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Theming Modules in Drupal 6

by Matt Butcher | May 2008 | MySQL Content Management Drupal Open Source PHP Web Development

The Philosophy Quotes module that we will create in this article will use Drupal's theme system and a simple database query to theme the content of a custom content type.

Here are some of the items we will cover in this article by Matt Butcher while working on this module:

  • Creating a custom content type
  • Performing simple database operations
  • Registering a module's theme functions with the hook_theme() function
  • Adding theme hooks to a module
  • Adding CSS stylesheets to a module's default theme
  • Using theme CSS and template files to override default module theme functions
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Visual ETL Development With IBM DataStage

by Djoni Darmawikarta | May 2008 | Architecture & Analysis

ETL (Extract Transform Load) is the most resource consuming part of data warehouse development and maintenance. An ETL tool, particularly one that is GUI-based, can leverage the productivity and quality of ETL development and maintenance.

WebSphere DataStage from IBM is an ETL tool. In DataStage you build and execute ETL jobs visually on its GUI clients. This article by Djoni Darmawikarta shows how to build and execute an ETL job with DataStage. Specifically, we’ll build a job that loads a Customer Dimension table from an input sequential file (implementing an SCD1, Slowly Changing Dimension Type1; a well-known technique from Dimensional Data Warehouse methodology).

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Making the World Wide Web an Easier Place to Talk About

by Tim Walton | May 2008 | Beginner's Guides MySQL Content Management Open Source PHP

If you were tasked with finding the letter that when spoken out loud repeatedly was more awkward than any other, you would come up with the W. Every other letter in the English alphabet is pronounced with a single syllable, yet the W is unique in requiring an impressive three syllables to utter.

This campaign is to encourage people to forget that WWW ever existed. Don’t type it, don’t speak it, and complain to every website that still requires it.

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Creating a Simple Report with Visual Studio 2008

by Jayaram Krishnaswamy | May 2008 | .NET Microsoft

Report Services, Analysis Services, and Integration Services are the three pillars of Business Intelligence in Microsoft's vision that continues to evolve. Reporting is a basic activity, albeit one of the most important activities of an organization because it provides a specialized and customized view of the data of various forms (relational, text, xml etc) that live in data stores. The report is useful in making business decisions, scheduling business campaigns, or assessing the competition. The report itself may be required in hard copy in several document formats such as DOC, HTML, PDF, etc. Many times it is also required to be retrieved in an interactive form from the data store and viewed on a suitable interface, including a web browser. The Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services, popularly known by its acronym SSRS, provides all that is necessary to create and manage reports and deploy them on a report server with output available in several document formats. The reader will greatly benefit from reading the several articles detailed in the author's Hodentek Blog. The content for the articles were developed using VS 2003, VS 2005, SQL 2000 and SQL 2005.

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Downloading evolved with Metalink

by Mayank Sharma | May 2008 | Open Source

Anyone who has tried downloading a popular software or Linux distribution on or just after release day, knows of the pain of the phrase "connection timed out". Getting the software can be quite a struggle, despite all the mirrors and BitTorrent Samaritans. Anthony Bryan's Metalink is an open standard that makes downloading easier, faster, and more reliable by helping users extract the last drop of juice out of their connection.

I emailed a set of questions to Bryan to understand what separates Metalink from other run-of-the-mill download accelerators and listen in awe as he explains how Metalink combines traditional HTTP and FTP methods of downloading files along with BitTorrent.

Read more about this in Mayank's interview with Anthony Bryan.

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