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Creating Joomla 1.5 Templates

by Hagen Graf | March 2009 | Joomla! MySQL Content Management Open Source PHP

In order to customize the appearance of your website to that of your company's image, you have to modify an existing template or create a new one. In this article by Hagen Graf, you will learn the basics of building your own Joomla! templates.

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Elgg Social Networking - Installation

by Mayank Sharma | March 2009 | MySQL Open Source PHP

In addition to its impressive feature list, Elgg is an admin's dolly. In this tutorial by Mayank Sharma, we will see how Elgg can be installed in popular Linux web application rollout stack of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, fondly referred to as LAMP. As MySQL and PHP can run under Windows operating system as well, you can set up Elgg to serve your purpose for such an environment.

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PHx (Place Holders extended) in MODx

by Antano Solar John | March 2009 | Content Management Open Source

In some cases, it may be necessary to perform simple conditional checks in the documents, or templates themselves. PHxPlace Holders extended—is a set of notations that makes this possible by adding a logic layer directly to the placeholder. PHx also makes it possible to format the output, for example converting the string to uppercase, and so on. In this article by Antano Solar John, we will learn to use this notation.

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Creating Tax Rules in Magento

by William Rice | March 2009 | Beginner's Guides MySQL e-Commerce Open Source PHP

In this article by William Rice, we will see how to create Tax Rules in Magento. In the real world, the tax rate that you pay is based on three things: location, product type, and purchaser type. In Magento, we can create Tax Rules that determine the amount of tax that a customer pays, based upon the shipping address, product class, and customer class.

When you buy a product, you sometimes pay sales tax on that product. The sales tax that you pay is based on:

  • Where you purchased the product from. Tax rules vary in different cities, states, and countries.
  • The type of product that you purchased. For example, many places don't tax clothing purchases. And, some places tax only some kinds of clothing. This means that you must be able to apply different tax rates to different kinds of products.
  • The type of purchaser you are. For example, if you buy a laser printer for your home, it is likely that you will pay sales tax. This is because you are a retail customer. If you buy the same printer for your business, in most places you will not pay sales tax. This is because you are a business customer.
  • The amount of the purchase. For example, some places tax clothing purchases only above a specific amount.
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Scalix and Security

by Markus Feilner | March 2009 | Linux Servers Open Source

The standard setup of the Scalix server may be satisfactory for most installations, but if you are running Scalix on an internet site or if your local server is available from the Internet, extended security measures have to be taken. In this article by Markus Feilner, we will deal with several recommendations that make your Scalix server safe—like minimizing the number of services running and listening. We will set up a firewall which allows the Scalix users to connect to. After that, we will set up Stunnel to provide SSL-encrypted Scalix services. Then, we will use OpenVPN to protect the server. Last but not least, we will have a look at the services running and discuss advanced possibilities of securing the server.

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