Chapter 10: Advanced Techniques
Chapter 11: Pre-launch Checklist
  • Chapter 1: Planning for Magento
    • Defining your scope
      • Project requirements
        • Requirements checklist
      • Planning for users
        • Staff
        • Customers
      • Assessing technical resources
    • Technical considerations
      • Hosting provider
      • In-house hosting
        • Servers
      • The best of both worlds
        • Setting up a local test installation
    • Global-Website-Store methodology
      • Global
      • Website
      • Store
    • Planning for multiple stores
      • Using multiple domains for effective market segmentation
      • Using multiple businesses to keep finances separate
      • Using multiple languages to sell globally
    • Summary
    • Chapter 2: Successful Magento Installation
      • How hosting affects installation
        • How is a website hosted?
        • Understanding types of hosting
        • Successful hosting guidelines
        • Avoiding the PCI headache
        • What about cloud servers?
      • Keys to a successful installation
        • Avoiding the bleeding edge
        • Take your time
        • Installing the sample data
      • Setting up Magento stores
      • Planning your categories
        • Disabling cache
        • Setting up websites, stores, and store views
        • Modifying the .htaccess file
        • Modifying the index.php file
        • Configuring Magento
          • Configuring Base URLs
        • Using localization to sell globally
          • Installing language files
          • Manually translating labels
        • Converting currencies
          • It begins with the base currency
          • Let Magento automatically convert currencies
      • Strategies for backups and security
        • Backend backups
        • File structure backups
        • Keeping it secure
      • Summary
      • Chapter 3: Managing Products
        • Catalogs and categories
          • Understanding catalogs
          • Understanding categories
          • Special categories
        • Managing products the customer-focused way
          • Types of products
            • Simple products
            • Complex products
            • Virtual products
            • Bundle products
            • Downloadable products
          • Attributes and attribute sets
            • Product attributes
            • Attribute sets
          • Managing inventory
        • Related products, up-sells, and cross-sells
          • Related products
          • Up-sells
          • Cross-sells
        • Importing products
          • The shortcut to importing products
        • Summary
        • Chapter 4: Designs and Themes
          • The Magento theme structure
            • The theme structure
              • Templating hierarchy
              • Skin hierarchy
            • The concept of theme fallback
            • Default installation design packages and themes
          • Installing third-party themes
            • Creating variants
            • Assigning themes
          • Creative translations
          • Using theme variants
            • Scheduling a theme variant
          • Customizing themes
            • Customizing skins
            • Customizing layouts
              • Structural and content blocks
            • Expertly controlling layouts
              • Using the reference tag to relocate blocks
            • Customizing the local layout file
          • Summary
          • Chapter 5: Configuring to Sell
            • The sales process
              • The Magento sales process
              • Managing backend orders
                • Converting orders to invoices
                • Creating shipments
            • Payment methods
              • Classes of payment systems
                • Off-site payment systems
                • On-site payment systems
              • PayPal
              • Authorize.Net
              • Google Checkout
              • MoneyBookers
              • How Magento integrates payment systems
            • Shipping methods
              • Common configuration choices
              • Flat rate shipping
              • Table rates
              • Free shipping
            • Configuring sales tax rules
              • Creating a sales tax rate
              • Creating the sales tax rule
            • Outgoing e-mails
            • Summary
            • Chapter 6: Managing Non-product Content
              • The Magento content management system
              • Pages
                • Customizing a CMS page
                  • Assigning a theme
                  • Modifying the home page layout
                  • The Content screen
                  • The design screen
                  • The Meta Data screen
              • Static blocks
              • Widgets
                • CMS page link widget
                • CMS static block
                • Creating a new products list
                • Catalog a product link
                • Recently compared and recently viewed products
              • Principles of customizing layouts
              • Summary
              • Chapter 7: Marketing Tools
                • Customer groups
                  • Creating a Customer group
                • Promotions
                  • Creating a Catalog Price Rule
                  • Creating a Shopping Cart Rule
                • Newsletters
                  • Designing a newsletter template
                  • Sending a newsletter
                • Sitemaps
                  • The Magento sitemap
                  • The Google Sitemap
                    • Configuring the Google Sitemap
                    • Generating the sitemap files
                    • Submitting your sitemap
                • Search engine optimization
                  • Global SEO settings
                    • URLs
                    • Default meta tags
                    • Setting page-level attributes
                    • Automatic product meta values
                • Summary
                • Chapter 8: Extending Magento
                  • Magento Connect
                    • Searching Magento Connect
                    • Why developers create free extensions
                    • Trusted extensions
                    • Evaluating extensions
                      • Is the extension popular?
                      • What do others think about the extension?
                      • Does the extension developer provide support?
                      • Is there a trial or lite version?
                    • A precautionary tale
                    • Installing extensions
                      • Using the Magento Connect Manager
                    • Manually installing extensions
                  • Building extensions
                    • Whether others have gone before
                    • Creating an extension package
                      • Your extension files
                      • Creating your package information
                      • Release information
                      • Authors
                      • Dependencies
                      • Contents
                      • Pull the trigger
                    • Upload your extension
                  • Summary
                  • Chapter 9: Optimizing Magento
                    • Exploring EAV
                      • Entity
                      • Attribute
                      • Value
                      • Putting it all together
                      • The good and bad of EAV
                      • Making it flat
                    • Indexing and caching
                      • Indexing
                        • Flat or not flat
                        • Reindexing
                      • Caching
                        • Core caching
                        • Full page caching
                        • The impact of caching
                        • Managing caching
                    • Tuning your server for speed
                      • Deflation
                      • Enable expires
                      • Increase PHP memory
                      • Increase MySQL cache
                      • Use a CDN
                      • A final word about graphics
                    • Summary
                    • Chapter 10: Advanced Techniques
                      • WordPress and Magento
                        • The FishPig solution
                          • Installing WordPress
                          • Installing the FishPig extension
                          • Configuring the extension
                          • Database and Integration
                          • Auto-Login
                          • Initial peek
                        • Going the other way
                      • Setting up a staging environment
                        • A simple approach
                        • The basic staging setup
                        • Don't be tempted to skip
                      • Magento Cron
                        • Magento cron jobs
                        • Triggering cron jobs
                        • Tuning Magento's schedules
                          • Setting your frequency
                          • Creating compatible settings
                      • Backing up your database
                        • The built-in backup
                        • Using MySQLDump
                        • Setting a cron for backup
                      • Summary
                      • 243
                      • Chapter 11: Pre-launch Checklist
                        • A word about scope
                        • System configurations
                          • SSL
                          • Base URLs
                          • Administrative Base URL
                          • Reducing file download time
                            • Merging JavaScript files
                            • Merging CSS files
                            • Compressing CSS files
                          • Caching
                          • Cron jobs
                          • Users and roles
                        • Design configurations
                          • Transactional e-mails
                          • Invoices and packing slips
                          • Favicon
                          • Placeholder images
                          • 404 and error pages
                        • Search engine optimization
                          • Meta tags
                          • Analytics
                          • Sitemap
                        • Sales
                          • Company information
                          • Store e-mail addresses
                          • Contacts
                          • Currency
                          • General sales settings
                          • Customers
                          • Sales e-mails
                          • Tax rates and rules
                          • Shipping
                          • Payment methods
                          • Newsletters
                          • Terms and conditions
                          • Checkout
                          • 259
                        • Products
                          • Catalog
                            • Frontend panel
                            • Sitemap
                            • Product reviews
                            • Product alerts
                            • Product alerts run settings
                            • Product image placeholders
                            • Recently viewed/compared products
                            • Price
                            • Layered navigation
                            • Category top navigation
                            • Search engine optimizations
                            • Catalog search
                          • RSS feeds
                        • Maintenance
                          • Logs
                            • Enabling logs
                            • Log cleaning
                          • Backups
                          • Indexing
                        • Summary

                        Bret Williams

                        After 15 years in advertising and political consulting, Bret Williams dove into a new marketing venue in 1995 called the Internet. Over the intervening years, Bret and his team at Novusweb created the first site with live coverage of a major sporting event, the first car dealer website to provide online customization and pricing, and an innovative rapid-development process. In 2005, Bret and his wife, Cyndi, launched their first owned e-commerce site, which almost immediately became a leader in its niche. Since then, Bret has worked to research and identify open source platforms that can provide the features and functions necessary for online retail success. Today, Bret and the Novusweb team continue to develop online marketing solutions for their own company as well as select clients all across America.
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                        Your technical resources (What are you own skills? Do you have others on whom you will rely? )

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                        Your technical resources (What are your own skills? Do you have others on whom you will rely? )

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                        What you will learn from this book

                        • Learn to create a solid plan for your Magento store.
                        • Gain a better understanding of how Magento manages multiple websites and stores in a single installation.
                        • Learn how to localize Magento for multiple languages and currencies.
                        • Learn the little-known techniques for customizing designs and layouts.
                        • Get more speed and performance from your Magento store using only a few simple techniques.
                        • Learn how to leverage Magento's SEO features for better search rankings.
                        • Learn how to build and manage Content Managed (CMS) pages and content.
                        • Includes a complete configuration guide for launching your new Magento store.

                        In Detail

                        Magento, the most popular open source e-commerce platform in the world, is both amazingly powerful and astoundingly complex. Learn from an experienced Magento "master" how to leverage the full power of Magento.

                        MASTERING MAGENTO is the perfect companion guide for both newcomers and experienced Magento users. Designers, developers and store owners alike will have a better understanding of how Magento works, and how to take advantage of Magento's immense power to create online stores that help you sell.

                        From planning your Magento installation through advanced techniques designed to make your store as successful as possible, this book is a roadmap for managing your Magento store.

                        Focusing on Magento's Community version, the book covers everything from creating and managing multiple stores to fine-tuning Magento for speed and performance. Learn how to manage categories, products, design themes, extensions and more.

                        Using real-world examples, screenshots and personal insights, you'll learn to truly master Magento.


                        Written in a step by step tutorial style with plenty of insider insights along the way.

                        Who this book is for

                        Web designers, developers or ecommerce store-owners, who design or manage Magento stores for their clients.

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