Learning Pixelmator

Learning Pixelmator
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Learn how to use Pixelmator and its primary tools.
  • Discover how to edit your photos using real world examples.
  • Use the Effect tools and artistically enhance your images.

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 118 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : April 2013
ISBN : 1849694680
ISBN 13 : 9781849694681
Author(s) : Mark Stagi
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Other

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Basic Photo Corrections
Chapter 2: Using Selection Tools
Chapter 3: All about Layers
Chapter 4: Using the Effects Browser Tools
Chapter 5: More Creative Photo Corrections
Chapter 6: Advanced Pixelmator Techniques
  • Chapter 1: Basic Photo Corrections
    • Installing Pixelmator
    • Starting with a new blank image and importing files
    • Resolution and image size
    • Customizing the workspace
    • Overview of the layout and tool panes
      • Rulers
      • Guides
      • Tool options and info bar
      • The Tools bar
    • Using some of the common tools for image editing
      • Adjusting color
      • Straightening and cropping
      • Red eye reduction
      • Dodge and burn
        • Example on dodging and burning
      • Blur and sharpen tools
    • Summary
    • Chapter 2: Using Selection Tools
      • The Move tool
      • Working with the Transform tool
        • Skew
        • Distort
        • Perspective
      • Rotating and flipping
        • Additional Move tool options
      • The Marquee tools
      • The Lasso tools
      • The Magic Wand tool
        • Make selection based on color
        • Use the Quick Mask mode
      • Summary
      • Chapter 3: All about Layers
        • Rearranging layers
          • Using layer masks
          • Grouping and merging layers
          • Blending modes to merge layers together
          • Using layers to create a photo-composite image
        • Summary
        • Chapter 4: Using the Effects Browser Tools
          • Using blur effects
            • Gaussian blur
            • Motion blur
            • Zoom blur
            • Median blur
            • Soften blur
            • Miniaturize blur
          • Working with distortion effects
            • Bump
            • Linear bump
            • Pinch
            • Hole
            • Ripple
            • Page curl
            • Capsule
            • Glass ring
            • Circle splash
            • Displacement
            • Glass
            • Bar swipe
            • Twirl
            • Vortex
            • Circular wrap
          • Using sharpen effects
          • Learning the color adjustment effects
            • Adjusting levels
            • Adjusting curves
            • Adjusting exposure
            • Using the Light and Dark effect
            • Adjusting color tones
            • Colorize
            • Replace color
            • Color balance
            • Channel mixer
            • Invert
            • Black-and-white adjustments and toning
          • Overview of Tile effects
          • Using Stylize effects
          • The Halftone effects
          • The Generator effects
          • Additional effects under the other menu
            • Chapter 6: Advanced Pixelmator Techniques
              • Using Pixelmator to retouch skin for portrait photography
              • Creating a tilt-shift look
              • Colorizing photos for a vintage look
              • The perfect black-and-white print
              • Creating an HDR look
              • Summary

              Mark Stagi

              Mark Stagi has been passionate about photography since catching the photo bug as a child Markgot fully hooked in the darkroom while in high school when watching the magic of a print appear. In college, Mark continued his studies of Photography and Fine Art with a degree in the Arts and an emphasis on Photography. Right after college, Mark started his own wedding photography business focusing on Fine Art Wedding photography. Mark's wedding business all started with his passion to create fresh and fun wedding images that reflect each bride's unique day.

              Growing up in the Silicon Valley, Mark has always had as much of a passion for technology as he has with the arts. As the photo industry started to move over into the digital world, Mark has been at the forefront of mastering the digital tools that photographers need to create art.

              Mark's passion for photography has also led him to lead photography workshops and run a photography website http://www.digitalphotobuzz.com, where he shares his passion and love for photography with Shooting Tips, Online Tutorials, and other photography news and info.

              Mark has written a few other mini books that are currently available as apps for the iPad, including Portrait Photography 101 – Learn to take better portraits, Wedding Photography – A guide to better wedding photos, Baby Photography, among others.

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              What you will learn from this book

              • Get to grips with using Pixelmator to edit your photos.
              • Adjust colors and learn the benefits of dodging and burning your photos.
              • Use the blur and sharpen tools to create visual interest.
              • Use selections in Pixelmator.
              • Work with layers and create multi- image collages
              • Master effects in Pixelmator.
              • Use text and shapes to embellish your photos.
              • Colorize photos for a vintage look

              In Detail

              Today, everybody has a digital camera, but how do you turn your pictures into masterpieces? With Pixelmator, you will be able to edit your photos like a pro and get that artistic, professional feel to your images.

              "Learning Pixelmator" will teach you how to use Pixelmator to turn your everyday snapshots into works of art. With an example-based approach, you will learn how to use each tool effectively to create, edit, or enhance your photos. It is for everyone that wants to get started with Pixelmator.

              "Learning Pixelmator" guide’s you through a series of real-world tutorials to artistically edit your photos from start to finish. Starting with simple corrections, you will move onto advanced image editing techniques like creating a tilt-shift look from a photo, performing skin retouching on a portraits, and colorizing your images for an artistic tone. Covering topics such as using layers to create multi-image layouts and how to use text and shapes to embellish your images. With Learning Pixelmator you will learn everything you need to know to create works of art from your everyday photos. With the skills you will learn from this book the sky will be no limit with your digital photography!


              A fast paced, example driven approach to learning Pixelmator.

              Who this book is for

              "Learning Pixelmator" is great for photographers of any level who are looking to learn to take advantage of Pixelmator to edit images. Without any prior knowledge of image editing software needed, we will start with the basics and move onto more advanced image editing techniques. No matter what your current artistic level is, this book will give you the power to unleash the artist within!

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