Learning Kendo UI Web Development

Learning Kendo UI Web Development
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Table of Contents
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  • Learn from clear and specific examples on how to utilize the full range of the Kendo UI tool set for the web
  • Add powerful tools to your website supported by a familiar and trusted name in innovative technology
  • Learn how to add amazing features with clear examples and make your website more interactive without being a JavaScript expert

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 288 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : May 2013
ISBN : 1849694346
ISBN 13 : 9781849694346
Author(s) : John Adams
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Web Development, jQuery

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Interacting with Data: DataSource, Templates, TabStrip, and Grid
Chapter 2: The AutoComplete Widget and its Usage
Chapter 3: Using and Customizing Calendar
Chapter 4: The Kendo MVVM Framework
Chapter 5: HTML Editor and Custom Tools
Chapter 6: Menu and ListView
Chapter 7: Implementing PanelBar and TabStrip
Chapter 8: Slider Essentials
Chapter 9: Implementing the Splitter and TreeView Widgets
Chapter 10: The Upload and Window Widgets
Chapter 11: Web API Examples
    • Chapter 2: The AutoComplete Widget and its Usage
      • AutoComplete widget – basics
        • Binding AutoComplete to a local source
      • Binding AutoComplete to Remote Data
      • Using AutoComplete with MVC through Models
      • Using AutoComplete with MVC through Ajax
      • Sending data to the server
      • Using Templates to Customize AutoComplete
      • Configuring all of the AutoComplete properties
      • Hooking into AutoComplete widget events
        • Change
        • Close
        • Open
        • Select
      • Using the API AutoComplete methods
        • Close
        • DataItem
        • Destroy
        • Enable
        • Refresh
        • Search
        • Select
        • Suggest
        • Value
      • Summary
      • Chapter 3: Using and Customizing Calendar
        • Calendar widget – basics
        • Configuring the Calendar widget
        • Calendar Widget using MVC
        • Methods available on the Calendar widget
        • Events fired by the Calendar widget
        • Summary
        • Chapter 4: The Kendo MVVM Framework
          • Understanding MVVM – basics
            • Simple data binding
              • Creating the view
              • Creating the Model and View-Model
            • Observable data binding
              • Adding data dynamically
              • Using observable properties in the View
              • Making better use of observable arrays
          • Data-bind properties for Kendo MVVM
            • The attr property
            • The checked property
            • The click property
            • The custom property
            • The disabled/enabled properties
            • The events property
            • The html/text properties
            • The invisible/visible properties
            • The source property
            • The style property
            • The value property
          • Declarative widgets through Data-Role MVVM attributes
          • Summary
          • Chapter 5: HTML Editor and Custom Tools
            • Understanding the HTML Editor
            • Adding and removing buttons from the toolbar
            • Adding the Styles tool
              • Tool for inserting HTML snippets
            • Customizing HTML Editor tools
              • Drop-down list tools
              • Button tools
            • Custom template tools
            • Custom In-line tools
          • Using the HTML Editor API
            • Configuration options
            • Events
          • Summary
            • Chapter 6: Menu and ListView
              • Learning the Menu widget basics
                • Menu items with images
                • Menu items with URLs
                • Menu API configuration options
                  • The animation property
                  • The direction property
                  • Some more options
                • Configuring menu methods
                  • The append(), insertAfter(), and insertBefore() methods
                  • The close(), enable(), open(), and remove() methods
                • Menu events
              • The Kendo UI ListView
                • ListView basics
                • Selecting elements with ListView
                • Editing elements with ListView
                • ListView API and configuration
                  • ListView methods
                  • ListView events
              • Summary
              • Chapter 7: Implementing PanelBar and TabStrip
                • PanelBar basics
                  • Adding sprite images to PanelBar items
                  • Adding URLs to PanelBar items
                  • Loading AJAX content with PanelBar
                  • Controlling PanelBar animation effects
                • Introducing the TabStrip Widget
                  • TabStrip basics
                  • Using TabStrip with a datasource
                  • Adding images to the TabStrip widget
                  • Adding URLs to TabStrip tabs
                  • Loading AJAX content with TabStrip
                  • Controlling the TabSrip widget's animation effects
                • Summary
                • Chapter 8: Slider Essentials
                  • Introducing Slider and RangeSlider
                    • Using Slider and RangeSlider with the MVC extension methods
                    • Implementing the basics
                  • Basic implementation using MVC extension methods
                  • Using tooltips and pop-up texts
                    • Learning keyboard controls
                  • Customizing the user interface of the slider widgets
                    • Tooltip customization
                      • Customizing tooltip options using MVC extension methods
                    • Customizing the default values
                      • Customizing tick placement
                      • Customizing slider orientation
                  • Learning API methods
                    • The enable and disable Methods
                    • Using the values
                      • Using values from a Kendo slider
                      • Using values from a Kendo range slider
                  • Hooking into events
                    • Using the change event
                      • The change event for a Kendo slider widget
                      • The change event for a Kendo range slider widget
                    • The slide event
                    • The change and slide events with MVC extension methods
                  • Summary
                  • Chapter 9: Implementing the Splitter and TreeView Widgets
                    • The Splitter widget
                      • Learning the Splitter widget
                      • Loading content
                      • Loading content with AJAX
                      • Hooking into Splitter events
                        • The collapse event
                        • The contentLoad event
                        • The expand event
                        • The layoutChange event
                        • The resize event
                      • Making calls to Splitter API methods
                        • Getting a reference to the splitter object
                        • Using the ajaxRequest method
                        • Using the collapse method
                        • Using the expand method
                        • Using the max and min methods
                        • Using the size method
                        • Using the toggle method
                    • TreeView
                      • Learning TreeView
                      • Binding to a data source
                      • Using drag and drop
                      • Configuring animation effects
                      • Displaying images
                      • Using templates
                      • Hooking into TreeView events
                      • Making calls to the TreeView API methods
                    • Summary
                    • Chapter 10: The Upload and Window Widgets
                      • Uploading files
                        • Learning the Upload widget
                        • Enabling asynchronous uploads
                        • Uploading multiple files simultaneously
                        • Removing uploaded files
                        • Tracking upload progress
                        • Cancelling an update in progress
                        • Using file drag and drop
                      • The Kendo UI Window widget
                        • Customizing Window actions
                        • Loading content with AJAX
                        • Using the animation effects
                        • Using the Window widget events
                        • Using the Window widget API methods
                      • Summary
                      • Chapter 11: Web API Examples
                        • Getting familiar with the ASP.NET Web API
                        • Getting familiar with Entity Framework Code First
                        • Getting familiar with OData
                        • Using DataSourceRequest with Kendo Grid
                        • Driving the ListView with Web API
                        • Summary

                        John Adams

                        John Adams currently works as an application development consultant in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for a fantastic company called RBA. He has been developing custom business applications with the Microsoft .NET platform for 6 years and has specialized in development with ASP.NET MVC. He loves writing code and creating solutions. Above all, he loves his wife and children and the lord Jesus Christ.
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                        What you will learn from this book

                        • Leverage data source objects and JavaScript templates with the TabStrip and Grid widgets
                        • Guide users in date selection with the Calendar widget
                        • Create fast and fluid word wheels with the AutoComplete widget and date selection with the Calendar widget
                        • Take advantage of the powerful MVVM JavaScript architectural pattern
                        • Take full HTML input from users with a graphical editor
                        • Structure your site with the Menu and ListView widgets
                        • Build interactive accordions with the PanelBar widget and a fun way to select numbers with the Slider widget
                        • Organize your data with the Splitter and TreeView widgets and Customize pop-up windows and file uploads with the Window and Upload widgets

                        In Detail

                        Creating useful and attractive web sites for today’s audiences requires more JavaScript programming than ever before. JavaScript, however, isn’t easy and staying up to date with recent trends makes it even harder. You need a way to integrate the latest technology into your web site without having to start from the beginning.

                        "Learning Kendo UI Web Development" shows you how to add the latest web features to your site without doing all of the work yourself. The experts at Telerik have created a fully supported code library that lets you focus on what makes your sites special while letting them focus on how that translates into cutting edge JavaScript code.

                        This book will take you on a survey through Kendo UI for the web from the basic widgets that wrap input fields to the full page scaffolding widgets for setting up your site.

                        Kendo UI for the web is a rich framework of JavaScript widgets and tools that will add immediate value to your web sites. Learn the full spectrum of what Kendo UI has to offer in specialized widgets that gather input from users by displaying calendars, sliders, or date pickers all the way up to widgets that structure your web pages through data-driven models in accordions, tabs, list views, and tree views.

                        "Learning Kendo UI Web Development" is the perfect companion for navigating the broad features offered by Telerik in JavaScript web development.


                        A practical tutorial with step-by-step example based approach.

                        Who this book is for

                        This book is for web developers who want to take advantage of cutting edge JavaScript and HTML 5 web site features, but who don’t have the time or the knowledge to write all of that code by hand. The reader should be familiar with basic HTML 5 and JavaScript but does not need to be an expert.

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