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Moving a Database from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008 in Three Steps

by Jayaram Krishnaswamy | February 2008 | .NET Microsoft

There are several options if one wishes to move a database from a SQL Server 2005 to SQL 2008 Server. First of all there is a 'Copy Database Wizard' in SQL 2008 Server which is meant for transferring a database from any version of SQL Server 2000 and above to 2008 version. In the other option the database will be copied using the SQL Server Management Program for which the source database need not be stopped. However this is slower than the previous method and would also require the SQL Server Agent since a package has to be run.

An option which works without too much hassles is manually detaching and attaching the database/log files. In this step-by-step (really two steps) tutorial by Jayaram Krishnaswamy, this simple procedure is described. If you are just interested in taking a small database from 2005 to 2008 server the author strongly recommends this procedure.

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The ASP.NET Repeater Control

by Joydip Kanjilal | January 2008 | .NET Microsoft

The Repeater control is a data-bound control that uses templates to display data. The Repeater control works by looping through the records in your data source and then repeating the rendering of one of its templates called the ItemTemplate, one that contains the records that the control needs to render. In this article by Joydip Kanjilal we will learn more about the Repeater control and some of its uses.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 - Installation Made Easy

by Jayaram Krishnaswamy | January 2008 | .NET Microsoft

SQL 2008 server is the latest in the line of Microsoft database servers and this article by Dr. Jayaram Krishnaswamy discusses the challenges one may face in installing the Developer version of this product which was released in November 2007. On a virgin machine the software probably installs without a hitch but with a history of installs, especially of the earlier versions it is anything but a joy ride.

"It is almost always true for most of the software I have installed, not necessarily limited to Microsoft. However, most of Microsoft products need entry in the Window's registry and it is almost certain that one has to follow a certain protocol if one wishes to have a successful install. In fact the unsuccessful install flags out what went wrong while the initial steps do verify the requirements during installation. Despite this help and warnings one may face problems simply because it is not possible to foresee all possible combinations of hardware, software, user created error issues at launch time of the product. Again this article does not guarantee a successful install if one were to follow the steps delineated but gives you some guidance based on the author's experience."

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Zen Gift of Education

by Mayank Sharma | January 2008 | Moodle Open Source

ZenEdu is a Live distribution that packs a whole bunch of educational tools on top of the Slackware-based light-weight and zippy Zenwalk Linux. Since learning is the core idea behind the distro, it goes beyond traditional curriculum subjects and also packs tools that'll teach students the basics of programming and music.

What sets ZenEdu apart from other educational distros is that it bundles other productivity tools as well. This includes general-purpose applications like the IceWeasel web browser, IceDove email client, Pidgin for instant messaging, Kompozer for authoring web pages, and for word processing.

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Software Documentation with Trac

by David J Murphy | January 2008 | Open Source

Documentation—if there is one word that installs fear in most developers, it must be this one. No one in their right mind would argue the value of documentation, but it is the actual act of writing it that concerns developers so.

The secret of creating good documentation is to make the process of doing so as painless as possible, and if we are lucky maybe even attractive, to the developers. The only practical way to achieve that is to reduce friction. The last thing we need when we are in middle of fixing a bug is to wrestle with our word processor, or even worse try to find the right document to update.

David J Murphy illustrates in this article, how Trac can used for the purpose of documentation.

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