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That's One Fancy Hammer!

by Ryan Henson Creighton | January 2014 | Beginner's Guides Games

This article by Ryan Henson Creighton, author of Unity 3D Game Development by Example,introduces you to Unity 3D—an amazing game engine that enables you to create games and deploy them to a number of different devices, including (at the time of writing) the Web, PCs, iOS platforms, and WiiWare, with modules for Android and Xbox Live Arcade deployment in the works. You'll play a number of browser-based Unity 3D games to get a sense of what the engine can handle, from a massively-multiplayer online game all the way down to a simple kart racer. You'll download and install your own copy of Unity 3D, and mess around with the beautiful Island Demo that ships with the product.

Technology is a tool. It helps us accomplish amazing things, hopefully more quickly and more easily and more amazingly than if we hadn't used the tool. Before we had newfangled steam-powered hammering machines, we had hammers. And before we had hammers, we had the painful process of smacking a nail into a board with our bare hands. Technology is all about making our lives better and easier. And less painful.

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IPv6 on Packet Tracer

by Jesin A | January 2014 | Enterprise Articles

This article is written by Jesin A the author of Packet Tracer Network Simulator. Cisco Packet Tracer is a powerful network simulation program and provides simulation, visualization, authoring, assessment, and shows collaboration capabilities of a network. This article explains the IPv6 addresses used in Packet Tracer.

IPv4 has 4.3 billion addresses, which may seem mindboggling. However, it took only two decades for it to reach its depletion. IPv6 has come to the rescue in the form of 128-bit addresses. Packet Tracer supports a wide array of IPv6 features. We'll start by learning how to assign IP addresses to different devices and how to configure routing between them. Finally, we'll create a setup that enables IPv6 communication over IPv4 devices.

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Windows Azure Mobile Services - Implementing Push Notifications using

by Geoff Webber-Cross | January 2014 | Enterprise Articles

In this article by Geoff Webber-Cross, author of the book Learning Windows Azure Mobile Services for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, we will have a look at how push Notifications allow us to expand our application's user experience outside the bounds of the app with live tile updates, toast notifications, and badges in Windows 8. Windows Azure Mobile Services makes it very easy for us to trigger notifications via Windows Notifications Service (WNS) (for Store apps), Microsoft Push Notification Service (MPNS) (for Windows Phone 8 apps), Apple Notifications Service (ANS), and Google Notifications Service (GCM). We're going to discuss how to configure Windows 8 and Windows Phone applications to allow notifications, send different types of notifications using scripts, and create a list of devices to manage our user's notification channels.

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Making POIApp Location Aware

by Mark Reynolds | January 2014 | Open Source

The article by Mark Reynolds, the author of Xamarin Mobile Application Development for Android, deals with one of the most interesting aspects for mobile development is interacting with device capabilities such as motion sensors, cameras, and location sensors. While these capabilities are new and fun to many developers, they can also bring a great deal of value to the users of our mobile apps.

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Aspects of Data Manipulation in R

by Jaynal Abedin | January 2014 | Open Source

This article, by Jaynal Abedin, the author of the book Data Manipulation with R, highlights the features such as factor variables, the split-apply-combine strategy, and reshaping a dataset in R.

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