Marketing Automation with Eloqua

Marketing Automation with Eloqua
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Learn the intricacies involved in filtering contacts
  • Implement and understand gating functionality
  • Explore campaign metric reporting

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 136 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : December 2013
ISBN : 1782177787
ISBN 13 : 9781782177784
Author(s) : Ben Griffith
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Enterprise Products and Platforms, Enterprise

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Creating Your First Campaign
Chapter 2: Eloqua Campaigns
Chapter 3: Creating Your Next Campaigns
Chapter 4: Assets Overview
Chapter 5: Managing E-mails
Chapter 6: Managing Forms
Chapter 7: Managing Landing Pages
Chapter 8: Contact Segmentation
Chapter 9: Campaign Activation and Analysis
  • Chapter 2: Eloqua Campaigns
    • Campaign overview
    • Campaign entry
    • Tracking external sources to landing pages
    • Tracking external sources with forms
    • Offline campaign components
      • Offline activity – external assets and activity
      • Direct mail
    • Best practices of a campaign
    • Summary
  • Chapter 3: Creating Your Next Campaigns
    • Campaign components
      • AUDIENCE components
      • ASSETS components
      • DECISIONS components
      • ACTIONS components
    • Designing a campaign
      • Building our campaign
      • Campaign ASSETS
    • Summary
  • Chapter 4: Assets Overview
    • Component Library
      • Images
      • File Storage
      • Hyperlinks
      • Field Merge
      • Email Header
      • Email Footer
      • Shared Content
      • Dynamic Content
      • Signature Layout
      • Signature Rule
    • Summary
  • Chapter 5: Managing E-mails
    • Building e-mails
      • Creating a template
        • Editor overview
        • Border and background
        • Standalone images
        • Text, field merges, hyperlinks, and images
        • Shared content
        • Signature
        • Header and footer
      • Creating e-mails
        • Dynamic content
    • Managing subscription preferences
    • E-mail deliverability and testing
    • Updating the campaign
    • Summary
  • Chapter 6: Managing Forms
    • Creating a form
    • Adding form fields
      • Creating a new contact field
      • Hidden form fields
    • Adding processing steps
      • Form processing step overview
      • Processing steps for our form
        • Update Contacts – With Form Data
        • Send Notification Email
        • Redirect to Web Page
        • Subscribe Contacts Globally
        • Add to Program
        • Add to Shared Contact List
    • Updating the campaign
    • Summary
  • Chapter 7: Managing Landing Pages
    • Building landing pages
      • Creating a template
        • Editor overview
        • Background and container
        • Standalone images
        • Text
        • Page snippets
      • Creating the landing pages
        • Shared content
        • Dynamic content
        • Updating the remaining pages
    • Updating the e-mails
    • Updating the campaign
    • Summary
  • Chapter 8: Contact Segmentation
    • Contact-centric data model
      • Account and e-mail address data
      • E-mail, website, and form activities
      • Lead scores
      • Campaign activity
      • Custom objects and events
      • Opportunities
    • Segments
      • Filter Criteria
      • Individual Contacts
      • Upload Contacts
      • Shared Filter
      • Shared List
    • Updating the campaign
    • Summary

Ben Griffith

Ben Griffith is an accomplished consultant and developer with expertise in web analytics, sales and marketing automation, and system integrations. His career began at a consulting firm where he was one of the first certified consultants for the Eloqua partner program. He is the founder and president of Salytics (, a hybrid consulting and application development firm. Client services cover a range of platforms including Eloqua, Salesforce, Marketo, and Adobe Marketing Suite. Salytics works with numerous companies designing and implementing global marketing campaigns utilizing the Eloqua platform. Ben has also authored open source projects to extend Eloqua website tracking and three native applications that has been publicly released. He holds a dual degree in computer engineering and economics from Queen's University in Kingston, Canada.

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What you will learn from this book

  • Design your first digital campaign for Eloqua
  • Build emails, forms and landing pages in your campaigns
  • Manage digital assets and their components within Eloqua
  • *Utilize Eloqua’s email editor to create, upload or open and edit an existing email.
  • Understand the web lead capture and processing using Eloqua forms
  • Learn how to segment contracts
  • Learn about the contact centric data model in Eloqua
  • Schedule and activate Eloqua campaigns
  • Utilize Eloqua’s landing page editor to create and customize your landing page.
  • Analyze the results of your digital campaigns

In Detail

Eloqua is a powerful platform that develops automated marketing and demand generation software and services for business-to-business marketers. It provides enough tools to start to centralize marketing operations and build holistic views of demand generation across multiple channels. This, in turn, gives marketers actionable results for their campaigns and the ability to centralize more of this data from one or a few systems. It helps ensure every component of marketing works harder and more efficiently to drive revenue.

This practical guide will help you realize your full potential by demonstrating how your campaign vision can be translated into a digital campaign in Eloqua, and how to measure its success.It will walk you through building a practical campaign, and explains the powerful features of Eloqua on this journey. You'll also learn how to utilize these features in your campaign along with various tools that will enhance its marketing value.

This concise, yet focused guide looks at the Eloqua platform and breaks down the powerful tools that can be used to build automated digital campaigns for the modern marketer.

You will learn to build e-mails with personalized and reusable content.You'll learn how to build and manage your database, efficiently execute marketing campaigns, score and route leads to sales. You'll also learn how-to measure marketing's impact on your business. Gating of your high value marketing content will be explored, implemented using native features of Eloqua landing pages and forms. Contact management and segmentation will also be covered in depth.


This book is a practical guide following a step by step approach to create, edit, customize and upload your marketing campaign using Eloqua.

Who this book is for

If you are a marketing professional or business analyst who wants to use Eloqua to manage demand generation, lead scoring, e-mail marketing, and build digital marketing campaigns, this book is ideal for you. No previous knowledge of Eloqua is required.

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