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Moodle Makeover

by Ian Wild | December 2008 | Beginner's Guides Moodle Open Source

In this article by Ian Wild, we will change the look of our Moodle website. Specifically, we will use our resources within Moodle to make our topics more visually appealing. We would include an animated character. We will take a good look at different tips and tricks to make our courses more interesting for students.

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Podcasting and Images in Drupal

by Bill Fitzgerald | December 2008 | Drupal Open Source

In this article by Bill Fitzgerald we will learn about Podcasting. Podcasting allows you to share audio files over the Internet. In recent years, as podcasting has increased in prominence and popularity, there has been an almost overwhelming amount of information about how to get started with podcasting: the technical requirements, the hardware, the software, and so on.

Sharing images creates a variety of ways for students to get involved in the class. In some classes, such as Photography or other Fine Arts courses, images provide a way for students to showcase their work. In other courses, online image sharing can be used to enhance the curriculum.

In this article, we will focus on cutting through the noise, and setting up your site to work as a podcasting and image sharing platform. This article will break down the technical aspects of publishing audio and images, along with ways of integrating podcasting into your class.

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Type, Subtype, and Category Patterns in Logical Data Modeling

by Djoni Darmawikarta | December 2008 | Architecture & Analysis

Your application and its database certainly deal with things of significance to your organization that you care to computerize, automate some of their aspects, and to store data about them. Product and services are examples of these things—the fundamental aspects that any organization must take care of.

This article by Djoni Darmawikarta introduces three patterns for modeling: Type, Subtype, and Category. These three logical data modeling patterns are common structures applicable to any kind of organization.

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Dynamic Theming in Drupal 6 - Part 2

by Ric Shreves | December 2008 | MySQL Content Management Drupal Open Source PHP

In Part 1 we had a look at running multiple templates, and at creating dynamic elements and styles. In this article by Ric Shreves, we will discuss about Creating Dynamic CSS Styling and Working with Template Variables.

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Service Versioning in SOA

by Todd Biske | December 2008 | Architecture & Analysis BPEL SOA

SOA governance is the combination of people, policies, and processes within your organization that will ensure that the desired behaviors of your strategic SOA initiative are achieved.It includes the traditional areas associated with IT Governance, which is the selection and funding of IT projects. These projects define the initial scope for technology utilization and can either help or hinder the SOA effort, based upon the scope chosen. In this article by Todd Biske we will see that the SOA effort only gets executed through projects, and if the execution is poor, the SOA effort will be poor. Therefore, the project governance activities of an organization must be adjusted to include policies associated with achieving the desired behaviors associated with SOA adoption.

Advasco had initial success with their Customer Information Service and then opened the flood gates for development by the rest of the organization. These efforts were successfully reigned in by the newly formed Center of Excellence. Now, the team at Advasco faces a new challenge: modifying an existing service to handle the needs of a new consumer. This article will go over the challenges faced by the team and then present guidance for handling this situation within your own organization.

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