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SharePoint: Displaying Data

by Mike Poole | August 2008 | .NET Microsoft

Once we have the data view firmly embedded in our page, it is a breeze to change the way the data looks and operates. In this article by Mike Poole, we will learn to apply nice formatting to data that is displayed on our page. We will learn to do this by making use of Cascading Style Sheets. We will also learn how to format our data automatically, depending on the data values (a technique known as conditional formatting). Then we will learn to filter and sort our data, use formulae to perform calculations, and how to split our data up into multiple pages.

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Functional Testing with JMeter

by Emily H. Halili | August 2008 | Java Open Source

JMeter is a 100% pure Java desktop application. JMeter is found to be very useful and convenient in support of functional testing. Although JMeter is known more as a performance testing tool, functional testing elements can be integrated within the Test Plan, which was originally designed to support load testing. Many other load-testing tools provide little or none of this feature, restricting themselves to performance-testing purposes. Besides integrating functional-testing elements along with load-testing elements in the Test Plan, you can also create a Test Plan that runs these exclusively. In other words, aside from creating a Load Test Plan, JMeter also allows you to create a Functional Test Plan. This flexibility is certainly resource-efficient for the testing project.

In this article by Emily H. Halili, we will give you a walkthrough on how to create a Test Plan as we incorporate and/or configure JMeter elements to support functional testing.

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Writing Tips for Bloggers

by Paul Thewlis | August 2008 | MySQL Content Management Open Source PHP WordPress

The phrase "Content is King" may seem like rather an old cliché now, but it still rings true—content is king. In this article by Paul Thewlis, we will look at issues surrounding content creation, and discuss some techniques and methods to help you produce the best content you can. We will discuss some general writing tips for bloggers. Although you may be familiar with some of these already, it is to re-focus your attention on them and ensure that you are applying them as a part of your blogging routine.

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Setting up and Configuring a Liferay Portal

by Jonas X. Yuan | July 2008 | Content Management Java Open Source

Liferay Portal is one of the most mature portal frameworks in the market and offers many benefits. Liferay is backed by a comprehensive professional services network and it offers custom development, training, and support across the world.

As the world's leading open source portal platform, Liferay provides a unified web interface to data and tools scattered across many sources. Within Liferay portal, a portal interface is composed of a number of portlets—self contained interactive elements that are written to a particular standard. Since portlets are developed independently of the portal itself, and loosely coupled with the portal, they are apparently SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture).

Jonas X. Yuan will show how to set up a Liferay portal and then how to configure it.

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Languages and Language Settings in Moodle

by William Rice | July 2008 | Moodle Open Source

Knowing different languages is always an added advantage. If our website is able to communicate with people of different languages, globally the popularity of the website would go up. With Moodle, we have the option of making our site more interactive as it offers support for different languages. In this article by William Rice, we will see how to configure different languages on our Moodle website and also look at some of the available language settings.

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