Learning Apache Karaf

Learning Apache Karaf
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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
  • Understand Apache Karaf's commands and control capabilities
  • Gain familiarity with its provisioning features
  • Explore various application deployments targets experientially

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 128 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : October 2013
ISBN : 1782172041
ISBN 13 : 9781782172048
Author(s) : Jamie Goodyear, Johan Edstrom, Heath Kesler
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Application Development, Enterprise Products and Platforms, Enterprise

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Installing Apache Karaf
Chapter 2: Commanding the Runtime
Chapter 3: System Configuration and Tuning
Chapter 4: Provisioning
Chapter 5: Deploying Applications
Chapter 6: Deploying Production-grade Apache Karaf
Chapter 7: Apache Karaf Cellar
Chapter 8: Our Final Programming Project
Appendix: Apache Karaf Commands
    • Custom command creation
      • Karaf-command-archetype
        • Karaf custom command project
    • JMX console
    • Optional web console
      • How to install and start the web console
    • Summary
      • Chapter 3: System Configuration and Tuning
        • Startup properties – remote access
        • Logging properties
          • File logging
          • Console logging
        • System properties
          • Configuring Karaf
          • Setting environment variables
          • Configuring hot deployment
          • Console configuration commands
          • Web console
          • Failover configuration
        • Startup properties
        • Summary
        • Chapter 4: Provisioning
          • Apache Maven repositories
            • The Karaf system repository
            • Apache Karaf features
              • Additional "features"
          • Summary
          • Chapter 5: Deploying Applications
            • Deploying bundles
              • Building a bundle
              • Deploying the bundle using Maven
              • Deploying a bundle using the file handler
              • Deploying a bundle using HTTP
              • Deploying a bundle using hot deployments
            • Deploying feature descriptors
            • Deploying non-OSGi JARs (wrap)
            • Deploying WAR
            • Deploying Spring/Blueprint
            • Creating and deploying a Karaf Archive
            • Summary
            • Chapter 6: Deploying Production-grade Apache Karaf
              • Offline repositories
                • How to build an offline repository
              • Improving application logging
              • High availability / failover
                • Installing Karaf as a service
                • Master-slave failover
                • Child instances
              • Basic security configuration
                • Managing roles
                  • Password encryption
                • Locking down JMX access
              • Summary

                  Jamie Goodyear

                  Jamie Goodyear is an open source advocate, Apache developer, and computer systems analyst with Savoir Technologies; he has designed, critiqued, and supported architectures for large organizations worldwide. Jamie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Jamie has worked in systems administration, software quality assurance, and senior software developer roles for businesses ranging from small startups to international corporations. He has attained committer status on Apache Karaf, ServiceMix, and Felix, and is a Project Management Committee member on Apache Karaf. He is also the co-author of the books Instant OSGi Starter and Learning Apache Karaf from Packt Publishing. Currently, he divides his time between providing high-level reviews of architectures, mentoring developers and administrators on SOA deployments, and helping to grow the Apache community.

                  Johan Edstrom

                  Johan Edstrom is an open source software evangelist, Apache developer, and seasoned architect; he has created Java architectures for large, scalable, high transaction monitoring as well as financial and open source systems. Johan is, by training, an electronics engineer with a penchant for fractal geometry. He has worked as a development lead, infrastructure manager, IT lead, and programmer, and has guided several large companies to success in the use of open source software components. Lately, he has been helping some of the world's largest networking companies and medical startups achieve high availability and scalability and dynamically adapt SOA systems. Johan divides his time between writing software, mentoring development teams, and teaching people how to use Apache ServiceMix, Camel, CXF, and ActiveMQ effectively. He is the co-author of the books Instant OSGi Starter and Learning Apache Karaf from Packt Publishing. Johan is a committer on Apache Camel and Apache ServiceMix and is a PMC member for Apache Camel.

                  Heath Kesler

                  Heath Kesler is an Apache developer and committer and has spoken at conferences around the world. He is a Senior SOA Architect with Savoir Technologies and has architected and developed scalable, highly available SOA systems for large corporations around the globe. Heath currently helps corporations implement and develop enterprise integration systems using messaging and web services with a focus on maintainability and scalability. He gives training classes on complex concepts and frameworks that provide functionality to large-scale enterprise solutions. He has bootstrapped development on mission-critical systems for several Fortune 500 companies. Heath has reached committer status on Apache Karaf and has also been a contributor to Camel. In 2013, he co-authored Learning Apache Karaf from Packt Publishing. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from DeVry University after his tour in the army.

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                  What you will learn from this book

                  • Command and control the runtime
                  • Explore system configuration tuning
                  • Delve into Karaf’s provisioning mechanisms
                  • Understand application deployment through practical examples
                  • Improve your Karaf deployment to production-ready status
                  • Harness Karaf’s features with our sample final project
                  • Build a custom Karaf distribution
                  • Deploy non-OSGi jars (wrap)

                  In Detail

                  Apache Karaf is more than just an OSGi-based runtime container; it’s an ecosystem of open source technologies that makes operating and managing applications easier. Karaf supports hot deployment of OSGi bundles by monitoring jar files inside the [home]/deploy directory. Each time a jar is copied in this folder, it will be installed inside the runtime. You can then update or delete it, and changes will be handled automatically. In addition, Karaf also supports exploded bundles and custom deployers.

                  Learning Apache Karaf will introduce developers and administrators alike to the OSGi-based container, and impart best practices by example. The book shows you how to set up an Apache Karaf distribution, and how to arrive at a production-ready deployment. Learning Apache Karaf teaches you everything you need to install, configure, and administer Apache Karaf.

                  Learning Apache Karaf will help guide you through the complexity of an OSGi container using sample code and configuration snippets to demonstrate the important aspects of managing and running a Karaf instance.

                  Learning to install and command the runtime is just the beginning; deploying and provisioning applications is just as important to the successful implementation of a stable and scalable architecture. You will discover how to monitor runtime environments using remote access, logging, and JMX, and you will also develop production-level architectures with high availability and security.


                  The book is a fast-paced guide full of step-by-step instructions covering all aspects of application development using Apache Karaf.

                  Who this book is for

                  Learning Apache Karaf will benefit all Java developers and system administrators who need to develop for and/or operate Karaf’s OSGi-based runtime. Basic knowledge of Java is assumed.

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