Make effective use of Salesforce CRM with Packt's New Book

June 2013 | Cookbooks, CRM, Enterprise

Packt is pleased to announce the publication of Salesforce CRM Admin Cookbook, a hands-on guide packed with over 40 recipes for administrators and developers to effectively use Salesforce CRM. The print book comes in at over 266 pages and is competitively priced at $59.99, whilst the eBook and Kindle versions are available for $30.59

About the author :

Paul Goodey: Paul Goodey is a Certified Developer DEV-401 and has an experience of being a System Administrator, Developer, Business Analyst. He has been building solutions with Salesforce CRM since 2006 and also developing web technology solutions. He is an active member of the administrator and developer online community.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a set of business processes and underlying applications that help manage the customer information, activities, and conversations. With the help of CRM, teams can understand their customers and deliver the right information, make better decisions, reduce the cost of service, and keep every customer satisfied.

Salesforce CRM Admin Cookbook will show readers how to improve the look and feel of Salesforce CRM with the help of the advanced user interface techniques. This book provides practically proven recipes and step-by-step instructions that cover the usage of hidden features for the enhancement of the native aspects, as well as the implementation of the process to control and manage approvals for records in Salesforce CRM.

The recipes in the book will enable the Salesforce administrator to have better control over workflow processing and data quality and automation, but also give solutions to increase the productivity of Salesforce CRM. This book will guide readers through the integration of Salesforce CRM with the use of external online tools and applications such as Google and Microsoft Outlook, to provide enhanced functionality and extend its power.

This book consists of the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Working with Home Page Components and Custom Links
Chapter 2: Advanced User Interface
Chapter 3: Exposing Hacks and Hidden Features
Chapter 4: Automating Salesforce CRM
Chapter 5: Improving Data Quality in Salesforce CRM
Chapter 6: Implementing Approval Processes
Chapter 7: Productivity Tools for Superusers and Advanced Administration
Chapter 8: Configuring and Installing Salesforce for Outlook E-mail Integration
Chapter 9: Integrating Salesforce CRM with External Online Tools

Packt Publishing has also released and published this other Salesforce CRM book:

Salesforce CRM: The Definitive Admin Handbook

All books are Published by Packt Enterprise. Packt Enterprise is a publishing division of Packt Publishing designed to serve the information needs of IT Professionals in the Enterprise space. Packt Enterprise also publishes on Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Citrix, Java, Amazon, Google and SAP technologies.

Glassfish Administration

Cookbook with over 40 recipes that enables the readers to make effective use of Salesforce CRM

For more information, please visit: Salesforce CRM Admin Cookbook

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